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<Tiptoety> Another one bites the dust.
<|X|> doom doom doom doom
<|X|> Another one bites the dust...
<WaRpAtH> another one bites the dust
<Mike_lifeguard> another one rides the bus
<Prodego> another one requests a rename to User:Gus
<WaRpAtH> and another has a cut and ewww pus 
<WaRpAtH> geeks don't make gud rappers 9_9
<|X|> <u>R</u>eturns <u>A</u>nd <u>P</u>arse errors?
<WaRpAtH> thats rape |X|  :\
<Tiptoety> Good one |X|.
<|X|> Shit. Did not see that. :(
<Huntster> I delete pages // that are utter works of shite // without any
<Huntster> haikus are hard...
<Marybelle> They're supposed to have nature references. :P
<Huntster> "shite"?
<Huntster> that's, um, natural...
<Ironholds|Away> I'm a student, I don't have money for drugs
<Ironholds|Away> plus my girlfriend would tear me limb from limb
<DarkoNeko> who need drug when you can have sex ?
<Ironholds|Away> darkoneko: my girlfriend is about 120 miles away, so I lose 
                 out in both
<Ironholds|Away> I'm well endowed, but not THAT well endowed :P
<DarkoNeko> ouch
<|X|> Ironholds|Away, that's what the internet is for
<Ironholds|Away> X: this is true
<Ironholds|Away> and that worked fine until she found out I was saving videos 
                 of the webcam feed
<|X|> Just check your spam folder, you'll be well endowed there :)
<Ironholds|Away> haha
<Ironholds|Away> see my theory is that spammers wouldn't send out such emails 
                 if they didn't get responses
<[Panda]> Yep
<Ironholds|Away> so somewhere there is a guy with fake rolexes up each arm, a 
                 21-inch cock and a permanent boner
<Ironholds|Away> and a PC I assume
<Ironholds|Away> not a laptop, laptops and stiffys are a bad combination
<MrZ-man> # 2009-01-19T07:06:59 AntiAbuseBot (Talk | contribs | block) 
          blocked Chris G (Talk | contribs) (account creation blocked,
          e-mail blocked, cannot edit own talk page) with an expiry
          time of infinite (abuse) (unblock | change block)
<MrZ-man> its attacking its creator!
<MrZ-man> zomg skynet
* MrZ-man ducks and covers
=-=    thingg is now known as obama
<NuclearWarfare>    Dammit, thingg controls me
<PeterSymonds> "Sun and air" has been deleted (view • salt). See the deletion 
               log for a record of recent deletions.
<PeterSymonds> heh, you're all doomed
<NuclearWarfare> 4chan raid was scary
<kirjain_X> NuclearWarfare, yeah
<NuclearWarfare> jdelanoy owned everyone
<NuclearWarfare> Basically, the alerts channel pinged every 15 seconds with an
                 adminbot block
<NuclearWarfare> We ran about 3 unauthorized adminbots + 1 half one (jdelanoy)
* PeterSymonds grabs his fork
<[garden]> eewww, grabs his fork
<[garden]> XD
<PeterSymonds> how immature >.>
<PeterSymonds> :p
<yksinaisyyteni> werdnum: unlike, apparently, everyone else, i've never had a 
                 problem entering the US
<TimStarling> it depends on the time of day, at the major airports
<TimStarling> the length of the queue
<closedmouth> and whether you have a bomb strapped to you or not
* [roux] chews on [garden]
<[garden]> noeeeeeeez
<DarkoNeko> [roux] eats grass
<[roux]> No, I smoke that.
<[iMatthew]> !admin JulianC93 is abusing !admin to inform us that jdelanoy is
             abusing !admin to inform us of JulianC93's abuse of !admin to
             inform us of [iMatthew]'s abuse of !admin
<[iMatthew]> OH CRAP
<jdelanoy> whoa
<[iMatthew]> WRONG CHANNEL
<DarkoNeko> he listens to country.
<[garden]> In Soviet Russia country listens to YOU
<[garden]> (as long as YOU are Stalin)
<Patton123>    seen von ryans express?
<Iceflow>    Probably stuck in a snow drift, Patton123 :)
<kmccoy>  Mike_H.
<Prodego> kmccoy.
<kmccoy>  Prodego
<Prodego> ah, but you missed the period
          the period is important, esp if you are grawp
<kmccoy>  That's because I'm pregnant.
