IBG Wikipedia Workcamp

Wikipedia Workcamp Wikipedia is the worlds biggest encyclopedia - and it is created entirely by volunteers. But how do you get started on Wikipedia? We would like to find this out, by organizing a digital workcamp.

IBG announcing the project via Social Media

What is a workcamp?

A workcamp is an international voluneer project, which unites (usually young) people from different countries who are working together for some weeks doing something usefull. Here you can read more about that in English: en:Workcamp.

However, in times of the global Covid19 pandemic it is not easy to organize international volunteer camps. This is why the German organization IBG e.V. has decided to try something new and organize digital workcamps. They already had projects for volunteers who wrote books online together, teached each other how to cook food from their homecountries or encouraged each other to do sports. Since being online, having international exchange and doing something usefull are three things that fit together perfectly well on Wikipedia, IBG has now decided to give it a try an organise an international Wikipedia Workcamp.

How is this project organised?

The Wikipedia Workcamp starts on the 5th of May and lasts for four weeks. Eight volunteers will meet once a week to get to know each other, learn how to edit on Wikipedia, talk about their topics and experiences and present their ideas. This is the description of the project on the IBG website.

Who is responsible for the project?

The workcamp will be organised by two volunteers - Maria from Germany and Udit from India. This is Marias user profile on Wikipedia: User:Mictlancihuatl

When does the workcamp take place?

After an initial delay, the project shall take place from Wednesday, May 19th 2021 until Wednesday June 9th 2021.

An IBG Workcamp as it used to be back in 2017: