Welcome back from Wikimania 2014!



Participant connectionsEdit

I appreciate the opportunity to meet WMF grantmaking team, and being able to understand their views of grant programs and the focus on impact these programs (should) have. Furthermore, I've met a few people who might be interested in using our grant tracker software, which might help us be useful to more people.


No much, at the moment. But there are a couple of "almosts":

  • I wrote about ~46 KB of notes from every session I attended on our chapter's internal wiki, with reaction from 5 other people, so I'm sure some people have actually read it. I'd like to make a public blog post out of it in near future.
  • I was going to create another demo installation of our tracker for one person who was intereseted in trzing it out, but got a bit delayed by updating it to recent version of used framework.
  • I plan to make a learning pattern from our mediagrant project, since I found out the structure is actually quite complex and there are no resources clearly describing it anywhere.


  • flight and accommodation were directly paid by WMF
  • Heathrow Express (LHR to Paddington Station and back) -- 28.90 GBP
  • London Underground via Oyster Card -- 4.40 GBP
    • actually bought card for 15 GBP, then refilled 10 GBP, returned and got 13.60 GBP back, but that includes 7 GBP for personal stuff
  • Digging into my records and memory it looks like I spent 37.86 GBP of cash in London, which includes 5.85 GBP for postcards, leaving 32.01 GBP which I spent on food in London, IIRC.

Documentation sent:

  • Heathrow Express Ticket Confirmation
  • Oyster Card Transaction History
  • Bank Account Transaction History

Amount left overEdit

I received 3824.29 CZK (141 EUR) from WMF, from which:

  • 204 CZK went to the bank for processing the transaction
  • 1031 CZK was the 28.90 GPB payment for Heathrow Express
  • 157.12 CZK went for the Underground (that was 4.40 GBP used from 15 GBP transaction which amounted to 535.65 CZK)
  • 1214.12 CZK I paid for small cash stuff (32.01 GBP our of 50 GBP ATM withdrawal which cost me 1787.53 + 108.94 = 1896.47 CZK)

In total it look like I spent 2606.24 CZK in London, so unless incidentals allowance works in a way that I can keep regardless of whether it is spent I now have 1218.05 CZK left.

Anything elseEdit