<Ottava> If you ever meet a Wikipedian irl, just kick them in the balls 
<Ottava> because chances are they don't need them. ; /
<Until_It_Sleeps> .count I really suck, because my penis
<SoxBot> I really suck, because my penis has 7 contributions. For more info, 
<jdelanoy> Versageek: /me is in bed right now :)
* Versageek too
* Kylu blinks. "I didn't even know you two were friends."
<[Soap]> funny looking turtle:
<kirjain_X> [Soap], we watched a video of them in bio having sex
<JulianC93> O_O
<JulianC93> O_o
<kirjain_X> JulianC93, they were very slow
<kirjain_X> And they were like... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmphhhhh
<JulianC93> haha
<kirjain_X> Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph
<[Soap]> do turtles most just a slowly during sex as they do the rest of the
<kirjain_X> Yes
<[Soap]> ok
<Mark_Away> Ceiling_Cat, that answers dcoetzee's question quite well
<Ceiling_Cat> I am to please.
<Ceiling_Cat> aim, even
<Mark_Away> Are you to please?
<Ceiling_Cat> Mark_Away - I am more pleasing than a $3 hooker on st. patty's
<Mark_Away> what are $3 hookers like?
<dcoetzee> Mark_Away: They generally stand in a field all day and say "moo."
<slakr> it kind of would be fun to be jailbait again... be like 14 and look
        like you're 21 or something
<slakr> I could make CNN when I buttsecks a teacher
<slakr> :P
<the_undertow> yeah, considering you're homeschooled, thats just messed up
<Neurolysis> THIS POOR
<Neurolysis> THIS POOR GIRL
<Ironholds> I do love kent.
<[Soap]> aaaggghh!!! elephants have more brain cells than humans!!
<Chenzw> [Soap]: Can I bash it? :)
<Neurolysis> yes we can
<Neurolysis> can we kick it?
<Neurolysis> yes we can
(in PM, talking about a #wikipedia-en-unblock request)
<Emachman> Well first, <retracted>, you must go to your local town offices
<Emachman> Ask for an unblock form, and they will give it to you
<jdelanoy> XD
<Emachman> After filling out the form, mail it to the local OTRS offices
<Emachman> Wait 4-6 weeks
<jdelanoy> fill it out in [[Monsters, INC|sextuplicate]]
* jdelanoy <3's red tape sometimes
<Emachman> If they think you are worthy of an unblock, your request will be 
forwarded to the higher management
<Emachman> They will email you, asking you to fill out 3 more forms in 
<Emachman> Mail those to a Wikipedia admin
<Emachman> After 10-15 [[Monday|buisness days]], your request will be forwarded 
           to Jimbo
<jdelanoy> lol
<Emachman> You will be added to his waiting list.
<Emachman> Wait 3 months
<Emachman> If he thinks you are worthy to edit wikipedia again, you will be 
<jdelanoy> but he will generally deem you worth only if you grovel at his feet 
           while wearing a banana suit singing "It's peanut butter jelly time"
<jdelanoy> and dancing 
<jdelanoy> ...
<jdelanoy> poorly
<Maximr> I'm having a weird blacklist problem
<lustiger_seth> all com-domains were blocked.
<Res2216firestar> Well, I just found out that wubi won't work unless I defrag
                  my hard drive
-Emachman/##juliancolton- SO DEFRAG!
-PeterSymonds/##Juliancolton- NO U!
-Res2216firestar/##Juliancolton- I AM!
-Emachman/##juliancolton- !U ON
-PeterSymonds/##Juliancolton- that's what she said
-Emachman/##juliancolton- I fail
( mattbuck ) hmm, viagra/penis enhancement spammers are idiots
( mattbuck ) they started bombaring me with messages AFTER my gf dumped me
( mattbuck ) not when they would do some amount of good
* jdelanoy    didn't see Newyorkbrad was in here :O
* jdelanoy    behaves
(the following day, as Rlevse joins the same channel)
<jdelanoy>    zomg what is up with arbcom members coming in here?
* jdelanoy    now has to behave again :(
{the following day, as Wizardman joins the same channel}
<jdelanoy>    damn, /another/ arb
* jdelanoy    hates behaving
(after Newyorkbrad was joking around with him...)
* Shappy    is going to be the first person blocked for BITING an arb
<Newyorkbrad>    Hey, we have a policy on that
<Newyorkbrad>    [[WP:BITE]]
<NuclearWarfare> !delete [[zh-yue:澳門歌手列表]] r=Vandalism
<Dellieplagiat> NuclearWarfare: [[zh-yue:澳門歌手列表]] has been scheduled for
<kylu> y'know, there's something kinda ominous about "NuclearWarfare:
       [[zh-yue:(something in chinese)]] has been scheduled for termination"
< closedmouth> are all sexists just sexy racists?
< Neurolysis> yes
< Narson> it is not 'being an arse' for Ironholds, it is called 'Being awake'.
<Ottava> Where are you from, Icy?
* Icy|afkish scratches her forehead. Earth, at last check.
<Ottava> Thats a big place.
* Res2216firestar is from mars, a much smaller place
=-=    Shappy is now known as Shappy|Birthday
<iMatt|snow>    Shappy Birthday to you
<iMatt|snow>    Shappy Birthday to you
<iMatt|snow>    Shappy Birthday dead Shappy
<iMatt|snow>    Shappy Birthday to you
<Shappy|Birthday>    dead?
<Shappy|Birthday>    i'm not dead!
<iMatt|snow>    dear*
<iMatt|snow>    :)
<Ottava>    oh gesh, that is weird
<Ottava>    User Meow : )
<Ottava>    Rename them to Meowth
<Ottava>        THATS RIGHT!
<jdelanoy> Flaming: you are fine
<flaming> i know... but most people don't openly compliment my looks like that
<jdelanoy> lol
<jdelanoy> how do I have 37 edits on [[0]]?
<jdelanoy> 29 - ICarly
<jdelanoy> o_O
<jdelanoy> O_o
<jdelanoy> AAAAAHHHH
<jdelanoy> 27 - High_School_Musical_3:_Senior_Year
* jdelanoy runs
<jdelanoy> MAKE ME UNSEE IT!!!!
<Ironholds> You FUCKBAG.
<JulianC93> Admins' motto: Bold, revert, [[Special:BlockIP]]
* Lubaf	wonders, appripos of nothing, if "avocado + hummus < penis + vagina"
        and "avocado + hummus > penis + bear trap" are sane things to say.
<Lubaf>	And, regardless of that, exactly how creepy those two quotes are.
<Lubaf>	Is the combination of the two creepier then each individually?
<Ironholds> The idea that you spend time thinking about these things trumps all
            of those for creepiness.
<chzz> Oh wow, that's a coincidence. I am actually eating hummus right now!
<chzz> No avocado tho
<Lubaf>	Ironholds: Yes, but I'm trying to calibrate my creepy-o-meter.
<Lubaf>	That's what brought the question on.
<chzz> Well, you might as well say xylophone=avocado+hummus, thus 
       (penis+vagina)>xylophone>(penis+bear trap)
<chzz> hence (penis+vagina)>(penis+bear trap)
<Lubaf>	chzz: It appears to be in the context of "avocado + humus" as an
<chzz> hence vagina>bear trap
<chzz> Yes, but I have just proved that a vagina is greater than a bear trap
<Lubaf>	I think the "+" is overloaded in this case, so that result might not be
<chzz> And I managed to eliminate penis. Which is nice.
<Ironholds> Chzz: the film Teeth, though.
<Ironholds> I'd take a bear trap over that.
<Ironholds> Because I'm not stupid to stick my wingwong into a bear trap in the
            first place.
<chzz> I was, of course, making the assumption that the penis is not
<chzz> In those equations.
<Lubaf>	I'm more interested in the creepiness value of those statements, which
        is independent of their values as mathematical statements.
<chzz> I don't find avocado to be particularly creepy.
<Lubaf>	Is the combination more creepy than the sum of the creepiness of the
        two statements considered independently?
<Ironholds> Unless it was aids-infected diana-hating muslim immigrant
            kiddy-fiddling terrorist unemployed heroin junkie avocado.
<Ironholds> Then the daily mail would be alllll over it.
<Ironholds> They do love their nonce vegetables they do.
<Lubaf>	I'm particularly interested in whether "avocado + hummus < penis +
        vagina" is more or less creepy than "avocado + hummus > penis + bear
<Lubaf> Anybody have any evaluation of the relative creepiness of those two
<chzz> Maybe if you put each term into google images, you could rate the
       creepiness by how many pages you have to go through before you find
       something creepy.
<Ironholds> Lubaf: second > first sentence.
<Lubaf> Ironholds: I figured that, but is there an objective way to measure
<Ironholds> Lubaf: if a girl was to say that to you in bed, how quickly would
            you become flaccid.
<Ironholds> There is your test.
<Lubaf> Ironholds: That's a measure of anti-sexiness, not creepiness.
<Ironholds> Hmm, good point.
<chzz> Surely avocado and hummus could be quite erotic, in some
<Ironholds> Hummus? nooo.
<Ironholds> Avocado, probably.
<Ironholds> (probably not)
<chzz> I kive hummus.
<chzz> s/kive/love/ (total keyboard failure)
<Lubaf>	Ironholds: Think whipped cream.
<chzz> and 1 cup.
<chzz> :-)
<Ironholds> Eww.
<Lubaf>	Still, I'm trying to evaluate a given statement for sheer creepiness
        factor relative to another. Is there such a scheme?
<chzz>	I guess some folk would find a bear trap quite erotic too.
<Ironholds> Chzz: bears into S&M, say.
<chzz> Do bears eat avocado?
<chzz> I can't see them being terribly keen on hummus; they always seem quite
       stressed. Maybe they *need* more hummus.
<Ironholds> Or SSRIs.
<Ironholds> actually, medicating bears? Can't end well.
<chzz> OMG, I think the question is comprehensively answered.
[chzz proceeds to link to a picture of a avocado colored stuffed bear; not
      reproduced here for subtly obvious reasons]
<chzz> KILL IT WITH HAMMERS!!!eleven111
* chzz goes back to GA reviewing :-s
[Much later...]
<Lubaf>	Ironholds: I finally found an objective way of determining which of the
        two statements "avocado + hummus < penis + vagina" and "avocado +
        hummus > penis + bear trap" is creepier.
<Lubaf>	And, further, whether the statement "avocado + hummus > penis + bear
        trap" is creepier than the statement "I'm interested in an objective
        method of evaluating whether the statement "avocado + hummus < penis +
        vagina" is more or less creepy than the statement "avocado + hummus >
        penis + bear trap"."
<DanielB|Sleep>	oh god
<DanielB|Sleep>	i thought we let the avocado penis hommus bear vagina trap
                thing go... :)
<closedmouth> i don't even like hummus
<Lubaf>	closedmouth: How about avocado?
<closedmouth> even less so
<Lubaf>	Or, for that matter, penis or vagina?
<Lubaf>	Or even bear traps?
<closedmouth> i'm not sold on penis or bear traps
<Atyndall> This channel is becoming increasingly disturbing
<Lady_Aleena> Atyndall, you are just fuguring that out?
<Atyndall> Lady_Aleena: Nope, unfortunately :P
<Boriss_>	my pantyline = full protect
<PeterSymonds> I had a really funny incident on the train today. 
<PeterSymonds> I was reading my horoscope because I was bored, and it said
               "you are going to experience grievous bodily harm".
<Until_It_Sleeps> O_O
<PeterSymonds> So I passed it to my friend, who's was "You are angry. Let it
<JulianC93> O_O
* {} flirts with Ceiling_Cat
<ijustam> uh oh
<ijustam> ceiling cat is being hit on by what appears to be a vagina
<Shappy> Lol
<Shappy> DSP, eitherway: From [[Coprophagia]]. "Humans do it only on rare
         occasions and it is looked down upon in most societies today."
<DSP> Wait...
<DSP> It is looked down upon?
<DSP> If that's the case, I totally don't do it
<Shappy> Oh shit. :|
<Ottava> I kept having to do small edits because of the edit war
<Ottava> I was like the Red Cross
<Ottava> having to dodge bullets
|<--	DataBot-blocks has left freenode (Excess Flood)
<Until_It_Sleeps>	LoreBot: Hello
<Until_It_Sleeps>	:S
<Until_It_Sleeps>	Did that kill all of my bots?
<LoreBot>	Until_It_Sleeps: Probably
<Bullzeye>	holy shit there's swimming monkeys on tv
<Matthewedwards> well, of course, a picture of my face would be much better
<User 2> I tried one at first, but it got deleted because they said you
         couldn't show mule asses on wikipedia
-->|	Rlevse (n=chatzill@wikipedia/Rlevse) has joined #wikipedia-en
* iMattzilla	attacks Rlevse at the door
|<--	Rlevse has left freenode (Remote closed the connection)
<iMattzilla>	Sorry guys, I was very hungry.
<Rjd0060>	Now you've scared him off.
<Lucifer_Cat> La_Pianista: 24 years of power then your sould belongs to me?
<La_Pianista> Sould = sold soul?
<Lucifer_Cat> indeed
<La_Pianista> I love typos that make new portmanteaus.
