Grants:PEG/WM CZ/Presentation & Outreach/Fairs, exhibitions, conferences

Legal name of chapter
Wikimedia Česká republika / Wikimedia Czech Republic
Grant contact name
Grant contact user-name or e-mail
Grant contact title (position)
WM CZ grant coordinator
Project lead name
Danny B.
Project lead user-name or e-mail
Special:EmailUser/Danny B.
Project lead title (position), if any
Full project name
Fairs, exhibitions, conferences
Amount requested (in USD)
8750 + 6200 (see Budget breakdown)
Provisional target start date
July 1st, 2010
Provisional completion date
June 30th, 2011 if all resources spent, June 30th, 2012, if leftovers will happen; final report will be provided no later than after two years from grant start, additional annual report will be provided if the usage of resources will exceed 15 months from the project start.

Budget breakdown

item sum
Organizational and administrative expenses 2700
Registration fees, exhibition space, booth/stand rent & build, equipment rent, electricity, internet etc. 3000
Transport of material 300
Travelling 500
Lodging 900
Promo materials 1100
Consumables 250
Total 8750

Note: The expenses ratio is orientational and it's possible that in case of saving of resources in one area the leftovers would be transferred to the other one.

Possible planned international guest as a part of WikiX to have a speech and panel discussion during the biggest event (travelling, lodging, auditorium and equipment rent): 6200 USD.

Project scope


Like in past two years, Wikimedia Czech Republic is going to participate on several major events, where it will be presenting Wikipedia, Wikimedia projects and Wikimedia movement in general in the form of own booth/stand presentation as well as lectures, speeches and workshops. We plan to attend six major events this fiscal year and probably some small as well with 85-100 000 visitors in total. Half of those events (or even some more in case of leftovers) take place during 2011 - the WikiX year. As a part of the biggest of these events and also as the peak point of our WikiX activities we'd like to bring an international guest to have a speech / lecture / participate in panel discussion.

Until now -- based on fact, that we were almost everywhere for the first time, and the impacts of the financial crisis were not that significant to our partners -- we managed to cover majority of expenses with the help of our sponsors, by in-kind donations and other ways of cooperation. However, we already know now that some of the previous sponsors won't support us this year as well as organizers won't let us stay for free or for a symbolical fee. Because presentation on these events is a key part of our outreach activities and important for forming of our next strategy plans, we definitely must be able to attend these events even if we will have to share financial expenses up to the full regular price. On the other hand, it does not mean we are not going to continue negotiating further support with possible sponsors, partners and donators.

As it has been mentioned we should count with the worst eventualities in budgets, this one covers ~ 80 % of expenses on these events while the remaining 20 % the chapter is able to cover from its own resources. However, we expect at least some success in negotiations of sponsorships, so the possible leftovers would be transferred to the same purposes in the next fiscal year when we'll probably find ourselves in the same situation.

Project goal


Presentation of Wikipedia, Wikimedia projects and Wikimedia in general to a wide public and, on the other hand, attracting new users, editors as well as random professional partners, experts, data providers, donators, sponsors and similar contacts. Last but not least also feedback and collecting of suggestions and opinions...

Non-financial requirements


Some organizational help with bringing of the international guest to have a speech and panel discussion during one of the events as a peak point of our WikiX activities would be appreciated.

Approval of Unified visual identity grant would help to enhance and improve actions contained in this project.

Fit to strategy


Presence on fairs, exhibitions and conferences is one of the ways how Wikimedia Czech republic informs Czech public about mission and aims of the Wikimedia Foundation and its projects. It is also one of the two major channels to address potential professional partners, experts, data providers, donators, sponsors etc.

Other benefits


Communication with visitors will provide opportunities to collect useful data for random social statistics (researches on penetration, awareness of various projects, opinions on quality, UI testing etc...).

Measures of success


Empirical measurement of the impact of public presentations is quite impossible, however there are certain indicators which could give some ideas about it though: the size of / the number of visitors at the event we'll participate on, the number of visitors at the booth / stand, the number of visitors at the speech / lecture / workshop, the size of feedback, the feedback itself, the number of established collaborations and partnerships, the number of gained contacts etc...