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Program Officer's questions


Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest and application for a rapid fund. I would like to ask the following questions:

1. How were the listed cities/venues selected? 2. How are you planning to decide on the winners of each editathons? 3. Are you planning to register the editathons on Outreach Dashboard, to visualize the contributions by the participants there? Or which other way you plan to measure editing activities? 4. How would partial funding affect your plans?

Thank you for your answers! Kind regards, Agnes ABruszik-WMF (talk) 10:44, 25 January 2024 (UTC)Reply

Dear @ABruszik-WMF thank you for considering this proposal.
1. We picked cities based on two things: how many Iranians live there and if we know someone in the community. We chose 5 countries with the most Iranians, and in each place, we have a person to help us organize the event. Even though Stockholm and London have a lot of Iranians, we couldn't find someone there to help us.
2. Typically, a jury committee decides, and it varies based on the type of edit-a-thon. For example, we already have guidelines for Wikipedia edit-a-thons in Persian Wikipedia, and it works by using a point system where users earn more points by writing or editing more articles with more information in terms of bytes.
3. I didn't think about the Outreach Dashboard; thanks for reminding me. I've already used it for our 1lib1ref campaign, and we'll use it again for these series of edit-a-thons.
4. We could reduce the number of cities and cut the funds accordingly. However, since our community is diverse and we are good at building a community, it would be better if we could serve all 6 cities in this round and keep working towards our goals.
Best regards, Darafsh (talk) 12:47, 26 January 2024 (UTC)Reply
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