[00:39]	<La_Pianista>     Did you know that Debussy once wrote a piece called,
                          "Jimbo's Lullaby"?
[00:40]	<Freudian|Sleep>  was it then renamed to "Sagner's Co-Lullaby"?
<One> I like how it seems like Florida has a communist-era Five-Year Plan for
      winning World Series titles 
<One> Year 1 being the year after they win their last one 
<One> and then their records go: 
<One> 62-100, 65-97, 72-90, 81-81, HOLY SHIT WORLD SERIES TITLE 92-70! 
<One> lather rinse repeat
* jdelanoy	runs around waving his arms in the air
<JulianC93>	SWINE FLU
<Emachman>	SHVINE FLU
<JulianC93> ISOBot whatis arbcom
<ISOBot> arb is Standard Arabic
<JulianC93> heh
<Wizardman> lol, bio. other sciences are more fun
<NuclearWarfare> Science in general is great
<Wizardman> Chem = blow shit up. Physics = make things to blow shit up. Bio = 
watch monkeys poop
<+Ironholds> really it's gods fault for making rabbits so sexy. Take it up with
the big man, not me
<[Thrawn]> if you're hated by WR, that means you're probably doing an excellent
<NocturneNoir> I wonder if anybody has been topic banned from pornography
<NocturneNoir> That'd be exceedingly lulzy
<Ironholds> I don't think pron is something that causes massive disputes
<NocturneNoir> YOU NEVER KNOW
<Ironholds> massive splurts of useless gunk, certainly, but Scientology
            articles cover that quite nicely thanks
<jdelanoy>	mostly vandalism, but yes, some edit warring
<jdelanoy>	"Replaced content with 'U2 IS GAY'"
<jdelanoy>	*roll eyes*
<Howcheng>	should be "U2 ARE GAY"
<jdelanoy>	lol
<Titoxd>	80+ GA's
<Titoxd>	because the thing is
<Titoxd>	he doesn't see the number of GA's he's written as the
                size of his e-penis
<Titoxd>	that's why I usually tend to follow him around and edit the
                articles he writes 
<Shappy> (to NuclearWarfare) Come on, you need to bring out your inner
rogueness if you ever want to be an admin!
( slakr ) "You're such an idiot for thinking I violated WP:CIVIL and WP:NPA.
You're clearly an asshole for even making that assumption"
( slakr ) :P
<cimon> FatPuppy, there was an interview Obama was doing where a fly made a
        darwinistically unwise decision of setting down on one of Obamas
        thighs, or was it somewhere or other on the side of his chair. Obama
        immediately went into this awesome "cobra about to strike" pose, and
        nailed it in one swat.
<cimon> I am metaphysically certain there is youtube of it out there.
<agkwiki> cimon: BBC News has a video of it. :]
<cimon> (TM) McLaughlin
<agkwiki> It seems "Fly-killing" can be added to the list of things Barack has
<cimon> not just mastered, I think he has an orange belt at it.
<SarekOfVulcan> ...or a red belt, depending on where it was when he swatted
<agkwiki> xD
<cimon> compare to Bush who rode into a policeman with a bike.
<iMatthew>	snirk, say "JWReminderBot, remind me in 2 seconds to link
<SoxBot-1>	iMatthew:
<snirk>	JWReminderBot, remind me in 2 seconds to link [[hampster]]
<JWReminderBot>	snirk: Okay, I'll remind you about that on Sat Jul 04 16:36:41
                UTC 2009
<SoxBot-2>	snirk:
<LizardBot>	iMatthew: There is no 'p' in hamster you retard.
<LizardBot>	snirk: There is no 'p' in hamster you retard.
<LizardBot>	SoxBot-1: There is no 'p' in hamster you retard.
<LizardBot>	SoxBot-2: There is no 'p' in hamster you retard.
<JWReminderBot>	snirk: You asked me to remind you to link [[hampster]]
<SoxBot-2>	JWReminderBot:
<LizardBot>	JWReminderBot: There is no 'p' in hamster you retard.
<LizardBot>	SoxBot-2: There is no 'p' in hamster you retard.
<Killiondude> Shappy, please don't spread your disease.
<Shappy|Sick> Killiondude: There's a big wall between us.
<Shappy|Sick> It's called the internet.
<MuZemike> Old Wiki-proverb: two users revert-warring each other is akin to two
           people taking turns kicking each other in the shins.
