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The caption tag is used inside the HTML element "table". This can also be done indirectly using the code "|+" as part of the wikicode for a table.

It places texts above the table, by default. Texts can also be below, at the left or at the right side of the table, based on the "align" parameter's value.

In the rightside table, the texts This is a Caption showing a caption.
This is a Caption
Data-Type-1 Data-Type-2
Data-1a Data-2a
Data-1b Data-2b
Wiki code:
{| border="1"
|+ This is a Caption
! Data-Type-1 !! Data-Type-2
| Data-1a || Data-2a
| Data-1b || Data-2b
Html code:
<table border="1">
<caption> This is a Caption </caption>
<th> Data-Type-1 </th><th> Data-Type-2 </th>
<td> Data-1a </td><td> Data-2a </td>
<td> Data-1b </td><td> Data-2b </td>

A html <caption> tag can be created by using following wiki code:

|+ Caption

which generates the following html code:


You can also use parameters in wiki code:

|+ params|Caption

which will generate below html code:

<caption params>Caption</caption>

CSS box model equivalent:

display: table-caption;

Caption tag accepts following parameters:

align = "top|bottom|left|right" (Deprecated html parameter)

  (Html "align" is valid for ~IE 6).

Equivalent stylesheet parameter:

style="caption-side: top|bottom|left|right|inherit;"
In the rightside table, the texts Caption at bottom showing a bottom side caption.
Caption at bottom
Data-Type-1 Data-Type-2
Data-1a Data-2a
Data-1b Data-2b
Wiki code:  {| border="1"
|+ align="bottom" style="caption-side: bottom" | Caption at '''bottom'''
! Data-Type-1 !! Data-Type-2
| Data-1a || Data-2a
| Data-1b || Data-2b

For a bottom side, right aligned caption texts: |+ align="bottom" style="caption-side: bottom; text-align: right;" | Caption at bottom

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