Grants:Wikimedia UG Nigeria Grants/Wikimedia User Group Nigeria Community Support Fund/Wikimedia Awareness Campaign in University of Port Harcourt



Train 65 Students of the University of Port Harcourt on Wikipedia editing and contributions with resources, training, and support to enhance their skills and contributions to Wikipedia.

Content Creation: Encourage the creation and improvement of Wikipedia articles related to Nigeria, its culture, history, people, and other relevant topics.

Community Building: Foster a strong and vibrant Wikipedia community in Nigeria by facilitating collaboration, communication, and networking among editors and volunteers.

Outreach and Awareness: Raise awareness about Wikipedia and its importance as a knowledge-sharing platform among the student community, academics, professionals, and the general public.

Activities and Initiatives:

Grants for Projects: Provide grants to Nigerian Wikipedia editors and contributors for organizing edit-a-thons, workshops, and other events aimed at improving Wikipedia content related to Nigeria.

Training and Capacity Building: Organize one (1) day training sessions, webinars, and workshops on Wikipedia editing, article creation, citation practices, and Wikimedia policies to enhance the skills of Nigerian editors.

Resource Provision: Offer access to research materials, reference books, online databases, and other resources to support Nigerian editors in their content creation efforts.

Community Events: Host meetups, conferences, and networking events to facilitate collaboration, knowledge sharing, and community building among Nigerian Wikipedia editors and volunteers.

Online Support and Mentorship: Provide online support forums, mentorship programs, and virtual office hours where Nigerian editors can seek guidance, assistance, and feedback from experienced Wikipedians.

Promotional Campaigns: Launch promotional campaigns, social media initiatives, and awareness drives to promote Wikipedia editing and encourage more Nigerians to contribute to the platform. Implementation:

Establishment of Fund: Set up a dedicated fund with contributions from Wikimedia User Group Nigeria, corporate sponsors, individual donors, and grants from international organizations interested in supporting Wikipedia initiatives in Nigeria.

Formation of Advisory Board: Form an advisory board comprising experienced Wikipedians, Wikimedia representatives, Nigerian academics, and community leaders to oversee the fund's activities and ensure transparency and accountability.

Application and Selection Process: Develop clear guidelines and criteria for the selection process and share the most notable social media platforms known to Rivers State. Establish a transparent selection process based on merit, impact, and alignment with the fund's objectives.

Monitoring and Evaluation: Implement robust monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to track the progress, impact, and effectiveness of funded projects and initiatives (I. E: Edit ladder).

Collect feedback from participants and stakeholders to continuously improve and refine the fund's activities.

Partnerships and Collaboration: Forge partnerships with universities, cultural institutions, libraries, and other organizations in Nigeria to expand the reach and impact of the fund's initiatives and leverage existing networks and resources. The Wikipedia Nigeria Support Community Fund (WNSCF) aims to empower Nigerian Wikipedia editors and volunteers, foster community engagement, and enrich Wikipedia's content related to Nigeria, ultimately contributing to the global knowledge commons and promoting the sharing of Nigerian culture, history, and perspectives with the world. Endorsement: Adetola and Umasoye Facilitator: Ashioma Medi

Projector: N15,000

Snacks N55,000

Water: N5,000

Facilitator: N10,000

Venue: N15,000

Generator: N10,000

The Best Editor's incentive: N15,000