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<Eloquence> then again .. gay midget porn rulez!
<Evil_Monkey> Wikipedia goes down more often than Jenna Jameson :-P
<Werdna> When all is said and done on Wikipedia, a hell of a lot more is said
         than done.
<xxxxxxxx> eep
<Werdna> meep
<jasabella> beep
<NotACow> fweep
<jasabella> jeep
<jasabella> weep
<Ali_K> queep
<jasabella> bleep
<Dcoetzee> peep
<JapaneseModem> geep
<Dcoetzee> heap
<Zero1328> keep
<Werdna> '''Delete''' nn cruft ~~~~
* JapaneseModem is watching the matrix
* Shadow42 OWNS the matrix
* Lr5 is playing RuneScape
* TonySt has a life
<chowbok> What's an "almost monopoly"? Is that like "slightly pregnant"?
<jasabella> i wish i had my camera today
<jasabella> i saw two pigeons mating!
* jasabella gives deepshuck a backrub using her toilet brush
<Vague_Rant> Toilet brushes are like the most disgusting thing out.
<Vague_Rant> I would sooner hang out with used condoms and douche bags.
<Vague_Rant> I tried a flavored condom one time.
<Vague_Rant> But like ... they must have left the flavor out or something.
<Vague_Rant> Because it tasted like rubber.
<Slowking_Man> It was rubber flavored.
<Vague_Rant> The weird thing is, it had a dam to go with it.
<Vague_Rant> And the dam didn't have any flavor either.
<Slowking_Man> So, were you just, like, trying this on yourself, or what?
<Vague_Rant> I didn't ... I can't ...
<Vague_Rant> [[Autofellatio]]
<jasabella> "i can't" means "i've tried but have yet to succeed...
            if i could i would"
<deepshuck> see also: Hillary Clinton
<Kazan> yeah.. hillary is right-of-center and can go to hell
<Vague_Rant> Hillary is a fucking bitch, everyone I know is like,
             "I hope Hillary gets in."
<Vague_Rant> And I'm like, "I hope I get in ... your mom."
from #wikimedia-commons:
( Nilfanion ) {{PD-Magic}}: This image is ineligible for copyright and
therefore is in the public domain, because it consists entirely of information
created by magic.
( Nilfanion ) :)
( bastique ) Hurrah!
( bastique ) We should create that template.
<ElNino^> Why the fuck is Bambi a male in the cartoon but a female in porno?
<[a]freebsd_fan> goes to prove cia owns freenode too
<[a]freebsd_fan> :P
<[a]freebsd_fan> super lamers
* [a]freebsd_fan vanished
Golbez has kicked [a]freebsd_fan from #wikipedia ( k)
[a]freebsd_fan ( has joined #wikipedia
<Golbez> i swear i type /kb
<OskarS> SushiGeek: many undercover agents in #wikipedia, is it?
<OskarS> :P
<Golbez> oh well i'll get it right next time
<sean_black> The CIA owns FreeNode because we don't think everyone on the
             planet shares the same opinion...
<Naconkantari> omg do a channel clear
<SushiGeek> OskarS: yes definitely
--- ChanServ gives channel operator status to ambi2
--- Golbez removes channel operator status from [a]freebsd_fan
--- Golbez sets ban on *!*n*ebola@*
Golbez has kicked [a]freebsd_fan from #wikipedia ( if the cia owns freenode
       then zomg YOU ARE ON OUR LIST YOUNG MAN)
<MessedRocker> Eloquence and Mindspillage could have a merger.
<MessedRocker> Erikat Walsher.
<Eloquence> I think Gmaxwell would object to that :)
<mindspillage> MessedRocker, I'm afraid Greg might object. :-)
<mindspillage> Damn, it's happening already.
* DB is now known as Wikipedia
* Wikipedia is a joke
<Wikipedia> wtf
<Wikipedia> wait
<Wikipedia> that didnt work
<Wikipedia> omg, you cant have : in your nickname
<Wikipedia> Wikipedia:Requests for comment/Konstable <-- joke*
<Wikipedia> that's what I *meant* to have said...
* [[Croesus]] listens to the mic implanted in Sean's womb
<sean_black> my womb is pumping yo
<DanielB> wow, John Howard has been the member for Bennelong since 1974
<jasabella> Benn-e-long time eh?
<BalthCat> Now the tart's was trying to sit on my mouse
<Warm_fuzzies> I for one welcome our new sexually transmitted overlords
<nenolod_> all of you people just need to go out on a date with ChanServ
<nenolod_> ;p
<Dcoetzee> nenolod_: ChanServ is hot
<Werdna> lolz
<CableModem> wtf?
<Werdna> <nenolod_> 100% of Werdna everywhere agree: ChanServ is a slut.
<twincest> nenolod: you look like a hamster and your feet have a confounding
<Dcoetzee> It sent me its pic once, I was like wow.
<nenolod_> Werdna: that's three networks this conversation is now on ;p
<CableModem> LOL
<CableModem> chanserv is a slut! lol!
<Dcoetzee> ChanServ is not a slut, it's arrogant as hell.
<Dcoetzee> Everybody talks to it.
<Dcoetzee> It just ignores them.
* Werdna giggles
<Dcoetzee> You ask for help, you get the same shit every time.
<CableModem> haha.
<bumm13> :#
<Ssha> CableModem: What?
<Dcoetzee> Once, I was like, register this identity!
<CableModem> huh?
<CableModem> yeah
<Dcoetzee> And it like, screw you, it's taken.
<Gwern> when I was working on Helpdesk-l, we literally got emails telling us
        that we accidentally left our articles publicly editable.
<Vague_Rant> Does anyone else giggle when they read the phrase "organ swells".
<Vague_Rant> With regards to music.
<kaiti> lmao, if you search for "porn" in Windows XP's Help and Support
        program, it recommends the article on how to use Internet Explorer
<domas> our alexa traffic rank today is #12
<domas> we've never been there
<Submarine> domas, Is that why the servers are overloaded? !-=
<domas> no
<domas> servers are overloaded because we run crappy software on them
<domas> users are served from alien base in mars
<domas> using faster-than-light communications
<domas> with earth base in lithuania
* Mike42 is down to 60 *meg* free, should probably delete some pr0n
<Naconkantari> Mike42: nah, there's probably some junk in the WINDOWS folder
               that is OK to delete
* Mike42 opens it up
<Slowking_Man> lol windoze
<Mike42> what does kernel32.dll do, is it important? :P
<kylu> nah, delete it
<Cyraq> Mike42: THAT'S A VIRUS!
<Naconkantari> Mike42: i think it makes popcorn
<kylu> (and with these kinds of responses, mike realizes that it is, yes,
        an important file.)
<Vague_Rant> I hate myspace.
<Vague_Rant> I am nauseated by it.
<Vague_Rant> I have some dumb bitch telling me to read hers.
<Vague_Rant> And I'm like, "Fuck off, your friends are ugly."
<Vague_Rant> I was Barney one time.
<Vague_Rant> Then I killed myself.
<Vague_Rant> I was reincarnated as the Bear in the Big Blue House.
<Vague_Rant> Did you know he's Jewish?
<Vague_Rant> I was so pissed at my bad luck that I did wtc.
<Phroziac> omfg, my mom is such a snoop
<Phroziac> she thinks i want to be a shemale
<Phroziac> because i'm listed as one on....i assume she looked at encyclopedia
<Phroziac> i didn't fucking put it there
<SuisuiInai> happy mediawiki1.8
<Linuxbeak> \o/
<Datrio> happy mediawiki1.8 to you
<Datrio> happy mediawiki1.8 to you
<Datrio> happy mediawiki1.8 to wikimedia
<Datrio> happy mediawiki1.8 to you
<Datrio> ...
<Datrio> wait, what do you mean, mediawiki1.8?
<Datrio> I installed 1.7 yesterday
<Datrio> 1.8.0  2006-10-10
<Datrio> ok
<Datrio> I'm pissed
<Linuxbeak> owned.
<Slowking_Man> Linuxbeak did WTC
<Naconkantari> omg not linxubeak!
<Dragonfly6-7> don't be ridiculous.
<Dragonfly6-7> Linuxbeak attacked the Pentagon.
<bastique|busy> Linuxbeak did Oklahoma City
<Nilfanion> Linuxbeak did the Reichstag?
*time passes*
<bastique|busy> Who was asking about Pilotguy?
<bastique|busy> Well, now we know it wasn't him
<Dragonfly6-7> who was it, then?
