Help:Int demo

"{{int:edit}}" → "Edit" [1] (depends on the user language, try: denl)

  • "{{int:edit}}" → "Edit" [6]
  • "{{int:edit/en}}" → "Edit" [7]
  • "{{int:edit/de}}" → "Bearbeiten" [8]
  • "{{int:edit/nl}}" → "Bewerken" [9]
  • "{{int:pfunc time too long}}" → "Error: total length format strings #time exceeds 6000" [14]
  • "{{int:pfunc time too long/en}}" → "Error: Too many #time calls." [15]
  • "{{int:pfunc time too long/de}}" → "Fehler: Zu viele #time-Aufrufe" [16]
  • "{{int:pfunc time too long/nl}}" → "Fout: #time te vaak aangeroepen." [17]

The user language (code) is not directly available for use in the page body, but can be obtained indirectly from a collection of pages Mediawiki:lang/xx, each containing the corresponding language code xx, see e.g. [18]. This is used to automatically show text in the user language (or as default if no language is specified in the call of a multilingual template such as commons:Template:Date).

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