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<Austin> Some of us are only taking breaks from hot sex with our supermodel 
         girlfriends to be here.
  <dori> Austin: hmm, the wiki way would be to have your supermodel gf be open 
         to "editing"
<Austin> dori: she's a protected page.
  <dori> Austin: I'm an admin ;)
<Nikerabbit> brion: do you have some serious problems or just sleeping for 
<brion> Nikerabbit: ?
<Nikerabbit> i've heard lot's of reports of read locks and other errors, and 
             quite a often wiki not accessible
<brion> Nikerabbit: i'm not sure i understand the question.
<dori> brion: en seems pretty slow, with many timeouts...
<brion> dori: what does that have to do with me sleeping? i'm confused.
<dori> oh, I didn't see that, maybe cause your brain powers the servers?
<Mbecker> yeah, webalizer is a lot less criptic, and it shows me what I want 
          to know faster, hehe
<TimStarling> like kate says, you just have to donate a server to run it on
<TimStarling> because it would require a dedicated server or two
<TimStarling> and we don't care about statistics that much
<dammit> or write a script that would not require lots of resources but draw 
         same graphs
<dammit> it could, for example, make statistics itself.
<dammit> who cares about REAL ones?
<Arminius> thats why I missed Geogre...I wanted to rub the election in his 
<KingTT> um wow i totally misread that sentence... election looked like 
         something else
  <gentgeen> [[1790]] seems very U.S. centric
    <karynn> gentgeen: feel freem to make it less so
    <karynn> (by adding relevant events from other countries in tha tyear)
<AdamBishop> nothing happened in the rest of the world in that year. Certainly 
             not in France!
    <morwen> AdamBishop: Yeah - the late 18th century was all a bit dull in 
             France really.
  <gentgeen> well, the first celebration of Bastille Day happened in 1790
    <karynn> gentgeen: then add that!
    <karynn> gentgeen: the edit button is RIGHT THERE
  <gentgeen> why, the actual storming of the bastile was in 1789
  <gentgeen> 1790 was just the first party when everyone thought back to the 
             good old days of breaking down a prison
  <bishonen> OldakQuill: 1790 the making of the first Swedish bicycle.
<OldakQuill> That would go in [[1790 in Swedish cycling]]
<AdamBishop> *1790 - Captain Cook remains dead for the 11th straight year
  <bishonen> :-)
  <bishonen> Still dead?
  <gentgeen> Francisco Franco is still not born
<AdamBishop> yeah that was my next joke
<AdamBishop> damn you!
<Med> innocence: i'm trying a method submarine told me to check the ram
<Med> med@ennael:~$ md5sum test
<Med> 5bb002b07bccf7726518cffbe4941099  test
<Med> med@ennael:~$ md5sum test
<Med> a614b02d41a02fc3cd7a424779593f4f  test
<Med> what about that ?
<mark-> haha
<innocence> umm
<mark-> shutdown -h now
<BesigedB> hahahah
<innocence> so let's not not put that one back in service
<Med> don't laugh, it is not funny ! ;)
<Slowking_Man> Many eyes make light work.
<cimon> Much spam makes no work.
<dysprosia> i thought photons made light work?!
<Snowspinner> OK. Wait. Before I click on this link, would someone please tell 
              me why the latest edit summary on Talk:Clitoris is "Discussion 
              picked up here from [[Talk:Autobiography (album)]]?
<Rdsmith4> how irritating. Ask Jeeves keeps crawling Wikipedia.
<JRM> Rdsmith4> Ask Jeeves to stop, then, or else. OR ELSE!
<Vague_Rant> I asked Jeeves to stop, but he didn't.
<Vague_Rant> Bastard.
<Vague_Rant> He didn't answer me at all.
<Rdsmith4> nope, he isn't aware
<TheCustomOfLife> If Maude Findlay and Miranda Hobbs had a love child, I 
                  wonder what it'd look like.
<MadameSosostris> Ashlee Simpson?
<TheCustomOfLife> aww, pwned
<TheCustomOfLife> God'll get ya for that, Walter.
* BillyH shudders at the though of Shakespeare writing 'King Lir'
<Ashdurbat> A deletion war would be awesome
<Ashdurbat> We could all put on uniforms and march around with edit guns
<Raul654> A deletion war over a person would be better
<Raul654> or better yet
<Raul654> a contest to delete the most people possible
<Raul654> we'll call it the Rwanda contest
<Raul654> (ducks)
<Reene> that was foul
<BillyH> This is the cabal's doing again.
<Raul654> BillyH - I can assure you, we know of no such plan
<BillyH> Rats! Foiled again!
<sannse> no Raul, it's the /other/ cabal
<OldakQuill> The red one or the blue one?
<Raul654> The red faction?
<Raul654> THe inclusionists?
* OldakQuill establishes a Technicolour Cabal.
<Raul654> The association of lazy wikipedians?
<Raul654> The AMA?
<Raul654> The Collaboration of the week?
<Raul654> The counterers of systemic bias?
<Raul654> the queer wikipedians?
<Raul654> The wiki-women?
<Raul654> jimbo and/or the board?
<sannse> we have too many damn cabals
<DanteAlighieri> 839,000 images in google images are returned if you just type
                 in "naked"
<DanteAlighieri> Of course, not all of them are of naked people...
<DanteAlighieri> WHOA
<DanteAlighieri> Some of them are though. ;)
<JRM> I think we need a collage of the mugs of Improv, David Gerard and 
      Jimbo to deter vandals with.
<DavidGerard> JRM: I'm trying to channel my inner RickK in that pic
<Lubaf> Neo: What is the Matrix?
<Lubaf> Morpheus: The Matrix is a rectangular table of numbers or, more
        generally, of elements of a ring-like algebraic structure.
<brion> hey neat, firefox lets you view source on a JPEG
<Fennecus> brion: works for other datatypes too :)
<brion> alas, i don't read JPEG
* Fennecus isn't fluid in most binary-type formats
<Fennecus> especially the compressed ones
<Cyrius> I'd imagine you're not fluid in any format
<brion> try a blender
<silsor> Sillydragon: it sank faster than a thing that sinks really fast
<CryptoDerk> silsor: you are eloquent
<silsor> CryptoDerk: thank you
<Nat_> I see how it would be easy to disable the extension checking
       in SpecialUpload.php, but I don't want to create a forked
       local copy of MediaWiki on day one
<Nat_> Any advice?  Has anyone tackled this issue?
<jp-training> hold on a sec while I look for the link
<jp-training> cheers...
<Nat_> Trick!
<jp-training> Trick??
<Nat_> I don't know, I heard some kids say that the other day
<Nat_> I assumed it was the new way to say "cool!"
<Nat_> in any case, thanks :-)
<jp-training> ah, ok. English not my native language, so I'm
              probably not 100% up-to-date with the new kids' words
<DanteAlighieri> Ah, those wacky youngsters
<DanteAlighieri> You know "sick" means "cool" now, right?
<Nat_> I heard about that
<DanteAlighieri> Whatever will they think up next?
<Nat_> I think Trick is pretty good
<DanteAlighieri> I bet they bring back "boss"
<jp-training> heh
<Nat_> Trick seems to be for technology that works well, or something
<Nat_> "My new exhaust system is so trick"
<Nat_> etc
<DanteAlighieri> I'm pretty sure that "totally tubular" is gone for all time.
<DanteAlighieri> trick = shortened form of "tricked out"?
<DanteAlighieri> radical!
<Nat_> dante: Ooh, good point
<DanteAlighieri> My personal favorite has always been b'dass
<DanteAlighieri> It's like "badass", but even BETTER
 <brion> the rumors fly...
 <brion> linux buys wikipedia!
 <brion> sco sues for custody!
 <brion> novell hires all mediawiki developers and forces they to use c#!
<Cyrius> unisys sues for previous "gif patent" violations
 <brion> microsoft sues unisys for patent patent violations
 <Grunt> sco sues microsoft for illegal use of windows code in linux
 <Grunt> ;p
<Cyrius> sco sues microsoft for business practice infringement
 <brion> and in the end, time-warner buys them all and we live happily ever
<AdamBishop> "She attended Cal State Fullerton, and in high school she 
             was on the swimming team because she was chubby. "
<AdamBishop> what?!
<AdamBishop> "Her favorite food is sushi and her favorite pizza toppings
             are everything except sausage, pepperoni and anchovies. "
<AdamBishop> geez, Everyking Jr. seems to have written this article
<AdamBishop> (the article in question is [[Gwen Stefani]], by the way)
<jwales> In the interest of full disclosure I should add that Google
         gave me a pen that lights up.
<jwales> When I saw that, I was like "oooh, pen!" and then I was soooo
         mesmerized that I signed over the rights to everything.
<Raul654> ok, time to finish sucking down this website
<Raul654> and then I'll make the devs scream
<avarab> sucking .. website ... scream
* avarab gets aroused.
<bluefoxicy> Use of melatonin by persons who already have an abundant supply 
             of melatonin from their bodies, such as children, teenagers, 
             and pregnant and lactating women can lead to overdose of 
<Raul654> The symptoms of an overproduction of melatonin include listening to 
          rap, driking sprite, playing basketball well
<brion> Up-on fyndinge a Spellinge of the English Varietie sittinge in the 
        Articles most edytable of the Wikipaedia web syte, I at once formulated
        a Planne to wype out this abominable Influence of the Isles of Avalon 
        from the Resource.
<wprc2> [[Special:Log/delete]]
        title=Special:Log/delete&diff=0&oldid=0 *AllyUnion* (+0)
        deleted Computer Smashing: VFD consensus to delete.
        See: [[Wikipedia:Votes for deletion/Computer Smashing]].
        This article has been smashed.
<servmon> isuda: 20/768/0 iholbach: 2/943/0 iwebster: 4/555/0  
          [5.8Mb/s in, 54.3Mb/s out]
<servmon> isuda: 58/653/0 iholbach: 3/953/0 iwebster: 9/526/0  
          [5.5Mb/s in, 53.2Mb/s out]
<servmon> isuda: 21/680/0 iholbach: 6/1024/0 iwebster: 28/668/0  
          [5.3Mb/s in, -472.7Mb/s out]
<mark-> -472?
<mark-> we sucked all traffic back? :)
<ta_bu_shi_da_yu> once I get married, there will only be one women for me
<brion> srv8 GODDAMN SQUID
<brion> cron.hourly/logrotate MY ASS
<TheCustomOfLife> What's the criterion for being a "person from Florida"?
