How to edit on Wikipedia/Tunis 2

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Date and time: 17 September 2014Edit

Location: EL-Makhzen of the Cultural (المخزن الثقافي)Edit

workshop how to edit on wikipedia 2


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About the meetupEdit

Wikipedia provides an ideal tool for making information about science more readily accessible to a wide community, ranging from school children, the general public with an interest in science and policy makers as well as other scientists. This session will provide an opportunity for those who may be new to Wikipedia to create a Wikipedia profile and even update existing Wikipedia articles. In this workshop participants will edit and perhaps even create Wikipedia pages. Please bring a laptop or WiFi enabled device. this meetup will be the second meetup after How to edit on Wikipedia/Tunis , the objective is to upground the number of arabic article and editors on wikipedia

Workshop PlanEdit

  • How to create Wikipedia account
  • How to create a new article
  • How to make internal links
  • How to make external links
  • How to add references
  • How to add categories
  • How to link the page in other languages
  • How to upload Image
  • How to add the image in the article
  • How to link pages each others

Workshop ProjectsEdit

In this workshop all attendees contribute in writing article using the workshop plan, the article is: