Growing Wikimedia in Developing Nations

This is a clearinghouse and portal for all materials related to The Working Group on Growing Wikimedia in Developing Nations.

The group's other communication organ is the devnations-l mailing list. Its archives are public, and you are welcome to subscribe.

About the Working Group edit

The Working Group on Growing Wikimedia in Developing Nations is an informal collection of individuals, Wikimedians and non-Wikimedians, who think more can be done to further the Wikimedia Vision in developing nations, and are willing to collaborate on ideas and projects to that end.

The working group is a special-interest group that would ideally serve as a sort of hatchery or incubator, where ideas and projects can slowly be generated and built up. When funds, staff attention, or contact with other entities become required, the group would turn to the Wikimedia Foundation (which has a primary representative in the group -- Barry Newstead) to facilitate this.

Projects edit

General projects edit

Chapter Development edit

The group considers fostering the creation of the following chapters (in descending order) key to making progress on the Wikimedia mission:

  • Middle East: Egypt; Iran; Turkey
  • Asia: Malaysia; Pakistan
    • bootstrap through India, Indonesia, & Philippines
  • Latin America: Mexico; Venezuela; Brazil
  • Africa: South Africa; Kenya; Nigeria; Morocco

Offline Wikipedia edit

The group considers the offline availability of content from Wikimedia projects (Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikibooks) crucial to disseminating free knowledge in developing nations.

Related projects:

Outreach and Education edit

Beyond Wikimedia Chapters, a lot of work can be done in developing nations through outreach to other organizations, in either long-term alliances with like-minded groups (e.g. Creative Commons chapters) or ad-hoc partnerships. Many organizations have "boots on the ground" in places where little Wikimedia reach has been achieved so far. Such organizations could welcome outreach by Wikimedians, to further both their mission and ours, through Wikimedia content.

Natural allies:

  • Creative Commons
  • Free Software (FOSS) groups, Linux User Groups (LUGs), Perl Mongers, etc.
  • OLPC

Particular projects edit

Material from the strategic planning edit

Current reach related strategic activity:

A collection of material produced during the strategic planning proces: