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Event nameEdit

XXXIV International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association

Participant connectionsEdit

I met with the Digital Humanities Network (Red HD) and other Latin American researchers in the LASA Congress. I met with Isabel Galina (UNAM), David Dominguez (UNAM), Paola Ricaurte (ITESM, WMF's Education Collab), Anita Say Chan (U. of Illinois), Alex Gil (Columbia University), amongst others. All work in the academic field of Digital Humanities and are interested in participate on Wikimedia projects.


Option 1: Shared Experience: I wrote a blog post on the Wikimedia Mexico's website: (in Spanish). I also wrote an English version ( to be published in the Wikimedia's global blog after this report's review.


  • Registration fee: 185 USD
  • Flight ticket: 8,565 MXN (452 USD, as of June 14th).

Amount left overEdit

I asked for 690 USD and I spent 637 USD, so I didn't use 53 USD.

Anything elseEdit

This is the paper I presented on LASA Congress (in Spanish):