Grants:Wikimania scholars/Proposed 2015 Process/WMF Internal

 List of 2015 deadlinesEdit


  1. Submission of scholarship applications:
  2. Phase 1 review:
  3. Phase 2 review:
  4. Final approval by Grantmaking (Phase 3):

Post selectionEdit

Recipients deadlines

  1. Recipients to accept of Scholarship:
  2. Recipients to register for Wikimania:
  3. Recipients to submit travel information to WMF Travel:
  4. Recipients to send reimbursement-related documents: 30 days after Wikimania

WMF Travel deadlines

  1. Give access to travel agent of registration system:

Grantmaking deadlines

  1. WMF Conf Coordinator to give access to registration system (Janice)
  2. Final reimbursements to be sent out: 45 days after Wikimania

Wikimania Coordinator responsibilities and activitiesEdit

  • Send Scholarship offer or rejection letters to all Phase 2 applicants.
    • Acceptance letter should clearly state the deadline for accepting the scholarship and submitting all relevant information, and clearly state that the penalty for not meeting this deadline will be that the Scholarship will be rescinded.

Travel responsibilities and activitiesEdit

Pre-selection of final recipients:

  • Send WMF Travel list of airports from which to get flight estimates (WMF Scholarships->WMF Travel)
  • Get flight estimates from travel (WMF Travel->WMF Scholarships)
  • Incorporate flight estimates into the financial model for scholarship selection (WMF scholarships)

Post-selection of final recipients:

  • Wikimania Coordinator to flag all recipients who will have anticipated visa difficulties due to their home country and the Wikimania host country
  • WMF travel dept. staff will send travel agent list of names of recipients, so they know who are officially approved (WMF->Agent)
  • Send scholarship recipients information about what is covered and how to contact travel agent (WMF->Recipients)
  • Grant access to the traveler information to the agent (WMF->Agent)
  • Agent contacts recipients individually and work out best flight itineraries, staying within the range of the flight estimates (Agent, Recipients)
  • Agent sends weekly spreadsheets to WMF documenting the flight information or booking status of each recipient (Agent->WMF)
  • WMF Travel to keep Wikimania Coordinator updated on recipients who had anticipated visa/travel difficulties

Note: For 2013, WMF contracted with T&T Travel to book directly for all full scholarship recipients. They charge $55 USD per ticket.

Reimbursement: Grantmaking responsibilities and activitiesEdit

  • Pre-Wikimania process:
    • Recipients who accept the Wikimania Scholarship should indicate whether they will need additional financial support to cover (per diem, visa fees, and ground transport to and from home/venue airport, conference venue)
      • Should indicate that only reimbursement via Western Union will be allowed, except in the case of extenuating circumstances
    • List of recipients who need additional financial assistance collected and kept updated by Wikimania Coordinator
      • Grants Administrator will contact recipients who has requested additional financial assistance
  • Post-Wikimania process:
    • Hard deadline for sending reimbursement-related documents (i.e. signed grant agreement, receipts) is 30 days after Wikimania; after this deadline recipients will forgo reimbursement, except in the case of extenuating circumstances
    • Wikimania Coordinator to send full list of recipients who need reimbursement to Janice Tud, Grants Administrator, with associated recipient contact information and copy of government issued ID