          <Grunt> I would expect "person from X" to mean one or more of "born
                  in X", "raised in X", or "currently living in X"
          <Grunt> e.g. I could say I'm from Calgary (currently living in X), or
                  equally validly say I'm from Saskatoon (born/raised in X), or
                  even generalise and say I'm from Canada (all three) :P
          <Grunt> although if the three differ, it's usually a good idea to be
                  specific :)
    <mindspillage> Concur with Grunt.
          <silsor> Concur with mindspillage.
        <gcbirzan> Disagree with silsor.
           <Grunt> Concur with silsor. -- ~~~~
           <Grunt> =b
          <silsor> Murder gcbirzan.
          <silsor> [1] (in the night)
    <mindspillage> Hm... that's a cicrcular concurrence... which is, I guess, 
                   better than a circular argument..
           <Grunt> Disagree with silsor
       <dysprosia> Eat silsor. ~~~~
        <gcbirzan> Concur with silsor.
           <Grunt> Disagree with dysprosia. -- ~~~~
           <Grunt> Disagree with gcbirzan. -- ~~~~
       <dysprosia> Disagree with Grunt. ~~~~
          <silsor> Generic opinion. ~~~~
           <Grunt> Disagree with silsor. -- ~~~~
     <mindspillage> Irrelevant commentary in bold type. ~~~~
        <gcbirzan> Disagree with everyone -- ~~~~
       <dysprosia> Agree with silsor. ~~~~
      <CryptoDerk> Omg look at these tildes ~~~~
          <silsor> Stop it you guys. ~~~~
       <dysprosia> Agree with mindspillage. ~~~~
           <Grunt> Disagree with mindspillage. -- ~~~~
           <Grunt> Agree with silsor. -- ~~~~
       <dysprosia> Strong disagree with silsor. ~~~~
          <Austin> Delete.  ~~~~
    <mindspillage> Disagree with myself. ~~~~
           <Grunt> Delete; nonsensical. -- ~~~~
        <gcbirzan> Rv, [[patent nonsense]] -- ~~~~
        <gcbirzan> Hm. That didn't make sense.
           <Grunt> {{nonsense}}!
          <yelyos> Get into obligatory bash quote. ~~~~
<Luigi30> I've got a dual socket a system that I use to encode 80s MP3s
<Luigi30> I call it Duron Duron
<Raul654> well, according to Dr Zen, I'm a bully and a rogue admin
<Raul654> In fact, I'm a level 6 rogue admin
<Raul654> one more block against policy and I level up
<silsor> you get backstab at level 7
<jwales> innocence, that's interesting
<mbecker> jimbo still around?
<notafish_> mbecker: look above your head
<plugwash> in which star trek book did picard say tea then pause 
           then say "japaneese green chilled" ?
<plugwash> rather than his usual tea earl grey hot order
<AdamBishop> plugwash, the correct answer is "who cares"
<Luigi30> All Good Teas?
<DavidGerard> porn porn porn porn
<DavidGerard> everybody loves porn
<DavidGerard> The internet is for porn!
<DavidGerard> just grab your dick and double-click
<jwales> I shouldn't say such things in the channel, 
         it'll end up on slashdot tomorrow
<Vague_Rant> I have a hair under the screen on my phone.
<Vague_Rant> It's going to piss me off forever.
<Vague_Rant> How do I get it out?
<Vague_Rant> How the hell did it even get in there?
   <rhobite> Vague_Rant: isn't that rant a little specific?
<jwales> Damn Wikipedia people!
<jwales> They took over the Internet!
<Astutestitute> Everyone is basically here to get their stupid ideas across to
                people who don't care.
        <Odin-> Astutestitute: Including you, obviously. ;)
<Astutestitute> Of course, including me.
<Astutestitute> Why do people think they're being clever when they do that.
<Astutestitute> "People are stupid."
<Astutestitute> "OMG ur part of peepl PWNED YOURSSLF N00B."
          * ambishop is now known as AdamBishop
<Raul654> ambishop?
<Raul654> Is that like some melding of Ambi and Adam Bishop?
<JimLane> Raul, do you ever watch Conan O'Brien?  With the "If they mated"
<Raul654> I'm not a fan of any of the late shows, but I think I saw that once
<Raul654> What if Angela and Jimbo mated? Would we get a wikipedia allstar 
          named Wikiboy?
<Cyrius> Raul654: if Angela and Jimbo mated, I think Eloquence would be pissed.
<avar> are you using the SOAP interface?
<StoneCydh> no, he's using FILTH
<mindspillage> I once lost a book of Tolkien songs set to music
               from my H.S. library. (ANd I thought the musical
               settings sucked, too.) SO I paid the value of the
               book to the library. Several months later I found
               it -- shortly after LoTR came out -- and made five
               times what I paid selling it on eBay.
<mindspillage> I swear, I am not a bad person, and I didn't plan that.
    <dammit_> "Hi, I am a virus! As I lack proper propagation techniques,
              please resend me to all your friends, thank you"
      <brion> ah, the honor system virus
    -HMovie-  "Hi, I am a virus! As I lack proper propagation techniques,
              please resend me to all your friends, thank you"
    <JC_home> lol
      <onovy> lol
       <avar> OMG
       -avar- "Hi, I am a virus! As I lack proper propagation techniques,
              please resend me to all your friends,thank you"
       <avar> it's spreading!;)
      <brion> time for a disinfection ;)
            * ChanServ gives channel operator status to brion
       <avar> oh oh
     <HMovie> NOOOOOO
            * brion removes channel operator status from brion
      -onovy- "Hi, I am a virus! As I lack proper propagation techniques,
              please resend me to all your friends, thank you"
      <onovy> noooo! me too :(
      <brion> meh, i don't care
      -avar- "Hi, I am a virus! As I lack proper defensive techniques, 
              please annihilate brion"
       <avar>  >;)
      <brion> oh noes
     <Austin> It's mutated!
<kate|dayoff> oh noes, it become a DDoS drone
            * brion is consumed by a giant hybrid virus-ant-bearcx
<Fangz> So, hmm, about 10^2548908.
<Fangz> That's kinda big.
<NullC> Fangz: what about it?
<Fangz> How long would it take a computer to do that number of operations?
<NullC> Fangz: Depends on the computer. :)
<Fangz> The fastest computer in the world.
<Fangz> Would it finish in my lifetime?
<NullC> Why not just assume that you made every atom of water in the ocean a 
        supercomputer that could do a billion operations a second.
<Fangz> ok...
<NullC> No. Not at all, heh You need to appreciate how big that number is.. :)
<Fangz> I'll take that as a no.
<Fangz> Heh. Ok, I need a more efficient algorithm, then.
* #wikipedia topic is: 'Status: Mi SQL ist su SQL; expect database errors
 | Interwiki redirects turned off | Wikipedia is too *serious* for April 
en.wikipedia discussion (and article links) to #en.wikipedia | Gen. 
Franco, Terri Schiavo, Johnnie Cochran are all still dead; the Pope is 
not, nor The Cheat, nor BSD, Netcraft confirms'
--> Rainer has joined #mediawiki
<Rainer> hi can anyone help me with stuff regarding skins
<TimStarling> I don't know, but it doesn't hurt to ask
<-- Rainer has left #mediawiki
<silsor> I think Wikipedia has influenced my university writing style
<silsor> I just wrote "At this time, the Klan had turned
         to dynamite as a dispute resolution device"
<brian0918> alright, i'm done. i moved [[Autofellatio]] to [[duct tape]]
<EvilMonkey> awesome
<Demi> [[Wikipedia:You can, however, disrupt Encarta to make a point]]
<Slowking_Man> There, mine got through. Fixed.
<brian0918> purge foo
<Slowking_Man> Just did.
<Demi> ?action=binge
<Slowking_Man> I'm like a bulemic, only fatter.
<wirelain_> 'Gary Gygax, creator of long-popular role playing game
             Dungeons and Dragons, was murdered by an obsessed fan late
             yesterday evening. Gygax was killed when the fan broke
             into his house and delivered a critical blow to Gygax's
             head with a battle axe, dealing 3d12 + 8 hit points of damage.
             When police arrived the scalemail-clad assailant
             was found in the basement leveling up.'
<Slowking_Man> Did he roll a 20?
<Raul654> You forgot to mention that Gygax failed the saving throw
<Raul654> Silsor - see
<silsor>  why is this article sticky
 <Mark_Ryan> Manpage? what is that, some sort of gay personals site?
<CryptoDerk> Can't we go one day in this channel without Mark_Ryan asking some
             question about gay personals?
 <Mark_Ryan> CryptoDerk: where? i need an URL, promptly
<Snowspinner> I just blocked [[User:School Inclusionist]] indefinitely. The
              requisite 5 minutes of calling me an abusive sysop begin now.
    <Luigi30> OMG YOU ABUSIVE OP
<brion> DavidGerard, didn't you hear? Xenu flew all the encyclopedias through
        space to the abandoned state of Florida and blew them up. The souls of
        the dead encyclopedias attached to humans living on Earth.
<brion> the "Wikipedia" project is actually an attempt to remove those
        thetan-articles from people
<brion> (regular Wikipedians are not told this story until they have reached
        advanced Sysop level)
<DanteAlighieri> The only thing Germany ever gave us was lots of weird porn.
<DanteAlighieri> ... and sausages.
<DanteAlighieri> Mostly I like the sausages.
<Austin> A comparison I'd rather not make.
<DanteAlighieri> I mean, it's not a weird as Japanese porn, but it's more
<DanteAlighieri> Not too many tentacles in German porn, as I recall...
                 but way more urine and barnyard animals.
<DanteAlighieri> Come to think of it...
<DanteAlighieri> How come the losing powers of WWII have all the weird porn?
<DanteAlighieri> I'll bet there's a PhD thesis in there somewhere....
<mindspillage> {{penis-stub}}: This penis-related article is a stub.
                               You can help Wikipedia by making it longer.
<Gazpacho> we have an auto-vandal
<JRM> People who vandalize themselves?
<Luigi30> JRM: better than an autofellatio
* Tony_Sidaway has joined #wikipedia
<Tony_Sidaway> msg nickserv identify
<Tony_Sidaway> msg nickserv identify ploppy
<brian0918> haha
<sannse> ummm.. Tony...