<bastique|busy> Still could have been Linuxbeak
<Vague_Rant> I smoked salmon one time.
<Vague_Rant> I was out of it for days.
<JesseW> Slowking_Man: btw, *you* are the first entry in [[Special:Log]],
         you know.
<sean_black> I was the first entry in your mom.
<Anthere> hello
<timichal> any news from the cabal, Ant?
<Improv> timichal: Anthere's Cabalmodem is offline
<brion> doesn't she have boardband?
<DavidGerard> personally, I agree with everything DavidGerard says and think
              you should all stfu.
<DavidGerard> we can vote on it.
<DavidGerard> I agree too.
<ViciousGuy> Do any of you know of someone who was in a 7-11 when it was robbed?
<deepshuck> or a 9-11 when it was WTCed
<SushiGeek> the Cardinals are capable of choking, trust me
over an hour later...
<SushiGeek> ...23-24. told ya so
<Lunaway> You know you've got too many tabs open when you manage to
          edit-conflict yourself.
<Slowking_Man> I have had dreams about editing Wikipedia, though, so take that
               as you may.
<Zero1328> I've had one dream about editing Wikipedia, and it was pretty scary
<Zero1328> Every time I made an edit I got an edit conflict. I couldn't make
           any changes at all
<Shadow42> bastique: They're raping my sprinklers!
<Snurks> holy god they're making a The Little Mermaid III
<MessedRawker> featuring a dead horse as a new co-star right?
<WIKIDEFCON> It's like Nirvana, but butter
<WIKIDEFCON> better, even :)(
<AppleBoy> ok, I need to make an argument, english class essay. it can be
           about health/nutrition, media violence and responsibility, or
           marriage and divorce
<AppleBoy> it can be anything about them
<CableModem> gay maarriage
<AppleBoy> now, I want to make the most obsurd claim ever in my essay
<AppleBoy> what should my claim be?
<Gwern> gayness is infectious
<sean_black> gay miscarriage?
<CableModem> gay marrage is good?
<Gwern> if kids see people being gay, they will imitate them
<AppleBoy> besides gay/lesbian marriage
<Slowking_Man> Well, we know what this channel thinks about
(CableModem): o_o
(keitei): e-vulva
(keitei): asdfsfafdfjdskjg
(CableModem): o_O
(keitei): curse you CableModem
(CableModem): what?
(CableModem): What did I do? O-:)
(sean_black): It's catchier
(keitei): bad things
* CableModem polishes his halo.
(Gwern): CableModem: curse your sudden but inevitable slapping and 
betrayal of myself!
(CableModem): yay!
(sean_black): I mean.. who would visit "Electronic Female" ?
(keitei): adksfjsjdfhsdkf
(CableModem): lol
(Gwern): Hmm...
(Gwern): sounds promising.
(CableModem): asdfjk;k;lkasfj;slkdjf;sdkljf
* keitei [[home row]]s in disgust
(Gwern): CableModem: your ideas intrigue me. Tell me more.
(CableModem): sadf, ;kl;lkkjjj!!
* sean_black subscribes to Gwern's newsletter
(Gwern): CableModem: but have you considered wtwttatwdianodcaisn9?
(CableModem): lkj?
(Gwern): bty
(CableModem): ljkashweru, zzxcfghawd, wqej.
(Ryulong): eeek skkkk'k eeesqueek?
(Gwern): ah, but wertasdassdcdppii``kj`~ddfdbnnandpoiul & ^^$%
(CableModem): jjjjjjja mmmmmqqq!!! D:<
(keitei): ijasudh sj serw ojsdfuhus erwjsdf sduierwe shdfhuer
(keitei): o_o
(CableModem): lksd!
(Gwern): dang. askjbhcsdlvkn [opj][]]]}} just doesn't work. I concede,
<TehKewl1> then you'll have a reason to come to australia CableModem
<CableModem> dandedong!
<TehKewl1> mount dandenong?
<CableModem> dandedong!
<Mike42> nono, *mount* damndenong
<Mike42> Dandenong is completely different
<CableModem> damn de dong>
<Mike42> 40km away and full of vandals and druggos
<CableModem> LOL
<CableModem> i wanna go there
<Mike42> *Dandenong
<CableModem> dandedong!
<Mike42> Willy on Wheels prolly lives in Dande{n|d}ong
<CableModem> lolol
<Slowking_Man> lol dongs
<TehKewl1> lol dongs did wtc
<TehKewl1> dongs with wings and jet engines attached
<Mike42> Dongs with wings?!!/
<TehKewl1> this doesnt look good
<Mike42> more like dongs on wheels!
<CableModem> dongs on wheels
<TehKewl1> dongs on wheels did wtc
* Mike42 still thinks WoW lives in dandednong, it shows
<TehKewl1> I mean.... hi
from #wikipedia-en-admins
<ninjapancake> <-Name removed-> is the sockpuppet of a user who is a laywer 
                that he uses to add tidbits about sex to wikipedia.
<ninjapancake> like an article about anal beads.
<sean_black> yes
=-= Dragonfly6-7 has changed the topic to “Don't copy logs. It's not nice, 
    and people will take two aspirin and call you in the morning| There are too 
    many fair-use images on Wikipedia. Please help out at [[CAT:ORFU]] , 
    [[CAT:NR]], [[CAT:NL]], [[CAT:NS]] and [[CAT:CRUFT]]. | Help develop
    [[m:IRC guidelines]] | Default IP block behavior changing: | Anyone from Toronto (Canada) - contact Tawker
<bastique> Dragonfly6-7: oy
<Dragonfly6-7> thank you, thank you
<bastique> And what's going on with Tawker? Is he in jail in Toronto?
<sean_black> he needs bail money
<sean_black> pay him in anal beads
<bastique> sean_black: Don't make me laugh out loud at work
<AdamBishop> I am from Toronto
<bastique> AdamBishop: Would you bail Tawker out of jail?
<AdamBishop> how can I contact Tawker, he's not here
<AdamBishop> sure I guess
* FailureFox buys back manhatten
<bastique> Anyone from Toronto (Canada {not Alabama}) - contact Tawker pls
<FailureFox> with ANAL BEADS
<pgk> Phone around the local police stations
<Dragonfly6-7> contact Tawker with anal beads?
<sean_black> telephonic anus
<bastique> He got arrested for trying to pay a hotel bill in anal beads
<sean_black> reminds me of Get Smart
<sean_black> only if it was porn
<Dragonfly6-7> Agent 69
* sean_black calls up Hymie on the dildophone
* Some editor creates a bunch of [[Codename: Kids Next Door]] stubs *
<Slowking_Man> Anyone know where he's copying those from?
<Ryulong> oh jesus christ
<Ryulong> IT'S K.N.D. C.R.U.F.T.
<Ryulong> Craploads of Really Useless Factoids T...something
* Hint: look at the timestamps *
01:46 -!- TehKewl1 [n=Dark_Hom@wikipedia/tehkewl1] has left #wikipedia
          ["/me has been on irc too long"]
01:46 -!- TehKewl1 [n=Dark_Hom@wikipedia/tehkewl1] has joined #wikipedia
<wmarsh> Heh, I apparently violated the established protocol for editting a
         page, established by editors of that page. The thing is, the page is
         in my own userspace.
<Ryulong> why are we talking about gay cultural complexes?
<sean_black> Because #wikipedia touches itself at night.
<Mike42> Mark_Ryan: Deon has AV, he's a #wikipedia-bootcamp op
<Mark_Ryan> Mike42: is AV a type of STD?
<ice_cream> ok ok i'll chill
<publunch> Soak the flag in petrol and then stick it in a bottle, ignite, and
           throw it at policemen.  Perhaps that should be banned.  But then
           maybe that is banned already.
<publunch> I guess the problem is that fire and crowds aren't an easy
<Luna-San> I think even the most policy-wonkish police will ascribe to WP:IAR,
           once you're using incendiary weapons.
<Phroziac> Luna-San: i bet a few wikipedians wouldn't if they were police
<Phroziac> "omfg that's not illegal"
<Phroziac> "omfg they're just being bold"
<Luna-San> That's true. "I mean, really, John, there's nothing in WP:SHOOT
           about this sort of situation."
<Luna-San> WikiProject Oh shit they're throwing molotov cocktails ooooh god it
           burns put it out put it out aaaaaargh
<CoolFox> i wanna ban stupid people. from doing stupid things.
<wmarsh> if you banned stupid people from doing stupid things, 99% of the
         internet would be impossible
<Luna-San> Wait, but isn't the internet *powered* by stupid people?
