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*in the toolserver channel*
( siebrand ) twincest: any idea why I cannot 'svn up' on stable ts?
( twincest ) please, be more vague
<gwern> when your only tool is birth control, every problem looks like
        something you can safely have sex with
<domas> thats the profile of 'go' feature
<domas> all it does in this case is a redirect
<domas> I wonder, how it managed to actually parse something
<domas> and of course, let's load all messages
<domas> you never know which language is HTTP in
<domas> Location: for some, Położenie for Poles.
<domas> Сървър: Апачи
<slakr>  o/~ I'm bringin' rollin'back
<animum> Yeah!
<LuciferTiger> i actually Lolled at Viagra_Cat
<Viagra_Cat> :)
<gwern> what viagra spam would cats get? 'is ur d1ck not spiny enuff? does she
        only mewl and not yowl when you pull backwards? get premium V I A G R A
        now, meow!'
From the OTRS channel:
<al_tally> who is that?
<al_tally> o nvm
<al_tally> Delphine's daughter, right?
<cary> ya
<schiste> cary what about creating an OTRS account for emma right now?
<cary> I think you should suggest that to Guillaume
<cary> She would need an email address first
<jredmond> geez, she's how many days old and she doesn't have an e-mail address
<jredmond> her parents are such slackers.
* NotAYert has quit ("SPICE GIRLS CONCERT- FEBUARY 3RD<3333333")
<The359> ...Spice Girls?
<Krimpet> "febuary"?
<Gracenotes> hyphen instead of dash?
(on the toolserver channel)
( Aviator ) i wonder why the stable server is such an unstable server
<Wizardman> i think i need to shave down there.
<al_tally> ....
<Wizardman> and by down there i mean my beard
From the OTRS channel:
<jayvdb> Mark_Ryan: it is this ticket
<jayvdb> it shouldnt have a child :-(
<Mark_Ryan> it's an unfit parent?
<Ral315> jayvdb: You could have an abortion, or put the ticket up for adoption.
<Ral315> There are lots of loving ticket families waiting for a child ticket.
( Monobi2 ) Why are Wikipedians unethical?
( NotACow ) Monobi2: because they take after jimmy, i suppose.
<[21655]> it's called Sense of Humour. Your copy must have expired...
<[21655]> ...may I recommend version 2.0 w/ added sarcasm?
* Ceiling_Cat observes Schrodinger_Cat
<Schrodinger_Cat> Ceiling_Cat: O NOES!  MY WAVEFUNCTION, YOU COLLAPSED IT!
<Ceiling_Cat> Schrodinger_Cat - if only I had a penny for every time some
              pretty girl complained about me collapsing her wave function
--Discussing RuneScape in #wikipedia-en --
<monoxide> and some other school people decided to play RS rather
           than do assignments
<monoxide> And we go on there
<monoxide> and start being jeks
<monoxide> and some level 80 guy says "doods, get a life"
<monoxide> epic irony
( Majorly ) lol @ this RfA question
( Majorly ) "What is your stance on WP:BEANS?"
( NotASpy ) I only like Beans if they've got those nice mini sausages in them.
<ral315> Dumb question, but do we have any power with Google to fix a really
         dumb search result?
<ral315> Googling "Prince Albert" returns the genital piercing before the
<ral315> I think this is because [[Prince Albert]] is a redirect, but if there
         was a way to fix that easily, it'd be nice.
<brion> ral315: honestly, which do you think is more popular? :)
<ral315> brion:  Apparently parents of young children prefer the prince.
<ral315> It's hard to reply to an OTRS e-mail:  I'm sorry your daughter saw an
         erect penis with a piece of metal through the urethra on our site.
<Messedrocker> to anglos it sounds like a song about a girl with extreme
<Potty> i have fetishes
* Ceiling_Cat puts a {{furry}} sticker on Potty's forehead
<Potty> not furry
* Lucifer_Cat huggles Potty_Cat
<Potty> NO
* Ceiling_Cat takes pixxxxxxxxxxx
<Potty> stop
<Lucifer_Cat> Potty: lol if you love WP, this should be the last place you
              should stray into :P
<Lucifer_Cat> <kidding>
<Ceiling_Cat> Lucifer_Cat - We all love Wikipedia in different ways
<Ceiling_Cat> I love it like Ike loved Tina
<Ceiling_Cat> (the hard way)
<Potty> like my uncle did to me when i was a kid
<SteveCrossin> bleh
<SteveCrossin> erm
<SteveCrossin> what is a vigina
<SteveCrossin> lol
<(Name removed upon request)> The vagina that belongs to a virgin?
<Howcheng> RyRyRyRyRyRyRyRyRyRyRyRy
<Rjd0060> the next person to say ryry is gonna be banned banned
<SteveCrossin> :o
<Rjd0060> ;)
* bstone is a joker
<bstone> ryry
<Rjd0060> :O
<Sunderland2006> ryry
<SteveCrossin> bstone -_-
* bstone dies laughing
<WBOSITG> omg that's loads
<bstone> LOAD
<bstone> zOMGz
<Juliancolton> Rjd0060: [[WP:BEANS]]
<Rjd0060> bstone: huh?
