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Your global account (also called central login or SUL/single user login) is your single username used across all Wikimedia projects (except some special wikis e.g. Wikitech). This gives you the same name and identity throughout Wikimedia, allows features like global user pages, helps to stop people pretending to be you, and lets you visit many projects without logging in again on each wiki. You can make a global account by visiting Special:MergeAccount on a project where you already have an account and following the instructions there.

About global accounts

What it is

The Wikimedia Foundation runs many changeable wikis in many languages. Before, users had to create different user accounts on each wiki. This made it harder to work across different wikis, especially as Wikimedia Commons was created as a space to store files for all wikis and Wikidata became the central wiki for interwiki links.

Your global account solves these problems by using your name on all wikis (so nobody else can pretend to be you), and automatically creating your local account when you visit a wiki you've never visited before.

How to unify (put together) all your accounts

User accounts are now normally global, but older accounts had to be unified by the user by visiting Special:MergeAccount. You can use Special:CentralAuth to view information about your global account. The email address and password you use on Special:My settings will be used on all wikis. This means that you will be able to log in at any changeable Wikimedia project with just one username and password.

What it changes

Making and using a username on any changeable Wikimedia wiki gives that name on all other projects; this means different users can no longer user the same username on different wikis. Users only need to set and confirm their email address in one account. Changing the password in any wiki changes it in all wikis. Special:UserLogin now logs the user in to every unified wiki at the same time, noting that moving away from the login page before it is fully loaded may result in incomplete login (i.e. users may not log in to all wikis correctly).

New wikis will be added to the user's login the first time they are visited. For example, a regular user at Commons and German Wikipedia will not login to English Wikibooks, but if that user goes to English Wikibooks once while logged in, they will then login to English Wikibooks every time (to see which wikis you log in to, see Special:CentralAuth).

What it doesn't change

  • Some things are still local:
    • User abilities are mostly local, which means that administrators on one wiki will not have administrator abilities everywhere. Global groups such as global rollback, global sysop, global interface editors and global IP block exemption can be asked for at Steward requests/Global abilities.
    • User settings are local, although the email address only needs to be set in one place. You can keep having different settings on different sites. However, it is possible to set global settings if you want to.[1]
  • Users can still have differently named accounts on two sites; however, these accounts will not be linked together into one global account.
  • The global account system is only for open Wikimedia projects; sites which use the MediaWiki software but are not run by the Foundation will keep having different account systems, even if they use the CentralAuth extension, which is responsible for the unified login system.

Conflict solving

See also: Single User Login finalisation announcement

The system will put together accounts with the same name if they have the same email address, or the user can correctly give their password.

Because making new users has for a long time been separate for each wiki, there are many user names that belong to different people on different projects. The new system only allows one user per name, so there are some cases where accounts will need to be renamed. This must be done by a steward (see Steward requests/Username changes).

Users may search for other users with the same name before merging by using Special:CentralAuth.

Frequently asked questions

Can my global username be renamed?

Yes. You can ask for renames by using this form or by asking at Steward requests/Username changes, where a steward or a global renamer will look into your request. See the global rename rules for more information.

I have two or more accounts with different names. Can they be put together into one account?

No. Note that usernames on most projects can be renamed and then put together.

Someone is using my name on another wiki. How can I get that account?

The other account does not stop you from getting the global account. However, you might not be the one who gets the username if, for example, the other user has more edits or is a member of certain groups such as sysops or bureaucrats. You may have to ask them to rename, or you may have to rename your account.

You can put a request at Steward requests/Username changes to "usurp" (take over) another username which is already used.

Will I have autoconfirmed abilities on other wikis?

No. You will have to wait the right amount of time after first logging into each wiki, before getting autoconfirmed abilities.

Can I put together accounts from wikis with restricted account creation?

No, this is not possible right now. This is to stop a user from creating an account on an open wiki and then putting it together with an account on a restricted wiki, which would allow the user access to the restricted one.

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