The Wikimedia Foundation requires that users confirm their email addresses before they can use email features. This prevents problems with fake addresses, such as bounced replies or spam. You only need to confirm email addresses to use the email system; you can login and edit pages as normal without confirming your address. You are not even required to enter an e-mail address at all to register; it remains completely optional (However, administrators are expected to have a confirmed email address).





You can check your address confirmation status in your preferences. If you change your email address, you will automatically be sent a new confirmation email.

How to confirm

  1. From your preferences, go to the section entitled Email, if desired check the box next to Enable e-mail from other users.
  2. Kattints a gombra az adott szakaszban; majd egy e-mailt küldünk a megadott e-mail címedre egy megerősítő linkkel.
  3. Amikor megkapod az e-mailt, kattints az abban található linkre, így megerősíted, hogy te vagy az e-mail cím tulajdonosa.