Grants talk:PEG/WM ZA/Kiwix and mobile wifi hotspot/Report

Hi Discott. Thank you for this grant report and all your efforts with this project. We understand there were a lot of challenges, but your dedication is commendable! Thank you for sharing some really important concrete learnings, such as the need for a wifi booster and consideration of security concerns for future projects. We are disappointed that there was so much trouble with the Kiwix devices when you received them and we've heard this has been an issue for other groups. It will be good to work with to understand how this can be improved.

In terms of government interest and buy-in, is WMZA thinking about reaching out to less resource-rich local governments, schools and libraries in other areas, such as the Northern and Eastern Cape? Has the conversation continued with the Donwald Woods Foundation?

We are especially interested in if you were able to assess the impact the devices have had on the students. We know this is especially difficult to do quantitatively, but do you have any stories from the students or teachers that would help us understand if and how they are using the devices? Were you able to do a survey? If not, we might want to think about if it would be useful.

Thank you again for all your efforts! Cheers, Alex Wang (WMF) (talk) 21:38, 24 January 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

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