* Rjd0060 moves to ban bstone and Sunderland2006
<Juliancolton> "the next person to say ryry is gonna be banned banned"
* bstone rejects Rjd0060's motion
<SteveCrossin> ryryryryryrr
<Sunderland2006> Rjd0060, You have just broke your own statement
<SteveCrossin> ryry ryry ryry ryry ryry 
<bstone> ryryryryryryryryryryryryryryry
<WBOSITG> OMG shut up
<SynergeticMag> which one?
<SteveCrossin> lol
<bstone> ryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryry
<WBOSITG> * lol
<WBOSITG> * lol
<bstone> lol
<Rjd0060> no but seriously, thats annoying
<SteveCrossin> ban us all lol
<bstone> it is
* Juliancolton is now known as ryry
<SynergeticMag> ok can we please stop with the ryry crap?
<bstone> BAN THE #
* Howcheng regrets having started that trend
<SteveCrossin> lol ryry 
<Sunderland2006> ryry, hey
* bstone dies laughing
<ryry> Yo
<bstone> yo, ryry !
* bstone is now known as TheRealryry
<TheRealryry> HELLO
* SteveCrossin is now known as RyRy5
<RyRy5> ohai
* TheRealryry is now known as RyRy6
<Rjd0060> if you're gonna impersonate people, ...
<RyRy6> please ignore ryry5
* RyRy5 is now known as SteveCrossin
* ryry is now known as Juliancolton
* RyRy6 is now known as bstone
<Rjd0060> thank you :)
(seen on the steward channel)
! drini has some theory about the vandalbots on enwiki a few years ago, you
        know those "OMG SHANEL HAS HUGE BOOBS" thing
<drini> I think the bot master was pathoschild hitting on shanel
* Dendodge wishes Wikipedia would get a decent server and stop using Jimbo's
           Windows 95 laptop
-- #wikimedia-commons --
<Bryan> Free Love, Love that you can freely share, mix and use commercially!
<monoxide> But beware of trademarks!
--and a few moments later--
<Bryan> I wonder what GFDL love is like
<Bryan> you should copy the full 2 page license text when you share this love?
<monoxide> that's a massive condom!
<Bryan> :P
<Bryan> better safe than sorry
-- #wikipedia-en-admins --
* OhanaUnited ( has joined
* east718|away saw OhanaUnited's hostmask and did a double-take for a
<OhanaUnited> lol
<Werdna> somebody put the werdnabot template in a section on a page
<Werdna> so it archived the werdnabot template.
<Werdna> and therefore the werdnabot template got archived from the archive.
<Werdna> and therefore the werdnabot template got archived from the archive
<Werdna> and so on
<Rjd0060> :O  Thats not good :P
<MZMcBride> Ahh. Loops.
<Werdna> indeed.
<Rjd0060> How many times did it go?
* Rjd0060 is too lazy to look
<Werdna> I dunno, check Werdnabot's deleted contribs
<MZMcBride> Time to block indefinitely!
<MZMcBride> Ohh.
<Rjd0060> ah; not too many luckily
<Werdna> oh nooes
<Rjd0060> m User talk:Brews ohare/Archive 1/Archive 1/Archive 1/Archive 1/
          Archive 1/Archive 1/Archive 1/Archive 1/Archive 1/Archive 1
          (Automated archival of 26 sections from User talk:Brews ohare/
          Archive 1/Archive 1/Archive 1/Archive 1/Archive 1/Archive 1/
          Archive 1/Archive 1/Archive 1)
<Pilotguy> !q Will I find a job?
<Wikilinker> Pilotguy: Yes
<Pilotguy> oh boy!
<Warpath> :D
<Warpath> !q Will I get laid? :D
<Wikilinker> Warpath: No
<Warpath> :~(
<Warpath> not fair *cries* :~(
*giggyzorz  thought Phoenixwi is the monster under your bed.
<Phoenixwi> >:-(
<giggyzorz> XD
* Phoenixwi is, and sets your bed on fire :-p
* giggyzorz is sad.
<giggyzorz> can't sleep, burning bed will eat me.
<Phoenixwi> loo
<giggyzorz> [[User:Can't sleep, burning bed will eat me]]
<Phoenixwi> LOL
<OhanaUnited> oh well, at least not as many as giggy (H2O)
* giggyaway is now known as giggy
<OhanaUnited> oh shit
* giggy waves to OhanaUnited
* OhanaUnited runs
* SteveCrossin was coding in BASIC in 1198
<SteveCrossin> *1998
<Species8472> Jimbo? Isn't that the guy banned for editting articles about
<snow_leopard> !q I'm going to wikimania, right?
<Wikilinker> snow_leopard: No
<snow_leopard> !q you lying?
<Wikilinker> snow_leopard: No
<snow_leopard> !q are you fuking with me?