<brian0918> ploppy!
<pingswept> Tony: need / before msg
<sannse> and you need to change your password ;)
<Grammy> :D I certainly do hope that you have a different pwd for Wikipedia...
* brian0918 checks to see if it's his wikipedia password :D
<pingswept> Pretty good pwd, though
<Tony_Sidaway> hehe
<wirelain> [[List of wikipedians by boot size]] while you are at it ...
<SPUI> by penis size
<cimon> wirelain: I bet mine are smallest.
<Linuxbeak> LOL, bad timing
<NathanJY> So if these minor roles weren' fufilled would I still be healthy?
<Demi> Nathan - The most likely scenario is that you'd develop a form 
       of teratomorphism and become a sort of "mansquito."
<Demi> Your thirst for blood would be exceeded only by your invulnerability 
       to bullets.
<brion> whoops
<brion> for future reference: the 'refresh' button in Opera and the 'Reset'
        button in VMWare do not do the same thing
<brian0918> w00t, i found some public domain porn videos, from the 50s... 
            time to add em to an article
<brian0918> what's with the new swastika?
<brian0918> trying to look less like Nazipedia?
<Linuxbeak> awww, what a cute little antichrist!
<Conti> I need some morale advice: yesterday I blocked some anon who had
removed a section about gays in [[Furry]]. He ignored his talk page so i
blocked him. Now I got an email from that guy. He says he lives in india
and I "outed him" to his coworkers (he seems to edit from work) and might
loose his job thanks to me. I'm not really sure how to react to that :)
<Demi> Mark - You confuse me, because Australia has a parliamentary system 
yet has perversely chosen the U.S. name for the houses of the legislature. 
Much like your valueless "dollar," which I understand is a sort of play 
money you use to represent various quantities of the bugs and snakes you 
trade for goods and services.
<Luigi30> I kicked my soccer ball over my neighbor's fence :(
<Luigi30> now I can't play :(
<Elisson> Luigi30, then go get it
<Elisson> Luigi30, try the opening in the fence called gate
<Luigi30> Elisson: it's protected by the firewall program "chain 1.0"
<Burgundavia> Luigi30, there are no open ports?
<Elisson> Luigi30, try key 1.2 with patch 5
<Luigi30> Burgundavia: well the firewall doesn't block ports above 1024
<Luigi30> but I can't climb over it
<Luigi30> Elisson: I don't have that version =/
<Elisson> hmmm. hard nut to crack
<Burgundavia> I have also heard the security scanner, DOG will also look for
<Elisson> have you got phone 0.9b and telephone book 2.7 or neighbors number 
<Luigi30> Burgundavia: I just have the trojan CAT that keeps trying to report 
          back to home
<Luigi30> the neighbor's DOG crashed a few years ago
<Luigi30> Elisson: I've got all three, but neighbor's running Sleep@Home and 
          I don't want to disturb
<Elisson> then do a -kill -999
<Luigi30> :(
<Economist> ...
<Luigi30> ...?
<BillyH> ...!
<Luigi30> ....
<ABCD> ?
<Sh0t> #
<Luigi30> µ
<Jill^Crux> ¢
<BillyH> ¥
<Luigi30> »
<Jill^Crux> ¶
<Sh0t> Þ
<jguk> sorry Bish - but I think you're a foregone conclusion for admin:)
<BillyH> Aww, jguk! You spoiled it!
<jguk> how come?
<BillyH> We were in the middle of an intelligent conversation there!
<Rdsmith4> "Actions frequently labeled anti-Catholic:
<Rdsmith4> "* Commiting Hate Crimes against [[Catholics]]"
<wgfinley> I want Tiger, better go get a job :P
<Linuxbeak> :P
<FCYTravis> wgfinley - Wait until they work the bugs out.
<FCYTravis> the Dashboard is broken pretty comprehensively
<wgfinley> naw, I heard there aren't too many worries
<Linuxbeak> Gentoo's better anyway :-D
<Mackensen> nah, go Debian
<Linuxbeak> Gentoo!
<Mackensen> Debian!
<Linuxbeak> Gentoo!
<Mackensen> DEBIAN!
<Linuxbeak> GENTOO!
<Mackensen> D E B I A N!
<Linuxbeak> G E N T O O!
<FCYTravis> FreeBSD!
<FCYTravis> Darwin!
<wgfinley> ut oh, my distro pwnes your distro wars
* FCYTravis falls over laughing
* Linuxbeak kills FCYTravis
* Mackensen joins with Linuxbeak in slaying the infidel
<Linuxbeak> Mackensen: where were we?
<Mackensen> Linuxbeak: teaming up to wipe out BSD?
<Linuxbeak> oh yeah
* Linuxbeak kills FCYTravis
<Canar> JRM: In homosexual russia, the closet comes out of you.
<bumm13> .\/.
<bumm13> [_]
<bumm13> hmm, doesn't look like a TV set :P
<bumm13> hi jill
<karmosin> That looks like an angry robot.
<bumm13> it does!
<bumm13> .\/.
<bumm13> [_],,<-- blip bloop kill IRC channel users
* bumm13 destroys the evil sentient robot
*** iMeowbot has left #wikipedia
<zxclkjqwe> Hemanshu: stick to mathematics
<eienmeru> Yeah, mathematics has huge, gaping holes in it.
<eienmeru> *sarcasm*
<zxclkjqwe> eienmeru: oh, sarcasm. well actually it does
<Hemanshu> [[List of natural numbers]]
<eienmeru> [[List of real numbers]]
<eienmeru> hah.
<ivan_&gt; hahaha
<EvilMonkey> "This list is incomplete. Please help Wikipedia by expanding it"
<SPUI> SethIlys: {{sofixit}}
<SethIlys> SPUI: It's in a news article. There's no edit link.
<CryptoDerk> {{sohackit}}
<JRM> It's obvious that Adam and Eve were trolled by the serpent.
<Project2501a> something smells like burning plastic in my comptuer...
<Project2501a> in or around.
<Project2501a> HOLY SHIT
<Project2501a> REBOOTING
* ugen64 changes topic to 'Status: May she rest in peace'
<BillyH> 'she'?
<BillyH> Wikipedia's a female?
<NullC> BillyH: well people are always inserting junk in her..

<dannyisme> i have already been told that it is inappropriate in a holocaust 
            museum to tell employees that the boss would have made a great nazi
<bluefoxicy> Mine eyes have seen the boring and the numbing of Al Gore
<bluefoxicy> He is talking like a robot standing stiffer than a board
<bluefoxicy> He's wearing the same ugly suit he wore the night before
<bluefoxicy> That suit is always on!
* Raul654 pushes func onto the stack
* Raul654 pushes func's fridge onto the stack
<Raul654> Mwahahaha!
* func-fridge is now known as NullC
<NullC> Raul654: you can't push him onto the stack, funcs are not 
        first class objects here.
<mark_sweep> nerds
<Raul654> NullC - you need to get a better language then
<func> they are in my language
<NullC> func: shutup .. protoobject.
<func> Prototype languages, the way of the future
* Raul654 casts func as a data object
<NullC> funcs shouldn't have effects unless they are called!
* Demi points to void
* Raul654 sets demi pointing to func
* mark_sweep dereferences the dangling pointer
* Slowking_Man calls func collect
<Demi> Prototyping is ass
* Raul654 deferences demi
<Demi> And aspect-oriented programming is COME FROM by another name
* func protects his dangling pointer
* NullC looks at Raul654's core on the floor.
* NullC directs the remains of raul into /dev/null
<func> oh, this is why karynn said we are antisocial ;P
<Demi> func - Username?
<func> [[User:Func]]
<Raul654> Func == &demi 
<Demi> Stop pointing at me!
<karynn> arg, not more function pointers
<func> Raul654:  stop playing with my memory location
<denelson83> Oh, func is a clone of Demi?
<Raul654> demi is a void pointer to func
<Angry|Linux> lol
<Raul654> If you ask me, demi enjoys being deferenced far too much
<Angry|Linux> &demi
<Angry|Linux> oh yeah, you like that don't you?
<func> func( demi )
<Angry|Linux> *demi
<Demi> You should see the sizeof (demi)
<Cyrius> I love how every band has to have its own "genre"
<geogre> Cyrius: But of course!
<geogre> "The Cootie Kings are the foremost practitioners of Sludge-Core 
         Deathbuzz music."
<Cyrius> you know you're doing something wrong when Everyking
         votes to delete with a comment containing "cruft"
<CXI> this is like ER: Wikipedia
<CXI> I need 400ccs of page move, stat!
<CXI> but, doctor, nobody's ever merged a page history successfully before
<CXI> don't tell me how to do my job, nurse
(Jacen_Aratan) I'm never gonna be able to look at a cassowary normally ever 
(telsa) Jacen: it's impossible to look at any animal in Australia normally 
(Jacen_Aratan) True.
(Jacen_Aratan) Example being the wombat. Or the platypus.
(telsa) If you can't see the fangs, stings, poison sacs, or hotline to the 
        mothership, you just end up wondering where it is.
<Hedley> "He was so afraid he was going to miss an opportunity to contribute a 
         comment or start a discussion, that he just stopped eating."
<JRM> Hedley> Oh, now that's sad.
* JRM checks his watchlist.
<karmosin> I barely know what the Restoration is about.
<geogre> Basically, they had a government by the Bush's worst advisors for 
         10 years and then invited their own Clinton back.
<geogre> So their 2nd Clinton decided to not even try to hide all the hummers 
         he was receiving.
<geogre> Which then meant that everyone else felt like they had permission to
         write about just how good it was to hop from bed to bed.
* Linuxbeak shoots Project2501a 
<Linuxbeak> make your move!!
* WikiFan04 shoots Linuxbeak.
<WikiFan04> Oh my God...
<WikiFan04> I killed an admin.
<JRM> WikiFan04> But you didn't shoot his deputy.
<BillyH> \    / /\    /\ \    /
<BillyH>  \  /     ___    \  /
<BillyH>   \ \    /   \   / /
<BillyH>    \ \   \___/  / /
<Linuxbeak> w000!
<WikiFan04> oh my god man
<Elisson> omg
<WikiFan04> That's like a screaming little bird
<WikiFan04> <actual size>
<BillyH> It's cheering!
<Wegge> Who is Pete Best?
<TimShell> The Larry Sanger of the Beatles
<Hedley> Why is Jeremy Beadle in [[Category:People without hands]]?
<Trilobite> good point
<Trilobite> one of his hands is very small
<JimLane> Why is there such a category?
<SethIlys> [[Category:Men Without Hats]]
<Trilobite> we are lumping all hand deformities into one category
<bumm13> are they doing the Safety Dance? ;)
<Lubaf> [[Category:Chicks With Dicks]]?
<Hedley> Dana International!
<AdamBishop> Pop Goes Their World!
<bumm13> what about [[Category:Grunts With Cunts]]
<Hedley> We don't have enough Grunts.
<Hedley> We'd need sockpuppets.
<RxStrangelove> if I see one more edit with the word poop in it I'm going to 
<TheCustomOfLife> poop
<Luigi30> poop
<Linuxbeak> poop
* SethIlys was the third gunman on the grassy knoll.
* Luigi30 was the fifth Teletubby.
* geogre is the Pied Piper of Hamlen
* Luigi30 is the French Fried Piper.
* SethIlys was John Wilkes Booth and Charles J. Guiteau and Leon Czolgosz...
* Elizzon is the Swedish Chef
* geogre is the Old Man of the Mountain *and* Prester John!
* Luigi30 is the Finnish Chef
* Vague_Rant makes a /me comment.
* SethIlys sings "I Am Going to the Lordy..."
* geogre is the Apollo astronauts, all of them.
* Vague_Rant says, "Oh shit, recursion."
* Luigi30 went to St. Ives?
* unlink is Spartacus
* SethIlys is Spartacus.
* geogre is Spartacus
* Elizzon Spartacus
* geogre cut the cheese
* Lubaf isn't Spartacus, he's only Sparticas.
* Elizzon is Pelé
* Luigi30 is Ronaldo
* geogre is Kilroy
* SethIlys is Xenu.
* Lubaf is Xena, Warrior Princess.
* SethIlys sighs.
* bishonen sighs
* Elizzon sighs
* geogre is Professor Honeydew
* Lubaf is Judge Crator.
* Lubaf is Amelia Erheart.
* Luigi30 is judge, jury, and executioner.
* Lubaf is accuser, defense and prosecuting attorneys, judge,
  jury, and executioner.
* SethIlys is Joxer the Mighty.
* geogre is the Mighty Quinn
* Lubaf is Might Joe Young.
* Luigi30 is Mike Tyson.
* mindspillage is what she is
* Lubaf is the Great White Hype.
* geogre is Quinn the Eskimo
* Lubaf is Nannuck of the North.
* mindspillage is Mork from Ork.
* Project2501a is Jimbo
* geogre runs St. Alfonzo's House of Pancakes
* Project2501a is Jimbo of WIki
* Luigi30 is Locutus of Borg
* SethIlys is hungry. What's for dinner?
* InShaneee is a lumerjack, and he's ok.
* SethIlys is the ruler of the queen's navee.
* Lubaf is not mentioned in any song, ode, or poem.
* geogre is the Unknown Soldier
* Lubaf is a Stone Troll.
* geogre is also the Unknown Citizen
* mindspillage is not a number! I am a free (wo)man!
* Luigi30 is the Unknown Soldier
* Lubaf is Rosebud.
* InShaneee is Macho Man Randy Savage
* Elizzon is aparently a meatball
* Lubaf is the Million Dollar Man.
* SethIlys is John Galt.
* Ben_Babcock is Canadian. :D
* TheCustomOfLife is "weirded OUT!"
* Lubaf is John Doe.
* kwertii wtf?
* geogre is a mystery wrapped in an enigma
* Project2501a throws some discrete analysis at mindspillage
* SethIlys is still hungry, and should get some dinner.
* Ben_Babcock loves the wonderful power of print style sheets.
* Lubaf is FennecFoxen.
* Lubaf is also SethIlys.
* Lubaf is not, however, Tubbie.
* SethIlys is the very model of a modern major general.
* Elizzon wonders where Tubbie went
* geogre is Papa Doc
* mindspillage is large, she contains multitudes
* Tubbie is on Elizzon's head
* InShaneee is the source of kmccoy's trouble.
<Phroziac> im playing pokemon, not some lame rpg crap
<midster> who says protecting your own citizenry is nationalism?
<Luigi30> Friend Microsoft says Linux is for communists.
<CXI> luigi: do you have brushed metal/chrome clearence, citizen? knowledge of
      Linux is treason
<mindspillage> SethIlys: have you tried to tapdance?
<SethIlys> mindspillage: I enrolled in a tap class once.
<SethIlys> Then I found out I had to acquire tap shoes.
<SethIlys> So I dropped the class.
* EvilMonkey is pleased he managed to get the word fuck into [[Apollo 15]]
R_Lee_E: "they did everything but fuck that rock"
R_Lee_E :nice
SethIlys :EvilMonkey: Where?
EvilMonkey :"In A Man on the Moon Andrew Chaikin writes that Dale Jackson of
USGS was having dinner with some astronauts that night in Houston and happily
proclaimed that "they did everything but fuck that rock"."
Raul654: Did you see those guys today? They got up there on the side of that
mountain and found that bolder and they sampled the soil around the rock, and
then they knocked a piece off it, and then they rolled it over and got some of
the soil underneath it! Why, they did everything but fuck that rock!
Raul654: Geologist Dale Jackson, talking about the Apollo 15 moon walk crew.
Raul654: That's the exact quote
<silsor> kim_bruning: is that argument from drunkenness?
<Chameleon> That'd be argumentum ad vinum
<Chameleon> But as they say, in vino veritas, so maybe it's not fallacious
* mindspillage waves; she's a bassoonist
<silsor> mindspillage: do bassoons calculate in base soon?
<mindspillage> silsor: no, bassoons use base e... they're natural logs.
  <Linuxbeak> he keeps reseting his block time
<DavidGerard> Linuxbeak: it's like watching a pet hamster with brain damage
              and a bad attitude
<Snowspinner> Unrelated to everything, Kurt has been msging me daily asking
to be let back into the channel.
<Snowspinner> He insists that he's proven that he's not a troll, and my
failure to accept his proof and unban him means I am subhuman and thus have
no rights.
* Snowspinner goes to do Special:Newpages patrol because he likes leaving
delete comments.
<Snowspinner> "Congratulations on your four song E.P."
<DavidGerard> the next long thread after rickk will be rex judicata and maybe 
<DavidGerard> i'm assuming he's typing a complaint entirely using his forehead 
              against the keyboard
As Jimbo so wonderfully put it, this is a game of Calvinball, and the
Wikipedia is Calvin.  The "assume good faith" rule only applies until
the Wikipedia starts losing.  Then we realize that Friday the
Thirteenth falls on Wednesday next month, which means that all
unauthenticated claims of copyright ownership have to leave the
                                           -- Sean Barrett on WikiEN-l
<irreverence> enwiki9? :)
<brion> 10
<brion> "at least it's only crashed or been halted in some interesting way 10
times" :D
 <SethIlys> I want the ability to be able to "roll forward" to future edits 
            before they happen.
<dysprosia> seth: you already have that capability
<dysprosia> it's called the "Edit this page" link
   <karynn> moo
<WikiFan04> moo.
  <Luigi30> oom
<Antandrus> omo.
<WikiFan04> moo.
<Antandrus> I'm out of permootations.
<Frazzydee> we should leave a message on their talk page..."Thanks for testing 
            wikipedia. Please learn to spell simple words like 'penis' before 
            vandalizing any more articles. -~~~~"
      <JRM> Frazzydee> "Here is a list of short words considered inappropriate 
            for random insertion into articles..."
<Antandrus> "Please consider inserting into something other than an article, 
            but only when you are old enough."
<CXI> normally the most excitement in the channel is sitting around and 
      complaining about how slow the site is and making cabal jokes
<CXI> but now we have people yelling at each other over some imaginary internet
      argument and making cabal jokes
<sam> CXI: and during that short period, the wiki is super fast!
<CXI> probably because they're both not editing
    <pyramide> shit!!
<mindspillage> Problem?
    <pyramide> maybe...
    <pyramide> i think i deleted the whole e.wikipedia
    <pyramide> i mean en.wikipedia
<mindspillage> I just refreshed my watchlist, and it's still there... what'd 
               you do?
    <pyramide> presed delete after i downloaded the entire 1000mb+ file
<mindspillage> Ah! You mean you deleted the database dump you downloaded?
    <pyramide> odes it not delete the entire server?
<mindspillage> That's unfortunate... but no, it doesn't hurt the live copy. :-)
<Linuxbeak> hey, karynn 
<Linuxbeak> i'm going to adminpwn that guy who keeps claiming you to be a nazi
            in a moment.
<Linuxbeak> any last words for him? :-)
      <CXI> Linuxbeak: "mein fuhrer, I can ban?" :P
* EvilMonkey wonders how you can describe a line drawing as a dirty slut
<Raul654> evil - line drawings can be sluts too!
<Raul654> don't discriminate against the gradiantially impared
<Golbez> We started to wonder - did the channel make people transsexual? Was 
         it some cultural virus that you could catch? And then we realized, no,
         we just created a very open, accepting environment that drew in, as 
         NullC put, the "minority and marginalized".
<karynn> Golbez: transsexuals love irc.
<karynn> Golbez: "on the internet, nobody knows you have a penis"
          <NullC> JRM_from_beyond: we need to ban all votes for 6 months.
           <ABCD> NullC: We can't do that...
   <mindspillage> Technically we don't have votes anyway, except for the Board 
                  vote which ends in a few hours.
   <mindspillage> They're "polls".
<JRM_from_beyond> mindspillage> Oh yeah, right. "Polls". I forgot Poll-land.
<*NAME REMOVED*> Kate's a guy?
     <BillyH> I thought she was female.
<DavidGerard> <*NAME REMOVED*>: kate is above such mere fleshly considerations
              as sex or gender
<DavidGerard> "she" exists in a nether plane of ideas and meme flows
<DavidGerard> otherwise known as oxfordshire
     <morwen> Kate seemed quite real to me, although I'm not sure I prodded to
<DavidGerard> morwen: that's because you hold parties in nether planes of ideas
              and meme flows
  <Submarine> so unitary authorities are now nether planes?
<DavidGerard> traditional counties, i'll have you know
      <morwe> possibly, but Oxfordshire is not a unitary authority!
