Википедия на языке гуджарати

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Gujarati Wikipedia (abbreviated gu-WP) is the Gujarati-language version of Wikipedia.

Факты и статистика

Started: July 2004


Current size: 30 406 articles

Общее число правок: 865 993

Total users: 78 506 users

Активных редакторов: 68 за последний месяц

Active administrators: 3 administrators

Total pages: 128 737 pages

Total files: 0 files


Gujarati Wikipedia is one of the biggest resource of database in Gujarati language.

Areas of strength

  • Breaking news and current events
  • Popular culture
  • Sports
  • Hard sciences

Слабые места

  • Общественные науки
  • Гуманитарные науки
  • Искусствоведение
  • География и культура неанглоязычных частей света


Unique qualities


  • Combating vandalism and promotional editing
  • Achieving neutrality and maintaining user trust in an increasingly polarized information landscape
  • Addressing systemic bias against women, poor people, non-white people, and other groups underrepresented among editors


Языковые аспекты

There is no set standard on the variety of Gujarati to use, other than that it should remain consistent within articles.

История и влияние



  • One of the most trafficked Gujarati language websites in the world,[1] attracting around 3 million visitors per month (as of March 2020)[2]