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General InformationEdit

Explanation Commands
[blah] denotes an optional command. Not used
[blah]|[bleh] denotes that at least one must be used. !btset
(blah|bleh) denotes that one must be used. !btinfo, !btcheck, !btpending, !btexpired (see note below)
  • Note: When the bot asks you for a reason it need to be given in the following format: [action][time]|[reason]. In PM, the bot does not recognise !, so you must set the ban in the format: btset banid ~time reason.


Note: If you are using the bot in personal message, it is important that you omit the !, as the bot does not recognise it. Include the ! if you are using the bot in #wikimedia-ops.

!btinfo (index|nick|#channel)Edit

This will show you information about one ban if !info index is used. However, if !btinfo nick is used, then it will show all the active bans set by the nick, and how many bans the nick has set in total. If !info #channel is used, the it will return a list of all the active bans set in a channel. Be careful when using this command for channels with lots of bans, as it will flood the channel it is used in.

(e.g. !btinfo 1234, !btinfo #wikipedia or !btinfo Thehelpfulone)

!btcheck #channel (nick|fullMask)Edit

This will return a list of active bans on the #channel that match the user either by nick or full mask (nick will use the bot's internal list)

(e.g. !btcheck #wikipedia Thehelpfulone or !btcheck #wikipedia wikimedia/Thehelpfulone)

!btpending (#channel|nick)Edit

This command will list all of the bans that are both active and uncommented for the #channel or set by the nick.

(e.g. !btpending #wikipedia or !btpending Thehelpfulone)

!btexpired #channelEdit

This command will list all of the bans in #channel that are active and expired.

(e.g. !btexpired #wikipedia)

!btset index [~time]|[reason]Edit

Sets the ban expire time and/or the reason for the ban by index. The index comes from a PM by eir when you set a ban in the channel. The PM will ask you to specify a reason for the ban, if you wish to extend the default ban time (24 hours), type this when you enter your reason: ~time reason, so for the example used, it would be ~14d Trolling.

(e.g. btset 1234 ~14d Trolling)


The default time for bans is 24 hours (for #wikimedia-ops, the default time is 3 hours). To set the time, you need to make sure that you use a ~ when setting the time, or it will set as the reason instead of the time! The following abbreviations are used when setting the time for the bot:

Code Meaning
d day
h hour
m minute
s second

Examples of usageEdit

Command Explanation
~1h For 1 hour from the time set.
~4h1m4s For 4 hours, 1 minute and 4 seconds from the time set.
~48h For 48 hours from the time set, (can also use ~2d).
~14d For 2 weeks (or 14 days) from the time set.