  <Submarine> woops
  * Submarine will never get the UK's administrative structure
     <morwen> it is a non-metropolitan county
<DavidGerard> kate's idea of joining an internet social space is to rewrite the
              engine it runs on
<DavidGerard> god help us if she ever cracks [[The Matrix]]
     <morwen> this has been exhibited both on livejournal and wikipedia
<DavidGerard> "i'm sorry, mr. blair, you have become an unmaintained feature."
<DavidGerard> "you have been ported to the debian ARM version, however."
     <morwen> heh
     <BillyH> Anyway, I'm off. Anyone gonna wish me a goodbye?
<DavidGerard> she will rewrite herself to be able to teleport to london
<DavidGerard> and to have more money
     <morwen> BillyH: have a goodbye!
 <mark_sweep> BillyH: bye
<DavidGerard> BillyH: get kate to write you home. much easier.
     <BillyH> :D->-<
     <BillyH> Bye!
     * BillyH has quit ()
     <morwen> kate hadn't mastered teleporting when i held my party, instead
              coming by car.
*** AngryParsley_ (
    has joined the channel
*** AngryParsley_ is now known as AngryParsley
*** Kurt is now known as AngrySage
*** AngrySage is now known as AngryRosemary
*** AngryRosemary is now known as AngryThyme
*** AngryThyme is now known as Kurt
<SPUI> Our segment featured two top chicken sexers, Mr Harley Hall, one of 
       the original chicken sexers trained by the Japanese in the early 1930s, 
       and Mr Frank Evans, considered one of Australia's all-time top sexers, 
       and able to sex 800 chicks an hour with 99% accuracy.
<Mike_H> that's 50 more than Wilt Chamberlain!
<Raul654> No, you don't understand
<Raul654> my talk page (and my talk page archive) are actually showing up in
          server performance logs
<jwales> Hint 1: if you are appealing a ban, don't use as your central argument
         "the rules are rubbish"
* kmccoy knows pi to sixty places, which helps with getting girls.
* Denelson83 knows pi to over 150 places
* Raul654 borked Pi's mom
<Raul654> so HA
<kmccoy> Wow, you must get a lot of girls, then
<Fernando_Rizo> what the hell am I doing up? why did I even get online? 
                I'm half-drunk still.
<Fernando_Rizo> I must be really addicted to this crap.
<Phroziac> karynn: are you drunk?
<karynn> Phroziac: who. me?
<karynn> drunk
<karynn> ?
<karynn> i never get durnk
<karynn> and certainl;y not on irc
<Linuxbeak> lmao
<Phroziac> I rest my case.
* karynn give slinuxbeak a noogie
<Sasquatch> I swear to drunk I'm not god *burp*
<Linuxbeak> and that, my friends, is today's Wikipedia "Lie of the Day"
<Tony_Sidaway> What did Ed do, exactly?  Delete VfD?
<DavidGerard> yep.
<DavidGerard> deleted vfd.
<DavidGerard> :-O
<DavidGerard> just the front index page, not the daily pages ;-)
<Tony_Sidaway> Hmmm.  I had no idea this little VfD would become a cause
<Tony_Sidaway> "You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!"
<jwales> 666,666 articles?  Ah, this is where I suddenly lock the
         database and reveal my evil satanic plans.
<Raul654> oh my god
<Raul654> how did it get so late
<Raul654> I have to get up early
* Denelson83 knocks Raul654 out
* Raul654 heads for the ruffies cabinet
* Toothpaste pumps Raul full of sedatives.
* Denelson83 gives Raul654 melatonin
<Raul654> No no! No melatonin! I'm going to an airport
* Raul654 doesn't want to be strip searched
<khaosworks> Hey geogre
    <geogre> Morning.
    <Alphax> Evening
<khaosworks> Well, it's night here, but same to you. :)
    <Alphax> evening, night.. when is the split?
    <geogre> khaosworks: Australia!
<khaosworks> khaosworks: Singapore!
    <geogre> khaosworks: Timbuktu!
<khaosworks> I see your Timbuktu and raise you a Khazakstan.
    <bumm13> IIRC, Timbuctu is in Mali somewhere
    <geogre> khaosworks: That's a tough one.
    <geogre> khaosworks: Outer Hebrides!
* bumm13 raises geogre and khaoworks a Wallis and Futuna Island
    <geogre> bumm13: Franz Josef Land!
<khaosworks> bumm13: I fold... :)
    <bumm13> \o/
    <bumm13> geogre: ok, this is gettin' serious ;)
    <geogre> bumm13: And, as a side bet, Van Demien's Land (or however one 
             spells it)
    <Alphax> geogre: That would be Tasmania :)
    <Alphax> I'll raise you a Ross Ice Shelf though
    <bumm13> I'll call that and raise you a Comoros, Seychelles, and a Howland 
             Island :)
    <geogre> Alphax: Ooooh, you're good, stranger.
* geogre fingers his Baffin Island stack of chips but considers the next bet.
    <Alphax> I'll raise you Norfolk, Macquarie and Heard islands
    <bumm13> this is starting to sound less like poker and more like RISK ;)
    <geogre> bumm13: Except that none of the landmasses can hold more than one 
             army...except Baffin Island, which is mine, and which can hold 
             almost as many as Asia!
    <bumm13> ok, I call a Sulawesi, western Timor, Sumatra, and New Britain ;)
    <geogre> bumm13: I only have a Pagao Pagao left.  I have to fold.
<khaosworks> You made the cardinal mistake - never start a land war in Asia.
<Cyrius> jimbo's just a figurehead
<<NAME REMOVED>> blasphemy
* Essjay blocks Cyrius for blasphemy *
<<NAME REMOVED>> somebody please kick/ban Cyrius for blaspheming our god Jimbo
* Essjay intones the Gloria Jimbo *
<FreplySpang> Oh dear, [[User:HEIL HITLER!]] has reared his ugly head - this 
              points to an unfortunate trend
 <khaosworks> FreplySpang: Have you blocked him yet?
<FreplySpang> khaosworks, yes, but I think we'll be seeing HEIL HITLER!! and 
              HEIL HITLER!!! soon
* khaosworks sees that FreplySpang has, indeed, blocked him.
  <Zscout370> also, HEIL HITLER! could have been blocked for making legal 
              threats, see
<FreplySpang> Zscout370, yow, I didn't even bother reading what he put there.
<FreplySpang> hey, I'm a communist slut! That's a new one!
        <JRM> FreplySpang> I dislike discriminating sluts on their political 
       <towo> FreplySpang: Yeah, nobody'd call you a comm... shutting up 
              already, ma'am.
 <khaosworks> FreplySpang: It's the slut that interests people more than the 
              communism, I think.
<FreplySpang> khaosworks, you think? :-)
 <khaosworks> FreplySpang: I can only speak for myself...
        <JRM> But, really, isn't a slut a communist by definition? It's all 
              about communal property, after all.
<FreplySpang> khaosworks, well, I have to do /something/ to reproduce my labor 
              capacity in order to effectively contribute my productive effort 
              for the good of all
 <khaosworks> FreplySpang: I commend you for your dedication.
        <JRM> "Five year plan: have lots of promiscuous sex!"
<FreplySpang> promiscuous proletarian sex!
 <khaosworks> FreplySpang: Well, after all, everyone controls the means of 
<FreplySpang> khaosworks, the proletariat is immersed in the materiality of 
              production, IYKWIM
 <khaosworks> FreplySpang: Yeah, baby!
 <khaosworks> Hot times on the old commune tonight.
<func> Catherine,  I think th
<func> er, karynn, not Catherine
<func> er...what was i going to say?
Geor is dIRC
Geor is using : has address
Geor End of /WHOIS list.
[19:12:13] <Geor> Hahaha, you will never know who I am Linuxbeak
[19:12:22] <Geor> I will always defeat you because I am infinitely more clever
[19:13:29] <Geor> And you are just a cunt
[19:13:33] <Geor> lollollollollol
[19:13:35] <Linuxbeak> Hello. This is an automated proxy-checking message. 
                       Please wait while your messages are being validated...
[19:13:49] <Geor> Goodbye, linuxcunt
[19:14:02] <Linuxbeak> We apologize. The idiot filter has detected that you 
                       are in fact an idiot.
[19:14:08] <Linuxbeak> Message rejected
<Linuxbeak> you know... all of this editing Wikipedia...
<Linuxbeak> all of the admining and blocking and banning...
<Linuxbeak> the n00b-bashing and the troll-taunting
<Linuxbeak> I was never fit for this.
<Linuxbeak> I didn't want to be an admin, at all!
<Linuxbeak> I want to be...
<JRM> Oh no.
<Linuxbeak> A LUMBERJACK!
* Yogi ( has joined #wikipedia
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to Linuxbeak
* Linuxbeak sets ban on *!*n=none@*
* Linuxbeak has kicked Yogi from #wikipedia (Linuxbeak)
<Linuxbeak> Bye MARMOT/
<Linuxbeak> :-)
<Linuxbeak> I love DNS lookup
<DavidGerard> Linuxbeak: yeah, that's how you spot a MARMOT
<AdamBishop> it's not necessary to kick people just because they are banned on
<Linuxbeak> AdamBishop: But see, he was banned on this channel.
<DavidGerard> AdamBishop: it is when they're being fuckwits on IRC as well
<Linuxbeak> You know something?
<DavidGerard> whut?
<Linuxbeak> I actually just banned him using information from [[M:bash]]
<JRM> Now that's a Bashable quote.
<Linuxbeak> [[M:bash]] - it's not just for breakfast
<DavidGerard> Linuxbeak: muwahahaha
<JRM> "And you thought it was just good for cheap laughs".
<Linuxbeak> Cool_Cat: Thanks for adding that quote, by the way.
<Cool_Cat> heh
<Linuxbeak> It came in handy :-)
<Luigi30> WFD is on VFD
<JRM> Luigi30> And the the VFD on WFD was on VFD, before it was declared a CSD.
<Luigi30> so the VFD on the VFD of WFD was closed as a CSD? Has an RFC
          been filed?
<JRM> Luigi30> People have suggested amending VFU, but that was DOA.
<Luigi30> JRM: Of course the VFU vote was DOA, you can't really redo VFU in
          response to a VFD.
<JRM> Luigi30> Well, YMMV. But IMO, it was FUBAR.
<brion> if tim says it's a feature, it's a feature
<ral315> Erm, why has there not been a database dump in two months? 
<EditorInChief> it's constipated? 
