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OpenSym 2014

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My presentation was scheduled on 28th August with interested attendees from OpenSym delegates. The link of the proceedings with regards to OER courses with Wikibooks integration can be found in the OpenSym 2014 Proceedings: (OpenSym2014 Proceedings). I presented the development and creation of OER courses with Wikibooks integration which focus on facilitating the lifelong learning in Open Distance Learning (ODL) environment. During the talk, a detailed walkthrough of the stages involved with Wikibooks integration are illustrated and the timeline duration for each of the OER Wikibooks integration are demonstrated. In the Q&A sessions, attendees are interested in the challenges faced by the OER development team and I responded to the participants' queries that in order to overcome redundancy editing on OER content , we have adopted the use of OER authoring tools (OERPUB) in Wikibooks environment. In addition, I have also explained and demonstrated how the Wikibooks are integrated into reading materials with the incorporation of icon-based design to facilitate self-directed learning. In this talk, I also highlighted the kind sponsorship of Wikimedia Foundation for me to attend and share the work done for OERs.


Option 3: New Creation: What was one useful outcome of the event for the Wikimedia movement?

Wikibooks Collaborative Works

During my presentation session, I have expressed my interest to seek for collaborative works in creation of Wikibooks specifically in computer science and other related areas. This has brought me in contact with researchers working in the open content textbook environment, Dr Michelle Notari from PHBern and various researchers (Jakob Voß) working with OERs and OERs authoring tools. After the fruitful talk, collaborative discussions are initiated with Dr Michelle to futher the creation of the book: "Wiki-Way of Learning" in Wikibooks repository. Wiki-Way of Learning is currently available in German edition and Chinese edition.

Development of Artificial Intelligence Wikibook

With reference to the Wikibooks development, initial engagement has been put forward to various members such as OER practitioners, educators, course specialists, librarians and instructional designers who are actively engage in the field of OER and Wikis to progress further with sharing of knowledge and experience in Wikibooks creation as the OER movement grows. The review and initial study of editing policy for Artificial Intelligence Wikibook have been brief to all interested members including etkhor (OER/Wikis), Professor Lim (Deakin University: AI subject experts), jeannechow (Wikis/Instructional designer). Initial discussion in WizIQ video-conferencing workshops are scheduled with interested members to engage with new comers in order to share ideas, thoughts, observations and experiences for developing this book. The WizIQ sharing sessions also aims to showcases and demonstrations exemplary WikiBooks projects (Completed Books, Half-finished Books and Partly Developed Books and research innovations to increase awareness and exposure in WikiBooks environment.

Development of Java Programming Wikibook

Dr Wong (University Sciences M'sia:OER Course Writer) has kindly accepted the engagement to contribute towards the development of Half-finished Books Java Programming Wikibooks and Artificial Intelligence Wikibook. Academic members’ inputs, roles and guidelines will be discussed in upcoming feedback sessions to encourage active participation and dialogue session to provide learners/new comers with opportunities to engage in a process of knowledge construction in Wikibooks.


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I wish thank the OpenSym 2014 committees and Dr Dirk Riehle for organizing this conference to foster open collaboration concepts, open educational resources, Wikipedia research and practices. My attendance at OpenSym 2014 aim to strengthen the collaborations between OER practitioners and contributes to the advancement of open education and OERs WikiBooks. I will submit follow up notes on engagement with Wikibooks in timely manner. I would also like to extend my sincere thanks to Jtud (WMF) in administrating this TPS for my participation in OpenSym 2014.