Grants:PEG/WM PH/Open Web Day/Reallocation

Legal name of chapter
Wikimedia Philippines Inc.
Grant contact name
Jojit Ballesteros
Grant contact user-name or e-mail
Jojit_fb / jojit(_AT_)
Grant contact title (position)
Project Lead
Project lead name
Jojit Ballesteros
Project lead user-name or e-mail
Project lead title (position), if any
Full project name
Open Web Day (Reallocation)
Amount requested (in USD)
388.96 (₱ 16,593)
Provisional target start date
March 1, 2013
Provisional completion date
December 31, 2013

Budget breakdown


(N.B.: The conversion rate is based on the dollar-peso exchange rate last February 6, 2012 ($1.00 = ₱42.66) when the Grant was received. All values given here are estimates.)

  • Workshop on Wikipedia editing
    • Computer Rental at an Internet Café (₱ 50 / hour for 18 persons at 8 hours) – PHP 7,200
    • Meals for participants – (200 per head for 18 persons) – PHP 3,600
  • Wikipedia campus tours (at least 3 colleges and universities)
    • Transportation allowance for volunteers/speaker – PHP 2,000
    • Meal allowance for volunteers/speaker – PHP 2,400
  • Promotional materials – PHP 1,393

Total budget = PHP 16,593 (USD 388.96)

Project scope


As with the previous Open Web Day events, we will conduct workshops, demos and talks about editing articles in Wikipedia and uploading pictures in Wikimedia Commons. There will be a workshop at an Internet café and the rest will be campus tours in various universities and colleges. In this project, Mozilla Philippines and other like-minded organizations may or may not join us.

We are prioritizing to give the Internet café workshop about Wikipedia editing to WMPH members whether experienced editors or newbies. Our aim is to have an Edithathon after a brief talk about Wikipedia editing. We would like this to be more interactive as much as possible.

Here's a typical program for the workshop:

  • Presentation about Wikipedia editing
  • Edithathon
  • Picture uploading

Our campus tour could be either a WMPH solo event or part of an event (for example Software Freedom Day). Last March 2013, we already started the campus tour at STI Novaliches in Quezon City. We were given a slot in their event. The campus tour may or may not have a workshop. This will depend on the availability of their facilities.

Project goal


The goals of this project are:

  • to expand public awareness of Wikimedia projects;
  • to encourage people to edit Wikimedia projects; and
  • to improve the quality of the articles through the Edithathon.

Non-financial requirements


We are going to request the following swags:

  • Stickers (200 pieces)
  • Buttons (200 pieces)
  • T-shirts for raffle (12 pieces)

Fit to strategy


Stabilize infrastructure

Aside from technology investments and internal capacity to support the movement, this strategic goal also intends to expand public awareness and support for the Wikimedia movement. With the campus tours, we intend to expand the awareness of Wikipedia in colleges and universities.

Improve quality

The Edithathon portion of the workshop at the Internet café will include improving articles in any of the Wikipedia language editions. We will prioritize articles that have little coverage.

Measure of success


We will consider this project a success if the following quantitative measures are met:

  • We will able to have at least one article improved as result of our Internet café workshop.
  • At least 20 people participate in our campus tours.