HIV-AIDS project/Products

Products are components that need to be created in order for the project to succeed. This page contains descriptions of the products. In the case where the product is a short list, the product itself may be here too.


Interested partiesEdit

People who are or might be interested in contributing to the direction and work.

  • WMF/WMF chapters
    • Asaf Bartov (Head of Global South Relationships)
    • Frank Schulenburg (Head of Global Education)
    • WMUK
  • Wikipedian/Wikimedians
  • Health and education organisations
    • WHO (Isaac in contact)
    • Medicines sans frontiers
    • FACE AIDS (Asaf will be meeting with their Executive Director in November, in San Francisco)
  • Charities active in the area
    • Oxfam
    • Save the Children
  • Local organizations
    • Universities
    • Health ministries
  • Other linguistic help
    • Institute of Linguists
    • Wycliffe centre
    • School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London)
    • African Studies Centre, University of Oxford
    • Centre of African Studies, University of Cambridge

Article listEdit

will be amended depending on expert advice in the Terms of Reference document
Existing articles
Needed articles

Template listEdit

List of readersEdit

Spoken word readers in the various languages

List of languagesEdit

The initial target set of languages.

These languages cover about 110 million primary speakers and 113 million scondary speakers.

Subject expert listEdit

People who are experts in HIV/AIDS, particularly with reference to transmission, prevention and treatment in Sub-Saharan Africa.


  • Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS
  • Charities form the list of possibly interested parties

Authors listEdit

People who will help fill any gaps in the primary coverage

Translators listEdit

Those who will help translate the content between languages

Content Terms of ReferenceEdit

The guide for which areas are critical to cover and how to cover them while remaining true to encyclopedic principles

Wikipedians listEdit

Wikipedians who will help out with anything, not necessarily having specialised knowledge.

Templates and categories listEdit

Those templates and categories that are needed to support the articles.

Templates and categoriesEdit

These will need to be translated or copied to the appropriate langue Wikipedias

Control tableEdit

The master table of WP pages to be produced in all languages and the status

Canonical English articlesEdit

The articles should probably be developed in English to give us access to the maximum field of experts. (Of course this does not preclude work being done in any of the target languages at the same time, or indeed earlier.)

Translated articlesEdit

Quality translation is important.