<CableModem> yeah, pretty much.
<Luna-San> I heard a rumor that Wikipedia's server farm is powered by setting a
           bunch of kids up with giant hampster wheels and telling them their
           garage band's article is up for AfD.
[21:15:56] * CableModem straps Luna-San to sevral estes rockets.
[21:16:06] (CableModem): 3! 2! 1! FOOOOOOOSSSSHHH!
[21:17:48] *** Luna-San (n=goodysan@unaffiliated/Luna-San) Quit 
           (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
[21:18:16] *** Luna-San (n=goodysan@unaffiliated/Luna-San) has joined
[21:20:55] * Luna-San stabs CableModem
[21:21:12] (Luna-San): ur testes rkts blew me off teh srvr :<
[21:22:38] (CableModem): Luna-San: Hahahaha
[21:22:42] (Luna-San): :)
         user=Jimbo+Wales&page= <--- whoa! what's Jimbo been up to?
<Slowking_Man> Gwern_: He's gone rouge!
<Zscout370> Slowking_Man: ah, he deleted a lot of articles about persons who
            might have allifiations with the mafia
<Gwern_> Zscout370: ah. mob pressure
<Gwern_> say no more
<Gwern_> "It would be a terrible thing if youse servers got roughed up and
         their cords plugged out"
<Gwern_> "you don't want we should resort to less civilized measures"
<centrx> it's because we need more specific language, like penis-human and
         vagina-human and masculine-human and feminine-human
<justlee> Not really. Penis human indeed, though i have known quite a few
          people who were dicks.
<MessedRocker> to distinguish people who are socially male/female and who are
               physiologically male/female
<sean_black> you aren't thinking of this in the context of Wikipedia. To do
             that, you only need to answer one question: Can Pokemon get sex
<Alkivar> i'm finally done watching bleach
<Alkivar> it took me 5 days ... but i've finally watched 103 episodes!
<kylu> an anime about laundary? man, how lame
<kylu> next you'll tell me there's a series about Air.
<Dragonfly6-7> Slowking_Man - what exactly is Krystiandl trying to say?
<Slowking_Man> Beats me.
<Luna-San> I can't figure it, either.
<Luna-San> I'm tempted to just decline with "Not a reason for unblocking."
<Dragonfly6-7> or possibly "huh?"
<Pilotguy> or better yet, "go away"
<sean_black> what he's trying to say is that admins are educated stupid
<sean_black> because they deny the god truth of cubic time
<Slowking_Man> dammnable academic singularity
<Dragonfly6-7> EDUCATED STUPID
<crazytales56297> * Received a CTCP HELLO PLEASE DIE from vxpx
<crazytales56297> >vxpx< CTCP NO I DO NOT INTEND TO, THANK YOU
<TehKewl1> and how do the XChat team get away with violating the GPL?
<Mike42>   TehKewl1: They do, only because nobody has the monet to sue them
           over it, and because if anyone sued and lost it would be the end
           of the GPL. Period. == bad
<kylu>    Mike42: no monet because they're baroque, right?
(CableModem): heheheheheheheheheh.
(Andy123): <CableModem> heheheheheheheheheh.
(CableModem): (Andy123): <CableModem> heheheheheheheheheh.#
(Andy123): <CableModem> (Andy123): <CableModem> heheheheheheheheheh.
(CableModem): (Andy123): <CableModem> (Andy123): <CableModem>
(sean_black): shut up, both of you
<CableModem> how do I create a username with that character?
<gurch> CableModem: I don't want you to try.
<CableModem> just enter in %EF%A3%BF?
<gurch> no
<CableModem> gurch: i'm gonna test it
<gurch> that wouldn't work
<CableModem> it wouldnt?
<gurch> that's just how it's encoded in the url
<gurch> since urls are restricted to ascii
<CableModem> damn. how the fck do I make it with the chunk?
<gurch> CableModem: I'm not going to tell you. WP:BEANS.
<Ssha> CableModem: Just ask her. Usually fat girls are keen for self esteem
<Andy123> CableModem, no fscking
* CableModem is watching bleach
* Slowking_Man is watching ammonia
>> Mode #wikipedia "+o Cowman109|Away" by ChanServ
< Mike42> pong
< gurch> nonono
< CableModem> ;ping
< AntiSpamBot> pong
< gurch> you're supposed to say "ping" not "lol"
< gurch> ;ping
< AntiSpamBot> pong
<@Cowman109|Away> ...
< gurch> ;pong
< sean_black> ;pig
< Linuxbeak> ;ping
< Zscout370> misses
< AntiSpamBot> pong
< quabuaack> ;bing
<@Cowman109|Away> The opness is supposed to scare you guys.
< Linuxbeak> ;ping
< CableModem> ;ping
< Shadow42> WTF?
< AntiSpamBot> pong
< gurch> hahah
< AntiSpamBot> pong
< Linuxbeak> ;ping
< AntiSpamBot> pong
< Mike42> >:D
< gurch> "pig" ?
<@Cowman109|Away> And make you think I'm about to kick you.
< Mike42> quit it!
< gurch> PANG!
< quabuaack> bong
< bumm13> ^(")^
>> SignOff: dungodung ("Quit user this has!") [#wikipedia]
< Linuxbeak> lmao
>> Mode #wikipedia "+o Zscout370" by ChanServ
< gurch> pung
<@Zscout370> I can op too >.<
>> L3HB00TY is now known as _NoodlePowa
< gurch> ;ping
>> Kick for gurch by Cowman109|Away from #Wikipedia (pong)
<Slowking_Man> So, someone feel like move protecting my Talk page?
* Tawker 's new admin policy
* Tawker doesn't do any admin actions unless a link is provided
               &action=protect :>
<karynn> Slowking_Man: why would you want your talk page protected?  don't
         you want people to talk to you?
<Luna-San> move protected
<Slowking_Man> Yes, I've decided I'm tired of explaining myself to people. :p
<centrx> but the secret is
<centrx> if you provide a link, Tawker will do /anything/
<Tawker> LOL
<Tawker> wait a second
<Tawker> I'm not doing that
<Slowking_Man> (cur) (last)  21:54, November 5, 2006 Betacommand
               (Talk | contribs | block) m
               (Protected User talk:Slowking Man [move=autoconfirmed]) :<
* Tawker full protected it
<centrx> wait I think something is broken with Tawker
<Slowking_Man> I wanted sysop :p
<Slowking_Man> And yeah, you overrode Tawker
* Tawker wheel wars w/ Betacommand over this :)
<Betacommand> fixed
<Slowking_Man> (cur) (last)  21:55, November 5, 2006 Betacommand
               (Talk | contribs | block) m (Protected User talk:Slowking Man
<Slowking_Man> ummmmm
         &action=protect LOL
<Tawker>     * 05:55, November 6, 2006 Betacommand (Talk | contribs | block)
             protected User talk:Slowking Man ([edit=sysop:move=sysop])
<Tawker>     * 05:55, November 6, 2006 Tawker (Talk | contribs | block)
             protected User talk:Slowking Man (fix.... [move=sysop])
<Tawker>     * 05:54, November 6, 2006 Betacommand (Talk | contribs | block)
             protected User talk:Slowking Man ([move=autoconfirmed])
<Tawker>     * 05:54, November 6, 2006 Tawker (Talk | contribs | block)
             protected User talk:Slowking Man
             (obvious move protect... [move=sysop])
<Slowking_Man> Yeah, um, Betacommand, you edit protected it
<Betacommand> make your mind up :)
* Slowking_Man calls Jimbo in to stop the developing wheel war :p
<Naconkantari> how many sysops does it take to move-protect a page?
<Naconkantari> three!
* Tawker issued another command again..........
<Tawker> lol
<Slowking_Man> Well, that took way more effort than it should have.
<J_Di> how long is hussein staying on the main page?
<sean_black> long enough for some to create an article on the
             rope they're going to use to hang him with
14:25 <baa> # 22:23, 8 November 2006 Glen S (Talk | contribs | block)
            blocked "Username Policy (contribs)" with an expiry time of
            indefinite (Abuse of our Username policy)
* TehKewl1 is 17
<TehKewl1> I am teh old and teh responsiblzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
<Luna-San> I've just run into a gang logo that is now officially available
           under the terms of the GFDL.
<Luna-San> ...they don't seem very thuggish anymore
<gurch> oh
<gurch> we have channel activity again
<gurch> finally :)
<Slowking_Man> we get signal
<uuf> main gurch turn on
<gurch> what happen?
<eww> somebody set us up the cabal
<uuf> you have no chance to Pathoschild make your time
<eww> what you say?!
* uuf notes that all your Pathoschild are belong to me
<Pathoschild> You know what you doing.
<eww> Take off every "ahem"
<gurch> for great justice.
<kaiti> i went to read about chatzilla bugs
<kaiti> and firefox crashed
GerardM> I do not want to know the number of edits that I have in total ..
<NiklasNordblad> GerardM: why not?
<GerardM> Sometimes I suppose I have a life as well :)
<GerardM> and when you add all those edits it may prove to be a bit much
<NiklasNordblad> editing is life :D
GerardM> well then I have a life
( Werdnum ) [22:19] <CIA-1> werdna * r17609 /trunk/phase3/
            (includes/Article.php languages/messages/MessagesEn.php): Bloody
            hell, not another pretend feature
( Werdnum ) [22:18] <CIA-1> werdna * r17608 /trunk/phase3/RELEASE-NOTES: * Add
            auto-summaries to blankings and large removals without summaries.
( Werdnum ) no :-)
( twincest ) someone's trying to sound like Rob
( Werdnum ) what?
( brion ) whee
( Werdnum ) I'm from Australia
( Werdnum ) we use 'bloody hell' here, too.
( timichal ) everyone wants to be like Rob
( twincest ) yes, but most people don't use it like that in a commit message :)
( DarkoNeko ) haha
( Werdnum ) twincest: when you forget to include the actual patch in a commit
            twice in a day, it's fairly likely that the odd 'bloody hell' may
            appear in the subsequent ones.
( brion ) :D
<Netsnipe> database locked
<sean_black> so is your mom
<Netsnipe> unlocked
<sean_black> ... so is your mom :o
<Netsnipe> sean_black: at least my mum isn't an open door like yours.
<sean_black> OWNED
<Netsnipe>      12:36, October 21, 2006 Can't sleep, clown will eat me (Talk |
                contribs | block) blocked " (contribs)" with an
                expiry time of 8.625 fortnights (repeated vandalism for several
                days - AO)
<sean_black>    haha fortnights
* Netsnipe      is never ceased to be amazed by CSCWEM's random block durations
<Netsnipe>      on MediaWiki, is one month 30 or 31 days?
<sean_black>    28! Go February!
<Bastique|busy> Netsnipe: They're not random :)
<gurch>         fortnights?
<gurch>         lol
... time passes ...
<iD_J>          You have been temporarily blocked
                </wiki/Wikipedia:Blocking_policy> from editing for a period of
                Colour because of repeated vandalism to Wikipedia.
<Bastique|busy> o_O
<gurch>         wha?
<gurch>         it had better not say that
<iD_J>          i messed up the warning...
<gurch>         zomg
<Bastique|busy> iD_J: HAH
<gurch>         lol
<gurch>         how did "Colour" get in there?
<Bastique|busy> How many fortnights is a Colour?
<Vague_Rant> "It has been speculated by the art on Vinson Ngo's deviantART
             account[2] that there will be other characters and cameos in
             future strips."
<Vague_Rant> Gee. How exciting.
<Vague_Rant> What a piece of shit.
<wizardrydragon> Vanity pages ftw
<Vague_Rant> Although, I am impressed that his art has apparently gained
<Vague_Rant> Better than can be said for the artist himself.
<Vague_Rant> Or whoever wrote this article.
<cimon> seriously though, feeding reindeer shrooms and drinking the piss was an
        excellent way to regularize the intake of a drug that was widely
        variable in the natural substrate...
<gurch> 06:46, 16 November 2006 Centrx (Talk | contribs | block)
        unprotected Anal sex
<gurch> yeah... you might wanna get some tests done
<gurch> for that matter
<gurch> 06:02, 16 November 2006 Centrx (Talk | contribs | block)
        unprotected Fuck
<gurch> you may have caught something from that, as well
<Glen_S> unprotected anal sex???
<centrx> "feels better"
* gurch imagines the next entry in the deletion log
<gurch> Centrx (Talk | contribs | block) unprotected Anal sex
        (and I enjoyed it!)
<Gurch> 13:47, 17 November 2006 Misza13 (Talk | contribs | block) blocked
        "The Glen S username blocking championchips (contribs)"
         with an expiry time of indefinite  ({{UsernameBlocked|.}})
<Gurch> I guess that means you win? :P
<Misza13> probably
<Ulti> does wikipedia have some kind of automagic email invite system?
       to send nice looking emails that say "Hello there X, Y has invited you
       to join wikipedia to expand subject Z"
<rory096> Ulti: we dont usually promote email spam :o
<Ulti> but it would be cool to send an all official looking wikipedia email
<rory096> Ulti: true, but it could be used maliciously
<Ulti> if I email some awesome rad science guy they might miss forget my email,
       but if they have a nice fancy one from wikipedia they might look at it
<Gracenotes> Ulti: If I sent a just-text email claiming to be Ebay, people
             might disregard it, but if I send a nice fancy one that looks
             like it's from Ebay, they might give away their credit card
<Gracenotes> To: Bob Something   From: The Wikimedia Foundations
             Bob, we encourage you to vandalize our pages. There has recently
             been an influx of informed people at Wikipedia, and we would
             appreciate a bit of drama. We're not getting enough publicity.
             Please; you can trust us: just see our logo at the top of this
             fancy email. Thank you.  -Jimbo Wales, himself, seriously
<uberpenguin> To: Bob Something, From: The Wikimedia Foundation
              IMMEDIATELY -- Dr. Mbuntu Wales
<Physiq> To: Bob Something; From: The Wikimedia Foundation.
         MSN Messenger is about to start charging fees to use their service,
         the only way you can stop this is by visiting Wikipedia, opening an
         account and forwarding this to 15 friends, otherwise you will be
         stabbed within the hour by our hit squad.
<SushiGeek> Dmcsleep needs to have a lanyard that he can wear around his neck
            that beeps loudly when somebody needs a checkuser
<SushiGeek> so when he's sleeping somebody can go "BEEP BEEP CHECKUSER"
* RedMenace has joined #wikimedia-ops
<RedMenace> now what was that for
<NK_Away> * RedMenace is a troll
<RedMenace> ?1
<RedMenace> i havnt trolled in like 12 minutes
<Werdnum> if (nickj.nationality == "au") { nickj.print("Yes"); } else {
    nickj.print("No"); }
<nickj> "yes" and "no" - dual Aus / Uk (born Edinburgh)
<Werdnum> nickj: I'm pretty sure that's a non-standard parser ;)
<nickj> hey, I deliberately try and put down answers that I know will confuse
    the system when filling in forms, so why should this be any different? ;-)
<Werdnum> nickj: SQL injection on the census?
<Werdnum> Name: Andrew'; DROP TABLE person;---
<Coredesat> actually, wait
<Coredesat> Restore it
<Coredesat> Needs to be taken back to MFD :/
<Coredesat> That MFD closed without consensus
<bastique> wonk
<bastique> wonk
<SushiGeek> wonk
<NullC> no wonking in public please.
<Slowking_Man> Wonking a process is illegal in 37 U.S. states and the
               District of Columbia
<centrx> Process wonkery is a federal offense
<SushiGeek> it's not illegal in Wisconsin though
<SushiGeek> or Florida
<SushiGeek> so me and Bastique can legally wonk
<sean_black> not together
<SushiGeek> LOL not together
<NullC> FS 57.105 makes it illegial in florida.
<NullC> So bastique better not wonk..
<SushiGeek> then 38 states
<SushiGeek> what if bastique moves to Georgia (where it is legal)
<centrx> There is conflict in the Courts of Appeal with regard to the
         application of the Commerce Clause to Process Wonkery, hopefully this
         will be clarified in the upcoming Supreme Court case, Jimbo Wales v.
         Wonky Wonka
<dannyisme> so is mrrying your sister, but you dont do it
<NullC> I think if you cross state lines for the purpose of wonking it's a
        federal offense.
<NullC> (especially if the wonking involves a minor...)
<centrx> Process Wonkery has a long legal history dating back to the curia of
         medieval England
<centrx> The Romans were notorious process wonks; this was one of the major
         reasons for their collapse
<centrx> The Vandals disregarded process entirely
<NullC> centrx: Museum of London has a whole section on it... complete with the
        displays of the wax seals everyone needed. ;)
<Coredesat> Ah, but didn't the Byzantines indefblock the Vandals?
<centrx> In fact, the Vandals specifically exploited the Romans heavy use of
<centrx> Process wonkery leads to vandal victory
( twincest )    if ($Param{Address} !~ /^(()|([a-zA-Z0-9]+([a-zA-Z0-9_+\.'&%-]*
                [\d+\.\d+\.\d+\.\d+])))$/) {
( twincest )        $Error = "Invalid syntax";
( HardDisk_WP ) fat regex o_O
( Submarine ) there are probably perl regexps for email addresses out there
( Tubarao ) twincest: should be like this: if ($Param{Address} !~ /^(()|
            [\d+\.\d+\.\d+\.\d+])))$/) {
( Tubarao ) to allow the # ..
( twincest ) are you sure?  that doesn't seem to agree with RFC2822 either
( twincest ) there are several more characters allowed that it doesn't match
! Submarine suggests allowing mostly anything
( Tubarao ) let me check rfc2822
( NotACatAtWork ) Submarine: interesting rant here:
( Submarine ) yes
( NotACatAtWork ) a Clusty search for regex+"email address" is turning up some
                  more stuff
( NotACatAtWork ) oohh!
( Submarine ) besides, what's the usefulness of "validating" addresses?
( Submarine ) telling stupid people that is not their email
( Submarine ) telling people that have valid addresses than their address is
              not correct?
( NotACatAtWork ) try this: ^(([^:/?#]+):)?(//([^/?#]*))?([^?#]*)(\?([^#]*))
( NotACatAtWork ) or even this: ^(?:([^:/?#]+):)?(?://([^/?#]*))?([^?#]*)
( NotACatAtWork ) (damn those emoticons!!!)
<DMAshura> I'm looking for more articles to write basically
<keitei> as much as I love pokemon, you're probably better off adding a missing 
              encyclopedic article than random crap
<DMAshura> What does Pokemon have to do with it o.o;
<Demi> All WikiProjects are actually Pokemon projects in disguise.
<toresbe> indeed
<Earle_Martin> c.f. the map of wikipedia
<deepshuck> there's a giant snorlax sleeping across the way to every project
<LeonWP> any idea btw when 1.9 is going to be released?
<brion> first week of january
<vortigaunt> Quarterly release cycle, dude.
<Nikerabbit> on christmas? :E
<vortigaunt> January.
<vortigaunt> Yes. Yes, Brion is going to wait up on Christmas Eve and package
             up a whole new 1.9.0 release.
<brion> only for the good girls and boys
<Slowking_Man> He's making a list
<vortigaunt> He's checkin' it twice
<brion> the rest of you get coal in your svn up
* helix84 still wonders if someone is still messing with his patch
<RealGrouchy> nicotine not flowing?
<bastique> Luna-San: You are the troll block king
<sean_black> troll blocking block king
<bainer> block king blockking blocking OMG
* sean_black  claps
<Elisson> bainer, you've found evidence that there is a cabal! :D
<NotACow> process is a little bird, chirping in a meadow
<Gurch> uh...
<Gurch> no, articles are little birds, chirping in a meadow
<Gurch> AfD is a much larger bird with claws that rip the little birds to
<Gurch> DRV picks through the corpses and decides if it was a good idea or not.
<Golbez> the m:Friends of gays guideline is very important
<Golbez> and should be observed at all times
<NotACow> Golbez: but there'd be nobody left to edit
<morwen> NotACow: Fred Phelps could
<morwen> we could become GODHATESFAGSAPEDIA.COM
<morwen> '''Sweden''' is a large country in central [[Scandanavia]] which god
<morwen> this could make an amusing uncyclopedia article
<morwen> writing about something in the style of Wikipedia, but with the POV of
         fred phelps
<nivelbor> That's hilarious.
<nivelbor> Phelpsapedia
<morwen> i had better develop this idea quick, before someone steals it from me
* Werdnum normally hides in his developer hole.
<TehKewl1> I need a girlfriend, so I can hide in her hole
<CableModem> ...
<TehKewl1> wait O_O
<YellowMonkey> I got an article through FA and simultaneously someone
               nominated it for GA and the GA reveiwer failed it because it was
<Coredesbusy> ...huh?
<SushiGeek> He got an article through FA.
<SushiGeek> At the same time, somebody put it on good articles
<SushiGeek> and the reviewer for the article failed it because he said it was
<nagios-wm> Apache on srv120 is OK: HTTP OK HTTP/1.1 200 OK - 27594 bytes in
            0.129 seconds
<nagios-wm> Apache on srv120 is OK: HTTP OK HTTP/1.1 200 OK - 27594 bytes in
            0.020 seconds
<JeLuF> why is nagios reporting everything twice?
<mark> JeLuF: it's been doing that since I restarted it yesterday
<mark> I'm not sure
<mark> it's not the exact same message anyway
<DArkoneko`busy> the program is runing twice, then
<TimStarling> maybe there are two copies running
<mark> probably 2 instances running
<DArkoneko`busy> heh :)
<JeLuF> yup
<TimStarling> yeah, that
<mark> yes ;)
<TimStarling> now let's all try to fix it at once, ok?
<mark> no :)
<nagios-wm> Host tingxi is UP: (No Information Returned From Host Check)
<TimStarling> fixed, I think
<JeLuF> killed all instances, restarted it.
<TimStarling> you too?
<TimStarling> did mark try it as well, just as a matter of interest?
<mark> no
( +{b} ) OMG Brion is commenting on our village pump
( +{b} ) We're not worthy
<kim_register> Jhs, I should have asked what you thouht I was before answering 
               your question
<kim_register> Jhs, to add to the statistics
<kim_register> drat drat drat
         <Jhs> lol
<kim_register> which reminds me of the song boten anna..., who the heck wants 
               to go out with a girl who fails the turing test? :-P
<kim_register> what's wrong with tentacle monsters
<kim_register> or do you need to be female to errr, appreciate them?
   <Eloquence> kim_register, I think they are most appreciated by males. from 
               a distance.
From #wikipedia-en-admins:
<IgnoreAllRules> NotACow, [[User:Dmcdevit/YouTube]] provides a reasonable
<NotACat> IgnoreAllRules: as it is, you lay yourself open to a disruption
          charge if you simply "smite the ungodly from on high"
<NotACow> IgnoreAllRules: for what?
<IgnoreAllRules> for removal of YouTube links
<NotACow> IgnoreAllRules: and i care because?
<IgnoreAllRules> I don't think I asked you.
<IgnoreAllRules> It was Phil.
<NotACow> IgnoreAllRules: you spoke to me
<IgnoreAllRules> sorry about that
<NotACow> 'sok, people confuse us all the time. would you care for some tea?
From the Commons channel: 
<rama>        My licence said : I put this image under blabla because
              it's not clear whether or not trivial reproductions are elligible 
              for copyright in France, and if they are not, this is public
<rama>        the guy reverted to "public domain" over and over on the grounds 
              that the law is clear that there is no copyright IN THE USA AND
              IN GERMANY
<newmanbe>    Pfft.
<Bastique>    rama: What a dick
<rama>        yes
<ToAruShiroiNeko> ...
<newmanbe>    PD-art would't apply, because there was creativity in 
              your picture taking. :)
<rama>        the last time someone decided that German laws should be 
              applicable in France did not exactly leave a good memory to
* brion needs a dual-core oven
! +SB_Johnny thinks commons needs a lot more redirects :)
( +SB_Johnny ) especially for articles about plants, insects, etc... most
               people searching (in any language) won't know the scientific
( +Cool_Cat ) SB_Johnny unless they know latin as a native language
( +geniice ) with the birth rate in VC that seems somewhat unlikely
( +timichal ) nothing beats the time when I found a furry porn image from 2002
              on Meta, though
( brion ) hmm
( brion ) it's xmas, so i'm going to be nice and not WONTFIX this feature
          request just yet
( brion ) shit-yeah, it's brownie time
! brion $ mv /mnt/oven/brownies /mnt/cooling-rack
<TehKewl1> ok ok
<TehKewl1> I thought of the perfect wikipedia model
<TehKewl1> a pool system
<TehKewl1> the editors are the hose that fills the pool up, the developers are
           the pump, the vandalfighters are the filters
<TehKewl1> the cleanup crew are the chlorinator
<TehKewl1> the deletionists are the waste outlet
<TehKewl1> and the average users are the swimmers :D
<deepshuck> trolls put aids in the pool and close it
<Vague_Rant> OS X is just complete bullshit.
<Vague_Rant> I'm not jerking off to the actual window that the porn is in.
<Vague_Rant> So stop with the fancy bullshit.
<cchristianTP> has anyone here seen a bug where it keeps telling you you have
               new messages when you don't?