<tznkai_> you know. we can derail wars like this
<tznkai_> just star talking about furry porn
<tznkai_> and everyone drops their guns and waves their arms and stuff
<Redwolf24> Don't get Hog-Warts, use Trojan Wizard Condoms!
* Linuxbeak feels silly playing with his X-wing model
<Linuxbeak> grub: geek loser nerd who has a girlfriend :-D
<Snowspinner> So I'm thinking we should start protesting the Tour de France
              on the grounds that riding bikes over the Pyrenees risks
              awakening Xenu.
<Snowspinner> A friend of mine, in Model UN, once managed to slip a section
              in a resolution about underwater drilling warning about the
              risks of awakening Cthulhu.
<Snowspinner> He was satisfied.
<DavidGerard> poor kurt
<DavidGerard> he's like the five-foot snivelling asthmatic nazi
<DavidGerard> surrounded by six-foot muscular jews with large penises who get
              all the chicks
<DavidGerard> endlessly frustrated at their failure to recognise his status
              as a member of the master race and their own as untermenschen
<uQ>	Who is MARMOT?
<bumm13>	a troll
<WikiFan04>	A baddie
<Cyrius>	a "problem user"
<WikiFan04>	a bad guy
<Submarine>	a rodent?
<MessedRocker>	Submarine said the secret word!
<Alphax>	fnord!
dammit ( has joined #wikipedia
<WikiFan04>	God dammit
<Alphax>	dammit, you're not God
<Rdsmith4> the topic is not sacred
         * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Rdsmith4
         * Rdsmith4 sets mode -t #wikipedia
         * Rdsmith4 removes channel operator status from Rdsmith4
         * Ed_Poor has changed the topic to: Sacred
<Rdsmith4> OK, now it is.
<NicholasT> BillyH, shouldn't that be something like "In New York,
             you are always close to a homosexual. In Soviet Russia,
             homosexuals are always close to YOU!"
<BillyH> danny{SL}: Really? Fair enough. I wasn't expecting any
         kind of opposition.
Opposition has joined #wikipedia
<Opposition> NOBODY expects the Opposition!
<dysprosia>	i feel sorry for toby
<dysprosia>	always looking at odd images
<dysprosia>	toby must be traumatized
* Raul654 simply cannot read scientology articles without his brain phasing out
<Raul654> reading a scientology article does as much damage to my brain as a
          case of beer
* Raul654 wonders how David Gerard, who writes these articles, can function
<Cyrius> Raul654: DavidGerard's mind does not work like that of ordinary
<Raul654> Cyrius - yes, they said the same thing about Fry in Futurama
<Raul654> it's not necessarily a good thing :P
<Ilyanep> okay don't tell me there's no article on ventrillo
<Ilyanep> :(
<Luigi30>; it's Ventrilo
<Luigi30> that's why :)
(a couple of minutes later)
<Ilyanep> behold...
<Ilyanep> an article on [[Ventrillo]] that took exactly 45 seconds to create
<Luigi30> k
<Luigi30> Ilyanep
<Luigi30> you DO know that Ventrilo is spelled [[Ventrilo]], right?
<Ilyanep> Luigi30: Oh DAMN
<Ilyanep> Luigi: now I see why I could never find anything about it on google
  <Selenic> I've been on Wikipedia for fifty years, and I'm not an admin
  <Selenic> I remember when we used to delete articles with sandpaper
  <Selenic> and merge them with glue
    <NullC> Selenic: In my day we had to carry wikipedia on paper, and all 
            updates were on lead sticky notes... and we had to carry it up 
            hill in the snow both ways to and from the server in tampa.
<AllyUnion> So, Selenic, how did you write the Wikipedia?  Eraser and pencils?
  <Selenic> oh yes, I remember the sticky notes
   <Mike_H> Way back when, the only way to permablock vandals on Wikipedia was 
            to have Kate Smith eat them.
<AllyUnion> I'm certain Selenic remembers Wikipedia via Carrier pigeon
 <Rdsmith4> and how disappointing it was, after waiting weeks for the pigeon
            to arrive, to discover that he was carrying an error message
<Andre> I could have just warned myself because it's a first offense and I
        trust me.
<jwales> I think our image would be irreparably damaged forever if the media 
         found out about my bad taste in music.
<jwales> I was just looking at the top 25 most played list in my music software
<jwales> It's rather embarassing to see it all written down like this.
<jwales> The #1 song is a bluegrass remake of Snopp Dogg's Gin n Juice.
<jwales> I _own_ a lot of very highbrow music
<jwales> and like to think of myself as a man of culture and taste
<jwales> it's just that what I happen to actually listen to reveals a sadly 
         different story
  <Ral315> Can someone revert [[George W. Bush]]?
<SethIlys> Ral315: I'll revert him back to [[Governor of Texas]]. Will 
           that help?
<Phroziac> ph@calutron ~/mediawiki $ grep -R hack ./* <-- do you think maybe
           this should not flood my terminal?
<mindspillage> My very favorite userpage vandal is the one who replaced my 
               picture with that of an ostrich. I almost left it: it was a 
               rather fetching creature. 
<mindspillage> (alas, the image was copyvio) 
         <fvw> mindspillage: You have new ostrich. 
      <Essjay> mindspillage: Quickly, stick your head in the sand 
<mindspillage> fvw: awwww, you shouldn't have. 
<mindspillage> (it's not as pretty as the last one. Still, I'll take it.) 
         <fvw> I think you're the first person in the history of the planet to 
               go "aww" when receiving an ostrich. 
         <fvw> don't look a gift ostrich in the... well, whereever you look a 
               gift ostrich. 
<mindspillage> They're not *that* tall. 
<MessedRocker> Uncyclopedia is a very serious project
   <Redwolf24> Are you kidding me?
   <Redwolf24> One of the most respected people is named PantsMackenzie
<karynn> fuddlemark: there's this crazy dude who claims that spaces after 
         punctuation are unnecessary and refuses to use them.
<karynn> he's gotten into pissing matches with other editors who insist on 
         inserting unnecessary spaces after punctuation in his articles.
  <avar> karynn: what kind of unnecessary spaces?
<karynn> avar: spaces after punctuation.  according to him, they're redundant.
<karynn> you don't need the space to separate the words because the
         punctuation separates the words.  the space is unnecessary and
         wasteful, so don't waste bytes and type them.
  <avar> karynn: so he writes this?
<karynn> avar: yes,he writes messages like's really quite annoying 
         to read.
  <avar> karynn:haveyoutriedreplyingtohimlikethis?Ithinkthatmightbeeffectivein
<karynn> avar: otherwise he seems like a reasonably good editor.
<karynn> avar: his argument about not needing spaces after punctuation has
         some tiny bit of merit.
  <avar> karynn: which is?
<karynn> avar: they are technically redundant.
<karynn> space after punctuation is nearly 100% predictable in english.
<karynn> from an info science standpoint, the space conveys no information
  <avar> karynn: well at least his problems can be fixed with a regular 
         expression, you can't say that for everybody;)
     <Ilyanep> alerante: What level of schooling are you at?
    <alerante> Ilyanep: second year of high school
     <Ilyanep> alerante: Oh cool...I'm a freshie
    <alerante> Ilyanep: and you're a sysop.
     <Ilyanep> :D
    <alerante> Ilyanep: if you were at my high school, I'd duct-tape you to a
               tree :P
    <alerante> Ilyanep: and force you to drop your sysop privileges
<AngryParsley> hah, I always have a knife on me, so duct taping is futile
     <Ilyanep> :D
    <alerante> AngryParsley: then I'd glue you to a ceiling :)
    ** Ilyanep decides to start carrying a swiss army knife around
<AngryParsley> alerante: hmm... I don't have any nail polish... :(
    <alerante> Ilyanep: I'll glue you to a ceiling too. :)
     <Ilyanep> :D
   ** alerante glues Ilyanep and AngryParsley to the ceiling of #wikipedia
  ** Zscout370 points
   ** alerante watches with satisfaction as the two flail
    ** Ilyanep changed the topic to "[...] Ilyanep and AngryParsley are stuck
               to the ceiling"
    <alerante> BE CAREFUL UP THERE!
   ** alerante snickers and leaves the room
      <Ilyanep> hmm
      <Ilyanep> just a moment ago I was tied to the I'm glued to
                the ceiling
<Evil_Monkey> Raul_on_wheels: which state are you in?
<Raul_on_wheels> Evil - delaware
<Raul_on_wheels> we're in the 4th circuit
<Raul_on_wheels> the rocket docket
<Raul_on_wheels> oh wait, scratch that
<Raul_on_wheels> Rocket Docket is eastern virgina
<Supaplex> if Rocket Docket is eastern virgina, what's eastern vagina?
<Raul_on_wheels> Supaplex - eastern vagina has a large indigenious population
                 of trouser snakes
<Raul_on_wheels> one bite and they pass on to you the most common sexually
                 transmitted disease 
<Raul_on_wheels> ...children
<nmontague> My god, this is truly a wretched channel, more stunted 
inane jibbering than in the average institution for the criminally insane
<publunch> hmm
<Marudubshinki> let's all use the shift key in accordance with the Socialist
AllyUnion slaps Cool_Cat around a bit with a large trout
BillyShears slaps AllyUnion around a bit with a large trout
AllyUnion slaps BillyShears around a bit with a large trout
Maru-the-sandman eats the discarded trout
BillyShears slaps back
BillyShears slaps mIRC around a bit with a large trout
Zscout370 slaps himself around a bit with a large trout
CAPS-LOCK bludgeons AllyUnion with a complete UNICOS manual.
Gazpacho slaps maru around with some *HATE SPEECH*
Maru-the-sandman supports free speech, even when it is used against him!
Gazpacho slaps AllyUnion around with some *HATE SPEECH*
      <NullC> AppleBoy: it's not a 'false positive' thing, it's that although
              the pages are obviously bogus, there are MANY ways to handle
              them.. and the bot can only do one or two things and can't decide
<WikiFanatic> NullC: Like this?
<WikiFanatic> "Oh, Manuel Rodriguez is a hot hot guy, he's just fucked three
              chicks, oh yeah"
<WikiFanatic> "He's a quarterback"
  <Zscout370> "He has herpes"
<SasquatchW> i consider jimbo a form of god =)
<turduckens> if "false" is a form of god
<Rdsmith4> everyking has come -><- that close to being banned; I highly 
           doubt he stands a chance in the arbcom election
 <Talrias> that's close! just a few pixels
<Phroziac> are you wikiing while driving again dvorty?
