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Comments on final reportEdit

Hello User:Ilario. Thank you for your continued efforts on this successful event. It's very impressive to see the outreach and the number of new countries that have participated in this year's contest, and I look forward to see that kind of growth moving forward.
This grant report has been accepted, and we have a few remaining questions/comments and look forward to hearing your response:

  1. It was mentioned in the report that because of the grant program changes, it would be probable that the number of countries involved in the contest would decrease. Why do you forsee that happening?
  2. Did the retreat help improve morale amongst the international team and if so, what particular aspect of the retreat helped?

Thank you again for all your work! Best --SMalik (WMF) (talk) 22:27, 23 March 2017 (UTC)

Hi SMalik (WMF), please check below my answers:
  1. I remember that in Wikimania Esino Lario I checked with some countries that they were a little bit lost about the introduction of the new organization of grants because it was a new system. The introduction of the submission per call (more similar to the old IEG) seemed to me a risk for countries that in general submit WLM projects in late summer when the call for projects started early, basically I supposed that a lot of them had to discover in retard to have miss the call (or that there was a call). This same grant was submitted quickly to be evaluated with the old structure of grant because it was preparared for that structure. Afterwards my evaluation of risk has been revealed pessimistic because the number of countries increased a lot thanks also to a bigger team;
  2. The workload of the organization of Wiki Loves Monuments can generate a lot of stress during the event, and sometimes a member can decide to leave cause this stressful condition. A meeting in presence, at the end of the event, may help a lot to look more in the success than in the worst aspects and to retain members. The reatreat helped a lot to create the feeling of being a team, it means to participate in the design of a vision, of a strategy and of a structure. I have personally had the opportunity to know new wikipedians, to trust in their abilities but also to check their capacity to work within a team. Very positive, in my opinion.
Thank you for your questions and for your evaluation. --Ilario (talk) 11:24, 24 March 2017 (UTC)
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