<Vito-Genovese> í
<Vito-Genovese> i don't think it's a bug christian
<Vito-Genovese> ít'$
<Vito-Genovese> it's the wikia way of spamming
<cchristianTP> no
<cchristianTP> not Wikia donations
<Vito-Genovese> í
<Vito-Genovese> i didn't mean that
<cchristianTP> like a "you have new messages"
<Vito-Genovese> ít'$
<Vito-Genovese> it's a way to promote small wikias
<cchristianTP> how are they doing that???
<Vito-Genovese> nø
<Vito-Genovese> no idea
<Vito-Genovese> ßut
<Vito-Genovese> but it's clever :)
<cchristianTP> heh
<cchristianTP> staff didn't seem to know
<cchristianTP> so...
<Vito-Genovese> RêâLLy¿
<Vito-Genovese> really?
<cchristianTP> it's happening behind thier backs?
<cchristianTP> they thought it was a server error
<Vito-Genovese> mâyßê
<Vito-Genovese> maybe i'm mistaken
<Vito-Genovese> thât'$
<Vito-Genovese> that's odd
<cchristianTP> an it was only happening when I went to a new subdomain
<Vito-Genovese> $âmê
<Vito-Genovese> same thing happened to me too
<Vito-Genovese> $êvêRâL
<Vito-Genovese> several times
<cchristianTP> STOP
<cchristianTP> $t0p
<Vito-Genovese> $tøp
<Vito-Genovese> stop what?
<cchristianTP> d3w1n9
<cchristianTP> Th1$
<Vito-Genovese> dø
<Vito-Genovese> do you see that?
<Vito-Genovese> d'øh!
<Vito-Genovese> d'oh!
<cchristianTP> ....
<cchristianTP> FEAR WIKIA!!!
<Vito-Genovese> testing
<Vito-Genovese> seems fine
<Vito-Genovese> sorry for that
<LeonWP> you're all crazy, no?
<Soms> heh I have a 65" Plasma =P
<CableModem> lol
<CableModem> 65" plasma. mmh./
<CableModem> that must make a nice heater. :D
<Alkivar> fuck i need to beat my cat ... goddamn cat dug a hole into the bag of
          kitty litter i bought yesterday and took a shit IN THE BAG!
<brion> $dbr->select( array( 'tempaltelinks', 'page_restrictinos' ),
        array( ... ), array( 'tl_from=pr_age', 'pr_cascade' => 1, 'tl_title' =>
        $this->getText(), ___METHOD__ );
<brion> or sth
<brion> right?
<brion> oh and spell thigns right
* brion suddenly wonders what's bug 666
<brion> meh boring
<brion> well that was mildly
<brion> extraordinarily
<brion> ... appropriate
<brion> 1.6 receives security fixes only
<brion> which will continue, if necessary, at least through april
<hspaans> brion: so after april your f*ck*d?
<hashar> what will happen to brion in april ?
<Fyren> He turns back into a pumpkin.
<robchurch> cool
<robchurch> waitaminute
<robchurch> if brion was the pumpkin, then...
<robchurch> OH MY GOD
<robchurch> I WAS A RAT!?
<brion> YUMMMM
<Fyren> brion: Please post more pie pictures.
<hashar> maybe we should start talking about the version number after 1.9
<Fyren> 1.a, obviously.
<brion> it's already 1.10 dude
<Simetrical> Although Fyren's idea is appealing.
<Simetrical> After we run out of letters, we can switch to Greek.
<Simetrical> Then Hebrew.  Cyrillic.
<hashar> € !!
<Simetrical> If people can't tell the difference between alpha and 'a', screw
<Fyren> There's enough kanji/hanzi to keep it up for a while.
<Mike_H> Anal hurts like a motherfucker.
<timichal_> why do i chat with a phone when I'm sitting in front of a computer?
[... Citizendium ...]
<morwen> Their problem is getting the ball rolling
<morwen> Wikipedia's problem is stopping the ten ton ball rolling at a hundred
         miles per hour and killing everyone in its path.
<Heligo> Citizendium might get on better if their server didn't run on steam
         and have an old woman cranking a handle to make the hard drives turn
<ShakespeareFan00> LOl
<ShakespeareFan00> {{fact}}
<Gracenotes> wow...
<Gracenotes> I typed "gfgfg" into the search bar, because I was bored
<Gracenotes> and I found an article that had been vandalized
<Gracenotes> with "gfgfg"
<Gracenotes> so I reverted it
<Gracenotes> ...same with "gfgf"
:::: ( • ) Joins: Mark_Ryan ( i=MarkRyan@wikipedia/Mark ) joined
           #wikimedia-tech ( 98 Users )
( Mark_Ryan ) oi
( Mark_Ryan ) techies
( Mark_Ryan ) squid's broken for some people
( Mark_Ryan ) you might want to fix it, or we might get a lawsuit
( Adam1213 ) lol
( Mark_Ryan ) from frustrated users.
( Mark_Ryan ) for mental distress
(from #mediawiki)
* Joins: PHILIP_B (
* PHILIP_B is now known as PHILIP
* Quits: nfolson ( ("#mediawiki")
<_syphilis_> asbras: if you're worrying about fragmentation of the db, run
             ALTER TABLE foo ENGINE=InnoDB; on every table
<_syphilis_> it'll compact freed storage and stuff
<robchurch> we keep only the most important data on wikimedia's main servers
<robchurch> mostly porn
<LeonWP> Free porn.
<brion> porn? where?
<robchurch> of course, dead important that.
<robchurch> brion: ~/porn
<robchurch> or
* brion $ mv porn .porn
<LeonWP> move it to ~/public_html
<PHILIP> I'm trying to get my windows server mediawiki to send mail (password
         reminders, sign up) and I can't.     -  I've configured the $wgSMTP
         array, set $path to include location of pear.  and I get a blank
         screen when I request a password get sent out.  ** Not as important as
         where the porn stuff is, but any help would be appreciated.**
(3 minutes pass)
<Simetrical> PHILIP: Heh, sorry, I don't know the answer.  Probably someone
             else here does, if they notice the question.  :D
<robchurch> open source brion? i can compile my own?
<LeonWP> robchurch, you may also fork it.
<Simetrical> robchurch: Yeah, but you need a DNA compiler first.
<robchurch> woot
<Simetrical> It's self-compiling, but the hardware is a pain to work with.
<robchurch> so i can hack about the insides and make my own variant?
<robchurch> excellent
<LeonWP> sure robchurch 
* robchurch goes to market the world's first cyber brion
<brion> buy me dinner first
<LeonWP> not sure what license it is, though; possible you may even sell it.
<robchurch> only if you're a commercial success
<LeonWP> wow
<LeonWP> I wonder who's the author
<Simetrical> It's really a derivative of two other works.
<Simetrical> Kind of mashed the different parts together randomly.
<Simetrical> Not sure that's eligible for copyright.
<LeonWP> so god is the very original author?
<Simetrical> LeonWP: I dunno, you'd have to go to court to see how that pans
             out.  Might be tricky there.
<robchurch> the good thing is, if you don't believe in Him, then the licence
            problems just vanish
<robchurch> or would His work be ineligible for copyright anyway?
<robchurch> you can just imagine the Vatican would want to milk as much cash
            out as possible
<NotACat> robchurch: problem is, if He believes in you, does his licence take
          precedence? ;-)
<Simetrical> robchurch: You'd have to get a jury to agree that the
             preponderance of the evidence falls against God's existence.
<Simetrical> In America.
<Simetrical> . . . good luck.
[Mike_H is watching Olympic tryouts on Greek television]
<Mike_H> That's odd
<Mike_H> why are there random women running with the men?
<Mike_H> they run them together in Greece?
<Mark_Ryan> equal opportunities
<Mike_H> nvm
<Mike_H> it was an ugly man
* Tooby|busy is now known as Tooby|died
* Simetrical robs Tooby|died's corpse
<Tooby|died> jackal :p
<Tooby|died> :)
<Simetrical> :(
<Simetrical> Jackals eat.  They don't examine the watch for brand name and the
             presence of gold before discarding it as a cheap fake and looking
             for the wallet.
* Simetrical prefers to think that he has some dignity
* Cybersoft is now known as Ceiling_Basilisk
* Ceiling_Basilisk is watching you masturbate
<Ceiling_Basilisk> but its the last time you do it
<brion> we're very friendly
<timichal_> (except when he stabs you)
<brion> yeah but it's a loving kind of stab
<brion> gets you right in the heart, y'know?