<Dvortygirl> No, but I should be getting ready for work.
<Wytukaze> Work. Wiki. Sleep. Wiki. Work. Wiki. Sleep.
* Wytukaze just effectively described two days of Dvortygirl's life
11:12, 10 October 2005 Sjakkalle deleted "Robert Aumann" (content was: 
'He won the Nobel Prize!' (and the only contributor was 'Jimbo Wales'))
<Demi> It's funny when sound effects come up on my shuffle list
     * Demi np - Toilet Flush
--> Irssi: Join to #wiktionary was synced in 57 secs
<Connel> everyone be quiet...there's a Wikipedia admin on 
now...look busy!
<Phroziac> lol
*Phroziac goes all rouge like Wonderfool!
<~Muke> ...
<~Muke> [[rouge]], really?
<Connel> oh shit
<~drini> pull down your pants!
<~karmafist> DRINK ANOTHER BEER!
* BillyH pulls down his beer and drinks another pants
<Redwolf24> o.o
<Redwolf24> how do you pull down a beer?
<Redwolf24> how do you drink another pants?
* Redwolf24 blends some Levi's
<Redwolf24> drink up wine-o
<fuddlemark> Xeones: what's the diff 'twixt a mystic and a
<Xeones> fuddlemark: brain states, moron
<pakaran> I should start selling a license where I promise not to
          sue people who claim I'm not the king of Borneo.   
<pakaran> then maybe branch out, and sell a license not to be sued
          for copying any part of the works of shakespeare that I
          may really have written 
<delphine> !ùdlfùdfjs^ùDKFJSLDKFJ¨ZIJFSLDKFJSM%LKDFJqlùkfdkf 
<karynn> gesundheit, delphine  
<delphine> karynn: thank you
<NicholasT> No one seems to be interested in me helping out on Freenode
            Registry. Oh well.
<NicholasT> (So why the hell did they ask everyone for assistance???)
   <Youppi> NicholasT, if you pay me and I don't have to do anything, I'll
<NicholasT> Youppi: indeed - a man after my wn heart
<NicholasT> *own
<Youppi>    *pwn
<NicholasT> So, let me get this straight... lilo was appealing for coders, 
            but they don't seem to be interested in telling anyone how to get
            started on the blinking project?
<Lord_Bob> If you're not psychic, you're not right for them.
<Raul654> Lord Bob - I knew you were going to say that
<Gerrit> 6.9°C
<Demi> That's not that cold, it's almot 45°F
<Denelson83> That's 7°C
<Phroziac>  WOW. Some widow emailed helpdesk-l and is apparently interested
            in giving us 9.5 million dollars
<Marudubshinki> Phroziac, if we help her with some processing fees?
<WikiFanatic>   sounds like fun.
<ericg> Phroziac: you're sure she's not ethiopian?
<Phroziac>  ericg: she's kumaiti
<Phroziac>  kuwaiti even
Redwolf24 changes Raul654 to  Ral654
<Redwolf24>	HUMOR!
<Redwolf24>	FAVOR!
<Redwolf24>	COLOR!
<Raul654> Toothpaste - erm, hold on
<Raul654> I'll work my magic
* Raul654 gets out his club
<Demi> We should just be efficient and RFA, RFC and RFAr people all at a stroke
<Demi> I'll make a new master page [[WP:RFACAR]]
<karynn> request for a car?
<JamesF|Away> Request for a car?
<Alphax> nsap!
<JamesF|Away> Snap!
<karynn> pans!
<silsor> naps!
<JamesF|Away> pnsa!
<karynn> aspn!
<JamesF|Away> Anyway, as my nick says, I'm away.
* JamesF|Away siddles off and looks furtive.
<Mike_H> ChrisBradley, you're always on this thing
<Mike_H> You were on at 4:30AM when I went to bed
<Mike_H> and at 9AM when I woke up
<Mike_H> and now.
<ChrisBradley> I'm like the undead sometimes
<Mike_H> Does the undead have an unjob?
<karmafist> arguing is annoying, I try to avoid it
<Demi> Mike_H - Sometimes they work as unundertakers.
<Mike_H> That's unhot.
<WikiFanatic> And unfantastic.
<Pije> sex is fixed at birth
<karynn> Pije: false.  sex is mutable.
<karynn> well, depends on how you define sex.
<Pije> karynn: i'm sure that biology plays a small role in gender. but it's
       mostly social.
<karynn> Pije: it's a major role.
<Pije> karynn: what evidence do you have?
<karynn> Pije: BStC studies
<Pije> i don't know that abbreviation
<karynn> Pije: then go do some rsearch; anybody who does researcfh in gender
formation knows what the BStC is
<karynn> basal striatia c-something, i forget exactly.
<Redwolf24> FreplySpang: Well your page protection reason was 'Being used to
            brag about his penis size'
<Ral315> I want my Access Level 42, darn it!  :)
* Raul654 gives Ral315 an access level of: Herpes-Simplex 7
<Ral315> Raul654:  You've already given me Herpes on at least three separate
<Ral315> Raul654:  It won't help to give me Herpes *AGAIN*
<silsor> great article!
<purplefeltangel> so what could i possibly have vandalised?
<karmosin> purple, just leave it be.
<purplefeltangel> but i want to know what started this
<karmosin> No...
<karmosin> Just don't.
<silsor> there's no photo at [[:en:micropenis]]
<karmosin> Unless someone keeps it up, there's no reason to.
* khaosworks shrugs. I've never had an RfC against me before, so I'm half 
             hoping he'll try.
<khaosworks> I've had so many people threaten that they'll "complain" against 
             me, yet when I say, "please do," they never deliver. It's so 
             disappointing. I think I know how women feel.
<Luigi30`> crap
<Luigi30`> my game switched to Croatian language
<Luigi30`> I got serbed :(
[13:56] * Raul654 scheduled [[Tiananmen Square protests of 1989]] as a featured
          article, and we were blocked in China 24 hours after it went up
[13:56] <Dragonfly6-7> how about [[use of strap-on dildos in Taiwan]
[13:56] * Catherine has joined #wikipedia
[13:56] * Raul654 clubs Dragnonfly over the head with a strap on
[13:57] * Catherine has left #wikipedia
After about an hour of discussion...
(21:04:09) GOATSE-LOCK: yes, ads on wikipedia. as in
(21:04:14) MessedRocker: agh
(21:04:20) MessedRocker: then i'd demand they pay me for my services rendered
(21:04:27) Luigi30: WTF.
(21:04:30) FreplySpang: wait, what? Ads on ????
(21:04:35) Linuxbeak: lol... FreplySpang
(21:04:38) Greentryst: Helloooo, delayed reaction
[a]ndrew: jill^crux2; owned :D
silsor: jill^crux2: hah, most offensive JPG ever
dammit: most?
Cyrius: hardly
[a]ndrew: o_O
[a]ndrew: that's not offensive at all
* DavidGerard imagines tubgirl.jpg with a remote control as a Flash animation
DavidGerard: oh, it's almost certainly sporkworthy
[a]ndrew: DavidGerard; omg :(
Cyrius: DavidGerard: oh, fuck you. Now I'm imagining it.
DavidGerard: my work here is done.
* Cyrius jams a spork into DavidGerard's eye
jill^crux2: I'm glad to say that I've never seen tubgirl, nor lemonparty, and
            don't you fucks dare sneak a tinyurl link to me.
Cyrius: jill^crux2: but you've seen goatse =)
tznkai: DavidGerard: What did you do now/
jill^crux2: Remember the wars over [[GNAA]], Cyrius? It was unavoidable at the
            time :(
jill^crux2: Now I shudder at the sight of the color pink.
[23:32:07] [Snowspinner] Man, Wikipedia is the only online community I'm
                         involved in that's disproportionately transgender
                         instead of disproportionately furry.
[23:32:28] [DavidGerard] the ones i'm in are disproportionately goth
[23:32:35] [DavidGerard] particularly the developers and sysadmins
[23:32:40] [Snowspinner] My life is disproportionately goth. /sigh
[23:32:58] [DavidGerard] they've worked out that it's a good way to get a sxxy
                         deth chyk girlfriend who will use linux while wearing
                         a corset and nice boots.
[23:33:10] [Snowspinner] It is, yes.
mindspillage: (damn tor connection)
DavidGerard:  hah!
mindspillage: There is no rule against disrupting #wikipedia to prove a point!
elephantus: Are there any articles on the English Wikipedia written in African
            American Vernacular (aka Ebonics)?
avar: elephantus: sure dawg
elephantus: No, I'm serious?
jwales: elephantus, they all are actually.  We just use special machine
        translation software to display them in standard English.  But they are
        written in ebonics.
DavidGerard: geogre: or when they say you'd get laid more
karynn: DavidGerard: dear god, i don't think i could survive that
DavidGerard: karynn: yeah yeah ;-p
karynn: it's 7:14am and i've already had sex today :)
DavidGerard: *thank* you karynn
* karynn giggles
karynn: DavidGerard: it's saturday, we customarily fuck first thing on waking
DavidGerard: *thank* you karynn
* karynn giggles
* DavidGerard gets up and does housework, which he suspects is the married
Cool_Cat: karynn why do we need to know what you do on your spare time?
DavidGerard: karynn: as long as you're advancing the goals of the encyclopedia
karynn: DavidGerard: well, me being in a good mood is to the benefit of the
        encyclopedia :)
DavidGerard: karynn: oh, good. well, carry on fucking then.
avar: karynn: put that in the misc fact section on your user page
karynn: avar: snort
DavidGerard: ==Did You Know?=
avar: * Karynn fucks first thing in the morning on saturdays..
DavidGerard: * [[User:Kelly Martin|]] getting laid every morning is important
             for the good of Wikipedia.
<bluefoxicy> why does everyone assume that just because i smoke cock that I'm
             a girl?
<brian0918|busy> what sucks about Wikipedia is you have all these ideal images 
of these admins you meet on the site, but then you come in here and their all 
talking about penises. it ruins your aspirations
<jwales> when I was 11 we used carrier pigeons to get our porn
<Redwolf24> Cluedo is not a word
<Redwolf24> it sounds like scooby doo martial arts
<Redwolf24> Do not bash that or I will rip out your tongue
<Ral315> A edits, B reverts.  A edits, B reverts.  A edits, B reverts.  
