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I usually work on the maintenance of articles, in Portuguese Wikipedia and in Esperanto projects. During the last months, focused on creating pages for eo.wiktionary with sound files (in order to show how those words are pronunciated). I have no laptop, so i always use that one from my job (shhh, pls don't tell'em!).

Affected projectsEdit

  • Wikipedia (pt, eo)
  • Wiktionary (pt, eo)
  • Commons

Work you're proud ofEdit

  • Maintenance Project: i helped a team of ~15 editors to clean-up more than 5,000 articles in ~6 months (see discussion).
  • Editing contest (pt.wikipedia): i helped to organise a contest for improving the quality of ~600 articles in ~3 months, joining almost 200 participants.
  • Wiktionary: recorded ~200 audio files for showing how to pronunciate those Esperanto words (example). Also, i created 70,000 pages for translations to Esperanto main words.
  • Wikisource, Wikiquote: used AWB to clean-up pages in other Esperanto projects (mostly wikisyntax fixing).




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You are encouraged to track the impact this equipment has helped you make. This encourages WMF to donate more hardware.

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