<sean_black> shit fuck crap ass motherfuck bitch, Morbo
<Editor-at-Large> !google TehKewl1 likes spam
* Editor-at-Large laughs
<TehKewl1> O_O
<Editor-at-Large> oh, that's priceless
<Editor-at-Large> XD
<Lubaf> "In the Distopian justice system, the people are persecuted by two
        seperate, yet equally important groups: The police who instigate crime,
        and the district attorneys who persecute the innocent. These are their
* gentgeen finds a wiki stealing wikipedia content without attribution
<Evil_Monkey> To the Copyright-Mobile!!!
<gentgeen> I think I'll try a personal email before I light up the GFDL-Signal
<gentgeen> as I think they stole an article I edited at some point
<Evil_Monkey> gentgeen: especially since we now know that Richard Stallman
              sleeps with a katana under his bed
<Shreshth91> !order pole dancers whoo hoo!
* WineSteward sees: Shreshth91 orders a round of pole dancers whoo hoo!.
* CableModem cuts the pole down with a hacksaw
* WineSteward sees: The waiter arrives and slips unluckily so that all of the 
              pole dancers whoo hoo! covers the floor.
<CableModem> HAHAHAH
<Shreshth91> LOLOLOLOLO
<kila> LOL
<Mark_Ryan> I'd much prefer markRYAN or something like that
<Werdna> Mark_Ryan: you can use that...
<Werdna> it's like
<Werdna> mark <shout>RYAN</shout>
<Werdna> like brion VIBBER
<Werdna> I swear, whenever I see brion's username on Wikipedia, I feel like I
         should be shouting the VIBBER bit and accompanying it with a
         twenty-one gun salute.
<Vague_Rant> Shit man, I hope when I die my articles aren't mentioned in my
<Vague_Rant> What a depressing thing to be remembered for.
<Earle_Martin> "He edited articles such as 'Taxonomy of Pokemons',
               'Minor characters in Star Trek TOS spinoff novels', and
               'Anal bleaching'."
<Earle_Martin> He will be missed. *sniff*
<YourVirginity> Is that a Ceiling_Cat on your ceiling or are you just happy to
                see me?
* Deon was gonna go to [[Fall Out Boy]] concert tonight :(
<petermdodge> That sounds horrible.
<petermdodge> In more ways than one
<Deon> =O
<petermdodge> I dont do that emo band crap.
<Luna-San> But then you realized that it was not, in fact, a scene, but in all 
           likelihood an arms race?
<HemlockMartinis> I'm heading to bed, see y'all tomorrow night for another
                  edition of "Hemlock Martinis wanders the horrors of
                  [[Category:Uncategorized]] like Dante through Hell."
<Messedrocker> "Dr. Pepper loses license to practice medicine following
<mindspillage> Dear god. Now I picture goatse nightlights.
<TheWeasel> First Life is a popular MMORPG
<Psycho_Kirby> So I had this ride idea. I call it "The Speedy Deletion."
<Psycho_Kirby> It's a shooting game, something like the Buzz Lightyear thing at
               Disney World...with a twist.
<Psycho_Kirby> You get points for shooting junk articles and lose points for
               shooting good articles.
<Psycho_Kirby> So you would get points for shooting a narcissistic 13-year-old
<Psycho_Kirby> But if you shoot JFK, you lose points and a bunch of animatronic
               conspiracy theorists find out it's all a theme park ride.
<Psycho_Kirby> And on the theme park, there would probably be an animatronic
               Wikipe-tan somewhere.
[13:44] <Random> so can anyone help me do a mass ucfd nomination?
[13:44] <Mike_H> Yeah, me neither
[13:44] <Mike_H> it hurts like a bitch
[13:45] * TheWeasel coughs
[13:45] <Gwern> Boochan: sure, but how many nongay men like butsexx?
[13:45] <Random> i'm gonna put together a list in a minute
<Ellis> Saying "Can you shoot sub-zero lasers from your nipples and turn
        objects into ice?" in any other channel than #wikipedia would have me
        on many ignore lists by now.
<auda> hiii room
<TEH_HERPES> Hello auda
<TEH_HERPES> We have been expecting you
<auda> ooh u know me
<TEH_HERPES> Don't you remember me?
<auda> in fact no
<auda> can u remind me
<TEH_HERPES> Itchy, the stripper from Miami. June of 2003...
<robchurch> Powerball is an American lottery, apparently.
<robchurch> Amazing what this Wikipedia thingy's got in it.
<robchurch> It also says Wacko Jacko is Santa Claus.
<robchurch> Oh, hang on, that's Uncyclopedia.
<Slowking_Man> Wikipedia told me that Josh is gay
<zocky> 'Wikipedia "outs" Josh, who turns out to be straight' New York,
        17 March 2007 - Wikipedia was rocked by another credibility scandal
        today after it emerged that Josh, whom Wikipedia officially called gay
        between 10:32 and 10:36 is in fact straight.
( robchurch ) The great thing about a bug tracker is it stores things
( robchurch ) The big problem with a bug tracker is that it stores things
( +gmaxwell ) Sorry. The wikimedia orbital space laser is controlled by
              toolserver, as a result it seldom works.
<Qxz> from the discussion on whether warning messages should be semi-protected:
<Qxz> "Do SOMETHING - I just told a user they'd be SHOT if they continued to
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                      notices of #wikipedia access list changes
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<Thatcher-away> if you work for a health insurance company and are posting
                from work under the name Orel Secs do you need another agenda?
* dungodung starts chanting SUL
<brion-office> fuck sul, i've got pie
<PullToOpen> capital letters are very important to our language
<Ceiling_Cat> PullToOpen - I COULD NOT AGREE MORE
<PullToOpen> capitalization is the difference between "will you help your uncle 
             jack off the horse" and "Will you help your Uncle Jack off the
* Ceiling_Cat watches PullToOpen and his uncle
* PullToOpen takes pictures and sends it to PETA
( rtc ) commons allows about any license if it is being disguised properly.
( +timichal ) haha
( +timichal ) I mean, hah
<+Coredesat> "choose life"?
<+Coredesat> what kind of AFD argument is that?
* +Coredesat watchlists this AFD ;)
<+Nilfanion> coredesat: you just want a give a pro-choice closure
<+Coredesat> XD
<+Nilfanion> "as a thinking administrator i exercise my right to choose to 
             abort this article"
<+Nilfanion> XD
<+Coredesat> hahahahaha
<BoboTheNinja> Rejected Dr. Seuss book of the day: "One bitch, two bitch,
               dead bitch, blue bitch."
<Wizardman> I'm surpsrised American Idol fans haven't been destroying me.�
<karynn> the only think i know baout sanjaya is that wikipedia's picture of him
         is a copyvio.
<Hedley> Good general knowledge, that.
<Hedley> "So Sir, what do you know about X?" "Nothing at all.. but I know
         X's article on Wikipedia has disputed factual accuracy."
<Ceiling_Cat> "You know you are having a rough day when you start editing
              articles on terrorists to get away from more
              controversial articles"
(on #wikimeia-tech)
<barklund> you say there are more than 1 db request at a time? :)
<intgr> Nah, Wikipedia can't be that popular.
<robchurch> I could never become President. I'm British, I'm educated, I don't
            care about gay marriage or abortion, I opposed the Iraq war, I don't
            mind the French or the Germans and I don't watch Sesame Street.
<robchurch> Do not underestimate the influence of the Children's Television
<robchurch> amidaniel, do you like the current arrangement of your internal 
<amidaniel> robchurch: Quite frankly, no. They're illogical structure serves 
            only to reinforce my belief that there is no intelligent creator.
<amidaniel> Their*
<robchurch> God damn it. You're supposed to say you like your heart where it is 
            in your chest. And then I'm supposed to say something nasty and 
            threatening, and, well, it's all ruined now, isn't it.
<Luigi30> hmm, there's an unblock request by a user named HolyChristianWarrior.
          I'm sure this will end well
<Simetrical> Now, why do we have wikis for extinct languages again?
<larne> Simetrical: because the foundation's mission is to distribute knowledge
        to dead people.
<Cool_Cat> 愛
<Gurch> 愛?
<Gurch> 愛愛愛愛愛愛愛愛愛愛
<Gurch> looks like space invaders
<Gurch> 愛 愛 愛 愛 愛 愛 愛 愛
<Gurch>             '
<Gurch>              /\
* SugarGlider
           has joined #wikipedia
<SugarGlider> anybody in here?
<ST47> no
<Mr_Gustafson> no
<ST47> noone
<TwinsMetsFan> nah
<SugarGlider> ok then...