         A edits.
<Ral315> How many reverts do A & B have each?
<Cyrius> don't you mean A edits, B reverts, A reverts, B reverts, A reverts, B 
         reverts, A reverts?
<Ral315> Cyrius:  Yeah, same thing.
<Cyrius> no, one's a revert war, the other's an asshole reverting all your 
         edits =)
<Philwelch> In my high school, I would print out the "this page is blocked" 
            page that comes up when you run afoul of the content filter on the 
            library computers, and post it next to the anti-censorship posters 
            in the library.
<Philwelch> Long story made short, the library ultimately took down the 
            anti-censorship posters.
<Cool_Cat> can we ban tor permanantly
<DavidGerard_> Cool_Cat: sadly not
<Cool_Cat> why the heck not
<DavidGerard_> Cool_Cat: because geeks go OH NOES YOU TAKE AWAY OUR ENCRYPTION 
<DavidGerard_> and we go "yeah, we hate freedom, fuck off"
<Katefan0> I think I can live my entire life without looking at my own cervix
* Rama_ should draw new sketchs for tribadism, incidentally
DavidGerard: oooooooooooooooo
DavidGerard: now then.
DavidGerard: should [[Scissor sisters]] redirect to
DavidGerard: [[Scissor Sisters]]
DavidGerard: or to [[Tribadism]] ?
* DavidGerard increases the gratuitous sexual content of wikipedia
St-Lemur: To the band.
smoddy: the band
RobChurch: Delete the lot.
DavidGerard: St-Lemur: bah, you people and your principle of least surprise
RobChurch: Scissor Sisters are a useless waste of space.
DavidGerard: * d, nn, v, not physically possible as women do not experience
             sexual pleasure - ~~~~
DavidGerard: oh ok i'll make it the band
DavidGerard: mutter
* smoddy pre-empts DavidGerard:
Dave2: DavidGerard, cause some controvercy over the image
Dave2: Then everyone will know about it!
St-Lemur: "tribadism" would be a cool name for a religion.
Rama_: darn almost out of paper
Dave2: yes. yes it would.
DavidGerard: nah. more fun: [[Scissor Sister]] capitalised should go to the
             band. But [[Scissor sister]] singular: [[Tribadism]] or
Dave2: [[Incest]]
smoddy: it's currently redirecting to the band
DavidGerard: singular isn't.,
DavidGerard: [[Scissor sister]]
smoddy: aha
smoddy: hmm
DavidGerard: right. they all point to the band, except [[Scissor sister]]
             (singular, lowercase) which now points to [[Tribadism]]. Since the
             phrase came first. So to speak.
DavidGerard: and this is what i love about IRC. the IMPORTANT EDITORIAL
             DISCUSSION about how to make a *better* encyclopedia for the poor
             lesbians of Africa.
Rama_: Tribadism-DDC-NG completed :)
Rama_: it is not easy to draw with an erection
DavidGerard: Rama_: depends. do you have lead in your pencil?
<telsa> Which of [[WP:TM]] is appropriate for putting on the talk page of a
 user who's sole contribution has been "Ms (someone) is a Nazi"?
<Alphax> telsa, {{bv}}
<RobChurch2> telsa: Try my new template, {{fuckoff|you nasty little shit}} ;-)
<telsa> Thanks, people.
<Doc_glasgow> RobChurch2 - can we creat that template you just suggested
<RobChurch2> Doc_glasgow: Aye.
<Doc_glasgow> RobChurch2 I think it woul go nicely with {{blocked till hell
 freezes over|please come back after the block expires}}
<RobChurch2> Doc_glasgow: Aye
<bishonen> it's a crowd of schoolkids attacking harro5.
<Tony_Sidaway> Yeah, just ignore them, they're just being silly.
<bishonen> Tony_Sidaway: being targetted by the silly is like being pecked
           to death by ducks
      <karynn> Phroziac: the basic premise of auditing is "if you talk to 
               someone else about your problems, this will often help."
      <karynn> Phroziac: the thing is, you can go talk to the bartender at 
               your local tavern for a WHOLE LOT LESS than what scientology 
               charges for auditing, and get basically the same effect.
<Tony_Sidaway> My bar tender stopped talking to me when I spotted a body
               thetan in my drink.
   <brian0918> yeah, wikiproject spoken wikipedia is all the illiterates
        <avar> how will that help them contribute?
       * brion phones into 1-800-WIKIPEDIA
       <brion> "New article, 'Josh'. JOSH IS GAY"
<mindspillage> brion: do we get hold music when the site is slow? :-)
<mindspillage> And MC Hawking reading back preview text?
       <brion> that would be awesome
      <Cyrius> <hawking>ZOMG GOATSE GOATSE GOATSE</hawking>
    <Phroziac> Dragonfly6-7: why did they [snakes] ungrow legs?
    <Guanaco> heh, the most recent vandalism to 
              [[homosexuality]] is "Homosexuals
              are gay!"
  <Creidieki> The Talk page is a magical happy place where uncited material can
              frolic, free from the harsh requirements of actually being true.
<ExtremeUnction> Anybody have a moment to do a little NPOV check on an article 
                 stub I just made?
<~Toothpaste> I had oral with you this morning. Spraying my beautiful white goo
              all over your stick and watching you put it all in your mouth.
<ExtremeUnction> I take it that's a "no"?
<Dmcdevit> Submarine, what do you mean, operating system?
<jwales> "What is wikipedia?  Not as horrible as you've heard, not as good as 
         you've hoped"
<brian0918|afk> jwales: help! i've been getting attacked all afternoon!
       <jwales> you could defend yourself better if you weren't away from your 
                keyboard ;-)
(after a very long and irritating rant about child porn)
     <Boris18> There is a child in the picture so i would say yes
    <Chairboy> Boris18: Please answer Mo0
      <Sponge> it's only porn if it's used for lascivicous purposes... :)
--- Linuxbeak sets ban on *!*i=okum@*
<-- Linuxbeak has kicked Boris18 from #wikipedia (come back once you realize 
    that we abide by laws, and that's all we need to do.)
   <Linuxbeak> Objections?
    <Chairboy> ka-boom
<natalinasmpf> none
       <NullC> None here
    <Chairboy> Not here.
   <Linuxbeak> Good.
       <NullC> Out with trolls.
   <FCYTravis> None.
    <Chairboy> Up with miniskirts!
<Evil_Monkey> JRM: thanks to Wikipedia I was able to find out what a 
              [[False dichotomy]] is :-)
    <Sleep30> A false dichotomy is when you have a fake penis, of course!
        <JRM> Sleep30> No, that's a phallacy.
<wikibugs> (modified) Add a template expansion paramater to action=raw -
   <Jynks> I'll look at that page now wikibugs
    <avar> dude, it's a robot that dumps bugzilla changes, it wasn't talking 
           to you;)
<Rdsmith4> One thing we could use is a colorful spokesperson.
    <avar> We should hire Willy on Wheels
    <avar> he would move people
    <avar> geddit?
<Angela> I 0wnz the cabal.
           <JRM> "Yo momma is so stupid, she can't edit Wikipedia".
           <JRM> But that could be because she's blocked, so let's not assume 
<MaruTheSandman> yo momma is so stupid, when she reverts, she manually types 
                 everyhting back in!
      <greeking> yo momma so fat, if I wrote a stub on her, it'd exceed 32k
<MaruTheSandman> you momma is so fat, each of her fingers is a subpage!
<MaruTheSandman> yo momma is so fat, when they move her page, they have to
                 move the servers!
      <Chairboy> Your momma is so fat, she has elevated risk of contracting 
                 diabetes and has excessive blood pressure.
           <JRM> Your momma is so poor, she is incapable of fulfilling her 
                 monetary obligations.
        <yelyos> Your momma is so ugly, people often skip over considering her 
                 as a potential sexual partner.
          <Demi> Yo momma so fat, Willy on Wheels can't move her.
           <JRM> Now that's fat.
     <Hedley> << 
              That user has just signed up and his edits consist entirely of 
              saying Merry Christmas to people.
<Doc_glasgow> well, that's dangerous
   <Rdsmith4> Hedley: Oh noes! Block him at once!
        <JRM> He's intimidating the non-denominational users. That's 
              disruption. Do we have any Scrooge-like admins?
  <brian0918> doesn't he mean "Happy Holidays!" :P
        <JRM> Exactly. This sort of POV pushing we can do without.
        <JRM> Religious nuts foaming at the mouth about "masses" for this 
              "Christ" figure. I don't think we should let people with clear 
              agendas like that leave messages.
<Doc_glasgow> User [[User:Santa on sleighs]] moves [[Christmas]] to
              [[Winter Holidays]]
<Doc_glasgow> (joke)
  <karmafist> [[User:Bill O'Reilly]] moves [[Winter Holidays]] to [[Evil
              Conspiracy by Heathens! Shut up!]]
        <JRM> 't Was the night before Christmas {{pov}}, and all in the house, 
              not a vandal was stirring {{accuracy}}, not even aMouse. {{npa}}
  <karmafist> JRM: t'was the night before christmas is more {{nor}} than
  <karmafist> "T'was the night before Christmas, according to the Universal
              Calendar Research Institute"
* Doc_glasgow places verify on [[Santa Claus]]
      <kim__> karmafist, and all in the house [,24.23 
<MessedRocker> For the sake of userboxes, I think I will create a new one: 
               "This user has never given a reach-around to a spidermonkey 
               while reciting the Pledge of Alliegence"
     <Raul654> MessedupRocker - for those of us who cannot truthfully make 
               that claim, do you plan to provide the contrapositive userbox?
 <Babajobu> Kate's is down again? 
<robchurch> Yep.   
* robchurch grins from ear to ear 
 <Babajobu> Kate's goes down every time my RfA goes up. 
 <Babajobu> It's a conspiracy. 
 <Babajobu> THEY are at it again. 
<robchurch> Babajobu: They? 
 <Babajobu> robchurch, the conspirators. 
<robchurch> Babajobu: Oh, I see. Who might they be? 
*  Aranda56 gets bored. 
 <Babajobu> robchurch, Zionist Muslims. 
 <Babajobu> That's my theory, anyway. 
 <Babajobu> There is a Zionist Muslim conspiracy to deprive me of support so I 
            can't interrupt THEIR evil plans