<Aqwis>	South Korea has discovered
<Aqwis>	North Korea wins the game: CULTURAL VICTORY
<Aqwis>	man, Civilization is so great
<Shappy> snirk !a sperm Until_It_Sleeps
<snirk> Until It Sleeps's total sperm count is 0.
<kmccoy> In Florida, the further north you go, the further South you get.
From #wikipedia-en-admins:
2009-08-15T05:24Z <CSD_G1> wow, this channel is empty
2009-08-15T05:24Z <CSD_G1> we need to appoint more cabalists.
2009-08-15T05:24Z <Hersfold> it's not empty, just quiet
2009-08-15T05:24Z <Hersfold> observe.
2009-08-15T05:24Z <Hersfold> !admin
2009-08-15T05:25Z <I_am_Keegan> Stfu
2009-08-15T05:25Z <mikaey> What
2009-08-15T05:25Z <closedmouth> HEY
2009-08-15T05:25Z <Chris_G> I hate you :P
2009-08-15T05:25Z <Killiondude> wut
2009-08-15T05:25Z <Hersfold> mwa ha ha
2009-08-15T05:25Z <I_am_Keegan> !jerk
2009-08-15T05:25Z <CSD_G1> * :D
2009-08-15T05:25Z * Chris_G trouts Hersfold
2009-08-15T05:25Z * mikaey kicks Hersfold
2009-08-15T05:25Z * CSD_G1 ^5 Hersfold
2009-08-15T05:26Z <mikaey> I should ping you once an hour for the next 72 hours
2009-08-15T05:26Z * Hersfold accepts the well deserved abuse, as well as the
                    high five
<Ironholds> right, what general subject should I write an article on
<Neurolysis> my enormous member
<Ironholds> isn't that a stub?
<Ironholds> me, you and Dragonfly spent 20 minutes working out if it was physically possible to suck that many cocks in that period of time
<Ironholds> in my experience it is
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<Jake_Wartenberg>	OMG OMG OMG OMG
<Tavares>	These are the people we're about to promote to +sysop
<Tavares>	9.9
<jdelanoy_>	I get to do the fun part, you just get to go around putting sticky notes on the corpses :P
<jdelanoy_>	I should add as an "in a nutshell" to the SPI clerks' page
<howcheng>      WMF HQ is moving again?
<Mentifisto>    to where?
<howcheng>      i dunno, i just saw Kul's tweet
<howcheng>      "The Wikimedia headquarters move begins!"
<SarekOfVulcan> It's moving to a known address from a semi-anon one.
<MuZemike>      Semi-anon?
<Mentifisto>    which known address?
<PeterSymonds>  The old address was quite open - anyone could get in without 
                much difficulty. So they kept it semi-under-wraps.
<PeterSymonds>	The new address has improved security, etc.
<dmacks_>       I suppose there are no actual security of the building, just a 
                large janitorial staff to keep undoing damage?
<dmacks_>       And if you punch an elevator button that's red, you are taken 
                to a floor that hasn't been constructed yet...
<Dragonfly6-7>  yes
<Dragonfly6-7>  "This floor does not exist. To create this floor....."
<Killiondude>	<ref></ref>
<PeterSymonds>	Deadlink.
<PeterSymonds>	Unreliable source.
<Killiondude>	Your mum.
<PeterSymonds>	No yours?
<guillom> brion, yes, I think so
<guillom> britty, *
<guillom> darn
<guillom> too many bri*
<britty> sorry :D
<guillom> :)
<schiste> And we all know brion really looks like britty
<britty> hehehe
<brion> we're twins
<schiste> I was suspecting something like this
<Dragonfly6-7> an article about a 17th-century botanist named Fuckel
<Dragonfly6-7> would you recommend protecting it?
<slakr> I suppose if teenagers start fucking with the fuckel article...
<slakr> for a chuckle
<slakr> then buckle it up
* slakr has no idea... *goes to shower*
* Desperation	knows closedmouth's real name
<closedmouth>	what is it!?
<snirk>	it is Italian.
<Narodnik> The globe logo is looking down at my watchlist from between the WIKIPEDIA and the FOREVER like the Eye of Sauron
-->|   <Woody_> has joined #wikipedia-en-help
* <Coffee> has a morning Woody_
|<--	Woody_ has left freenode (Client Quit)
<Headbomb> death to the 2nd amendement!
<Headbomb> go socialism1
<Headbomb> go fascism!
<Headbomb> go organic foods!
<Leonard^Bloom> Headbomb: you bastard!
<Leonard^Bloom> America runs on Dunkin. Not your terrorist soy