<ST47> 'there is, not one'
* SugarGlider has quit (Client Quit)
<ST47> :)
<TwinsMetsFan> lmao
<wimt> heh
* bumm13 shudders at the thought of someone flatulating into the mike while the
         software is running
<bumm13> it might tell the story of Microsoft's history!
<Editor-at-Large> mic!
<Editor-at-Large> mic, not MIKE!
< AmiDaniel_away> The JDK gives you the cracks, but it also gives you the doors
< AmiDaniel_away> PHP has no doors -- just cracks
* jimbojw is beginning to regret the cracks metaphor
* AmiDaniel_away plans to stop with the bad metaphors soon :D
< davidmccabe> it's a great metaphor.
< davidmccabe> MW as pile of rubble with people living in it.
< davidmccabe> millions of them.
< davidmccabe> of course, I wouldn't touch MW as it is, either, if it weren't
               my day job.
< jimbojw> a pile of rubble ... with cracks?
< davidmccabe> or any PHP app.
< davidmccabe> jimbojw: the cracks define the shape. so yeah, basically. the
               whole damn thing is giant cracks.
<zocky> we should really do what germans did
<zocky> delete all the non-free images, and most of the cruft
<Rebent> ...
<Darksun> I'm not saying that just because a show is notable, all it's episodes
          are.  I'm saying that in some cases they are
<zocky> it would help us get rid of people who think cruft is important
<Rebent> zocky are you calling jews cruft?
<kenlyric> nothing can end well that starts with "we should do what the germans
<Mike_H> This is the gayest shit I've seen on soaps in a long time.
<Cyrius> I'd better not watch it
<Cyrius> if it's so gay Mike_H is saying it's gay
<Cyrius> it'll probably cause a hormone imbalance just from watching it
<Animum> Real-Life, maybe?
<Animum> (The thing that comes in a can.)
<Riana>  I've never heard of it. Tell me more!
<Animum> It's the greatest thing since sliced bread!! Pay $1.59 extra and you 
         can get "Dates in a can" free of charge!!!
<Riana>  crikey. I must try this out. Does it come with 'sunshine in a tube'?
<Animum> No, that comes in a bottle.
<Riana>  Oh. OK. Bottles break so easy though :(
<Animum> Oh, but this comes in an UNBREAKABLE BOTTLE!!!!!
<Riana>  now you've convinced me, I must try it out
<Animum> Here you go, ma'am.
<NotASpy> Shadow42: In common with all idiots on Wikipedia that do idiotic 
          things, it was because he was an idiot.
<IceKarma> YourVirginity, hey, I've only been looking for you for about 15
           years now ;)
<YourVirginity> IceKarma - ever since that night with the clown in the alley?
<Hurricanehink> Full house, horrah
<Nilfanion> {{fact}}
<Titoxd> {{verify}}
<Hurricanehink> <ref>{{cite web|author=WPTC|year=2007|title=[[WP:TROP]]|accessdate=2007-08-14|url=#wiki-hurricanes}}
<Hurricanehink> </ref>
<Nilfanion> {{db-nonsense}}
<Titoxd> {{hangon}}
<Hurricanehink> {{underconstruction}}
<Titoxd> {{inuse}}
<Titoxd> {{template soup}}
<Hurricanehink> {{merge|WP:BJAODN}}
<Titoxd> {{merge|:m:Bash}}
<Hurricanehink> {{support}}
<Titoxd> {{poll bottom}}
<Hurricanehink> {{sofixit}}
=-= Mode #wiki-hurricanes +o Nilfanion by ChanServ
<Nilfanion> 00:39, 15 August 2007 Nilfanion (Talk | contribs | block) deleted
"#wiki-hurricanes" ([[CSD A3]] no content)
=-= Mode #wiki-hurricanes -o Nilfanion by Nilfanion
* Coredesat undeletes #wiki-hurricanes
* Coredesat re-deletes it as G1 (patent nonsense)
* Nilfanion lists on DRV... XD
<FT2> CMoreschi - do you want to start [[List of groups that are treated
      unequally by not having an 'allegations of apartheid' article about
      them]] ?
* Connel is not enjoying the 10 or so nagios-wm messages in #wikimedia-tech. 
         Knams seems to be unreachable, again?
* Connel shrugs. At least Mark fixed the DNS betwixt the tampa cluster and 
<Hessianmuffin> Wow. "betwixt" was the most understandable part of that
<VoiceOfAll> yes, all straight socks
<VoiceOfAll> (as opposed to gay socks)
<VoiceOfAll> :p
* Riana gives Wikihermit an Uluru
* Wikihermit wonders what a Uluru is, but eats it anyways
<Riana> lol
<Riana> oi, Wikihermit.
* Wikihermit hopes a Uluru is food
<kmccoy> Wikihermit, it's probably pretty hard on your teeth.
<Pinball22> And extremely filling.
<Wikihermit> O RLY?
<Wikihermit> maybe I should have two?
<kmccoy> Rock on!
<Riana> and probably pretty sacrilegious to actually eat it
<kmccoy> Wikihermit, that's a rockin' idea.
* Wikihermit gives Riana a "hot dish"
* Riana whumps kmccoy
<kmccoy> Wikihermit, are you feeling a bit stoned now?
<Wikihermit> kmccoy: sure?
<Wikihermit> kmccoy: although I try to refrain from eating stones
<kmccoy> Wikihermit: Your voice is getting a bit gravelly, too.
<Riana> lol
<Riana> he's an earthy fellow, that Wikihermit
<Riana> OK I shouldn't try
<Wikihermit> :D
<kmccoy> tee hee
* Wikihermit is off to bed, night!
<Riana> indeed
<Riana> night Wikihermit
<kmccoy> Wikihermit: You'll sleep like a rock!
* escape_goat goes outdoors where there is no ceiling so Ceiling_Cat couldn't
              follow him
<escape_goat> to fap
* The359 calls the cops for indecent exposure
<Ceiling_Cat> escape_goat - Roof_cat has his eyes on you
<Ceiling_Cat> and if not roof_cat, tree_cat
<Ceiling_Cat> and if not tree_cat, sky_cat
<escape_goat> well, then you leave me no coice but to FAP IN MY MIND
<Ceiling_Cat> escape_goat - brain_cat is watching you FAP
<escape_goat> jeez, it's worse than living in England
( gmaxwell ) My real concern is that at some point it will be changed from the
             globe button which no one sees or clicks on.. to a big flashing
             "VIEW THE MAP" button on 100,000 enwp articles, and toolserver
             won't be able to handle the traffic. ;)
( flyingparchment ) nonsense, toolserver can handle all load.  it has the
                    power of greyskull.
(Vassyana) You never really do see RfAr's with comments like "My opponent is 
           pushing a pro-anal sex POV" or "Editor X consistantly refuses
           removes references from peer-reviewed articles about the mechanics
           of strap-on dildos"
( flyingparchment ) when official people are saying the same things as me
                    trolling on irc, i think we might have operational issues
<IsAMadman> Why is our ComCom guy explaining bukkake to kids...
<NotACow> IsAMadman: because kids are at about the same intellectual level as 
members of the press
<sean_black> kids today need to be more informed about tentacle sex, or they're
             going to be popping out evil demon rapist babies
* Physchim62 doesn't even want to imagine the ejaculation videos on wookiepedia
<gmaxwell> sync sync sync senora sync your source code fine. 
           scap scap scap senora scap it all the time.
<Mike_H> Wikipedia:Civility is an official policy. If you don't keep it, you 
         risk being banished. --Kjoonlee 14:45, 15 January 2007 (UTC)
<Mike_H> rofl, "banished." Like this is the Middle Ages.
<LaraLove> Didn't Romeo get banished? From Verona?
<Mike_H> All I remember from 9th grade English class is that he died at the 
         end. And so did she.
<LaraLove> Tragic.
<Mike_H> If the Montagues and the Capulets just followed WP:CIVIL, it wouldn't 
         have even been an issue.
<SNORLAX> are you calling enumclaw a pokemon?
<Ceiling_Cat> SNORLAX - go expandify [[Mr. Hands]]
<Ceiling_Cat> Pixxxxxxxxxxxxx plz
<SNORLAX> I think the horse expanded him enough
<Ceiling_Cat> lulz
<domas> people are so pushy nowadays
<domas> poor brion
<domas> he doesn't have right to tell 'I don't care'
<domas> ;(
<domas> and everyone can annoy him :(
<domas> brion: how's SUL?! :-)