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Event name


Creative Commons Global Summit 2015

Participant connections

Reda Zine affiliate from CC Italy poses with Wiki Loves Food Postcards pack as he wishes to take up this project in Italy.

After my talk on Wiki Loves Food during the unconference, affiliates from CC France, CC Italy, CC Israel, CC Lebonan showed interest in taking up this project in their community.

Over the course of the weekend I met Nasir Khan (CC Bangladesh) who also happens to be one of the member of GAC. He gave me couple of good suggestions and we both plan to collaborate Wikimedia India & Wikimedia Bangladesh and work together in future.

I met Scanno from CC Argentina and learned a lot about DIY Book Scanners.

I had one to one meeting with CC staff (John Weitzmann & Cable Green) and discussed about the projects we are working on in India.

Meeting with delegates from CC HQ Rayn (CEO) & Michael Carol and discussing about the Wikimedia Commons, technology, crowd-sourcing and things on what's coming in future was a rewarding experience.



After the hands-on session, few of the participants approached me to know more about account creation and contribution on Wikimedia Commons. I addressed all their questions by exhibiting a small demo on my laptop.

I got an opportunity to meet several university professors and a few deans who were very much interested in taking up Wikipedia projects in their university. I made a sincere effort to encourage more educators to use Wikipedia in their University projects. (Infact I was also invited by a professor from Hanyang University to give a talk on Wikimedia Commons to Photography Club however due to time constraints I couldn’t make it. However, I’ll be scheduling a skype call with the team soon. The professor plans to start “Wikipedia Takes Korea” project from Wikipedia Takes City and later improve Korea related articles on English and Korean Wikipedia. We also hope to rope in more volunteers from North Korea.

Paul Keller's talk was just amazing where he spoke about interoperability of licenses & public domain marks by presenting this paper about rights statements. I got to learn many things after engaging into discussion with fellow participants.

Whenever I had free time I made a project proposal for Open Policy Network . I also participated in #FreeBassel Campign and helped in improving Bassel’s article on Wikipedia.

Many of the participants from CC Global Summit will be coming to India to attend Fourth Global Congress on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest in the month of December. I planning to host a Wikimedia Clinic during the break out sessions then.



Initially I'd requested for 1900 USD but I managed to get a cheaper flight ticket so I've saved a lot on that. My expenses were as follows:

Head Expense (in USD)
VISA Fees & Airfare 884
Airport transfer (Mumbai) 43
Airport transfer (Seoul) 6
Food 34
Transportation in Seoul 11
Bank Charges 3
Total Amount 981

Amount eligible for reimbursement = US$970 (details in discussion page -- Jtud (WMF) (talk) 17:57, 30 November 2015 (UTC))

Amount left over


I did not receive any money in advance.

Anything else


I would like to thank Wikimedia Foundation for sending me to Seoul by supporting my grant request, This conference was a great learning and networking opportunity for me. I'm really inspired after attending this conference and next year I plan to present a paper on GLAM activities in India.

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