<Wikilinker> snow_leopard: Yes
<snow_leopard> hahahaha
<WaRpAtH> best yet \o/

<WBOSITG> wtf is cbs
<Mel> O_o
<MinuteElectron> candaian tv station i think
<MinuteElectron> or us
<Mel> you dont know? O_o
<WBOSITG> I don't
<WBOSITG> I'm Scottish
<Mel> you is O_o
<Mel> er
<WBOSITG> We know nothing
<WBOSITG> Can CBS be deepfried?
<Mel> exactly :D
<Mel> no
<Mel> it cannot
<WBOSITG> then I don't want to know about it

* Mel farts in celebration
* PeterSymonds has left (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by
<Mel> heh I killed PeterSymonds :O

<privatemusings> admins! - they're like buses.... you wait - then three come at
                 once! :-)
(seen on #mediawiki)
<Splarka> Titoxd: I am starting to think brion has created an SVN daemon with a
          Minesweeper UI
<Splarka> that or Doom
<Titoxd> what, to shoot zombie patchers?
<Titoxd> :P
<Splarka> *bang* "reverting r12345"
<OverlordQ> what, if he hits a mine it rever . . . lol :)
! Beetstra performs "d[^_^]b =~ s/_/_____/;" to increase d[^_^]b's headsize
(in #wikipedia-simple)
* PeterSymonds (n=chatzill@wikipedia/PeterSymonds) has joined #wikipedia-simple
* Chenzw welcomes PeterSymonds
* PeterSymonds is welcomed, waves at Chenzw and channel
* Synergy|busy gets smacked in the face by a waving hand
<Synergy|busy> >:(
* PeterSymonds is sorry
<Chenzw> :DD
<Synergy|busy> 'p
<Synergy|busy> or ;p
<Chenzw> You make the room look so small :P
<LaraLove> Synergy|busy: suck it up, son. Not his fault you gotta big head.
<Synergy|busy> :'(
<bstone> i keep farting i dont know why
<bstone> over and over
<White_Cat> bstone gas leak
<White_Cat> the government will soon charge you
<bstone> White_Cat, they should add a hose to my anus and caputre my methane
<White_Cat> maybe they already have
<bstone> well i doubt it as i am traveling internationally and super exhausted
<Chenzw_aw> bstone: Are you travelling by air or car?
<White_Cat> Chenzw he is being catapulted
<White_Cat> so by air till he lands
<White_Cat> bstone international travel can be fun
<Narson> De jure is when men in funny wigs say I shouldn't steal your money. De
         facto is when I punch you and steal your money.
<YixilTesiphon> I tagged this for speedy:
       but the creater
                added a holdon and appears to have established notability for
                it, can somebody who knows more about music evaluate that?
<Yamakiri> YixilTesiphon: KILL IT WITH FIRE
<YixilTesiphon> Yamakiri: you want to add the speedy tag back?
<Yamakiri> um
<Yamakiri> let me read it first
<Yamakiri> no
<Yamakiri> It looks long now
<Yamakiri> Just be privately angry
<YixilTesiphon> I don't give a damn, just found it when I was trolling new pages
<Yamakiri> "trolling new pages" XD
* kylu hms... kylu's bedroom is oddly enough nearly all browns and tans.
* kylu supposes that's why kylu's so boring. ;.;
<harej> kylu has an ubunturoom
<kwsn> so wait
<kwsn> what's going no now
<kwsn> *on no
<kwsn> ...
<kwsn> **ON NOW
<kwsn> T_T
<kmccoy> Wow.
<kmccoy> That was awesome.
* kwsn failed taht
<kwsn> ...
<kmccoy> May I post that to bash?
* kwsn gives up
<kmccoy> This whole thing, in fact?
<Ceiling_Cat> Roux - yes, but according to his logic, at some point,
              you might have eaten an apple that turned you gay
<Ceiling_Cat> and therefore, your homosexuality was a choice
<[roux]> Ceiling_Cat: It wasn't an apple ;)
<_mary_kate_> something is wrong with the fi.wikipedia.  instead of being
              written in a human language, it's just full of weird letters
* siebrand2 raises an eyebrow.
<_mary_kate_> look: Yritän saada kahta kuvaa vierekkäin artikkelissa "Yellow
<simonrvn> yeh, it's called finnish
<werdnus> weirdos :P
( @_mary_kate_ ) hmm, apparently i resolve bugs much quicker when i have beer
( @_mary_kate_ ) i wonder if would buy me some
<Ceiling_Cat> I feel naked without one
  * Mark_Ryan feels Ceiling_Cat naked
<Ceiling_Cat> Mark_Ryan - this is IRC, not church ;)
<mattbuck> The following is an announcement on behalf of Wikimedia Commons:
           People of wikipedia, if you don't want to see a penis, DON'T
           Thankyou, that is all.
<werdnum> Krimpet: Your quit message freaks me out.
<Krimpet> "Krimpet has quit IRC"? Sorry, I need to sleep
          and go to class and all. :)
<werdnum> Krimpet: no, "My hosiery is bunching"
<Krimpet> Oh, I forgot I put that there. :p
<ST47> |X|: I really have no idea what I'm talking about for the most
       part either
<brion> i know just enough to delegate to mark ;)
<ST47> The difference, brion, is that you get paid to do it, and I don't