Huggle/Release checklist

official release checklist for developers for a new version of Huggle 3.

1) preparation

  • update definitions.hpp / definitions_prod.hpp:
    • increment version if not already done
  • update version info in Huggle.nsi for windows
  • commit
  • create tag in github for official things

2) building the version

  • update definitions.hpp / definitions_prod.hpp
    • adjust HUGGLE_UPDATER_PLATFORM_TYPE if not working for target platform
    • set PRODUCTION_BUILD to 1 (or not)
  • run configure
    • make sure that version.txt holds the new, nice looking version string (your git-repo must already know the new git versionstag )
  • build it for all platforms needed and you able to do so

3) share the builds


4) update the version infos


5) aftermath

  • update the version in master to some (beta) version number (optional?)