Harassment consultation 2015/Ideas/Redesign dispute resolution

Project idea


Idea by:FloNight

What is the problem you're trying to solve?


Dispute resolution processes are not working well on many WMF wikis.

  1. Relying on crowd management of disputes without the involvement of trained facilitators is prolonging disputes and giving uneven outcomes for similar disputes.
  2. Current dispute resolution processes can be a venue for harassment.
  3. Current dispute resolution processes can trigger an individual to engage in long term cross wiki harassment without an effective method to address it.
  4. Community managed dispute resolution without consultation with outside experts can reinforce systemic biases because many WMF wikis communities do not represent the world community.

What is your solution?

  • Establish a Dispute Resolution Redesign working group with community members and outside experts that studies dispute resolution and makes recommendations to the WMF Board of Trustees.
  • The WMF Board of Trustees passes a resolution directing WMF wiki communities to make changes to dispute resolution.
  • WMF staff will be assigned to support the working group during the study and recommendation phase.
  • WMF resources (funding and staff) will be directed towards the execution of the recommendations that are accepted by the WMF Board of Trustees.
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