Harassment consultation 2015/Ideas/Communication and collaboration

Project idea edit

Idea by:Christian Ferrer

What is the problem you're trying to solve? edit

There are two forms of harassment, voluntary and involuntary. The volunteer is malicious and deliberately, fortunately less common than unintentional harassment. Involuntary born of misunderstanding, lack of communication and frustration that follows.

What is your solution? edit

We are fighting the both harassments exactly the same way : communication and human relationship. Less an individual is alone, less he undergoes harassment will be taken on him and more harassment can be detected. Because the worst of all harassment is one we do not see, this is the one that really hurt. And we can fight against the invisible only through communication and human relation, create a working environment where what goes around are warm and collaborative human relationships.
Communication is like a door, you can not pass two at the same time. If by that door is collaboration prevails this leaves less room for misunderstanding and frustration.

  • Some keys :
Template:Welcome : dust off this greeting, make it more human, more visually pleasing. More emphasis on the collaborative side and encourage new users to communicate with experienced users.
And why not renew a different warm message after some months, another different one after one year, and on each anniversary of the creation account ?

This is just some ideas, can not be good but I remain convinced that the key are communication and collaboration that leads to respect and solidarity.

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