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Hi Violetova. Thank you for this complete grant report. We are incredibly pleased to hear about the blossoming relationship with the State Archive as well as the high usage of the images that have been digitized.

This report has been reviewed and approved. We have a few remaining questions and look forward to your response:

  1. How much capacity training did you do to train the archive staff? Will they be sufficient to digitize the images themselves?
  2. Do you have an idea of how many people view your blog?
  3. Can you elaborate on your plans for a WIR in 2017? Will you be applying for another grant or will the State Archives be supporting the WIR efforts?

Finally, you may use the remaining 9.5 EUR for user-group related activities. Thank you again for all your hard work!
Warm Regards, SMalik (WMF) (talk)

Hi Sarah and thank you for reviewed the grant report. Here are responses to your questions:
  1. Training with archive staff was basic one, because their working day is full with other activities. They know how to edit, how to add references, and image in the article. For everything else, they will need help.
  2. I have no access to check how many people view the blog. But, I can ask Bulgarian Wikipedians, because the blog is under their administration.
  3. GLAM Macedonia User Group has signed agreement with the Archives to continue with a good collaboration in 2017. I continue to work in the Archives in 2017, this time without payment. The officials in the Archives want me to check data in all articles on about Macedonian voivode and to create a new ones. I still have my desc in the office, a lot of books and materials about Macedonian voivode provided by the archive staff. I work on this task with collaboration and help of several Wikipedians, and archive staff. For now, I work without payment, because as we all know, editing articles has not to be paid. But, there is need for paid WiR who will digitize and upload files on commons, and who will continue to work with the archive staff and organizing events, who has to be paid. We plan to apply for grant for this purpose.
-Violetova (talk) 09:17, 3 March 2017 (UTC)
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