Welcome back from Wikimania 2016!





Option 1: Shared Experience: A summary of my experiences at Wikimania was published in Hebrew for WMIL members here. I shared more extensive experiences with other local volunteers, including project proposals.

It is too early to point to any specific creation that came about as a result of my experience at Wikimania (this ties in to option 3), but in Wikimania I basically participated in a few workshops which have the potential to mature into greater content and sharing with the local community: I have already talked to a couple of local OSM people about moving forward, and implemented some of the stuff learned in editing OSM. Planning to do the same with graphics/SVG.


There are a number potential collaborations that came out of Wikimania:

  • Roman Empire-related image content collaboration with Wikimedia Spain—we discussed some details and will hopefully do something about this when the time is right.
  • Talked about WikiData with some editors and volunteered for some maintenance projects there
  • Distributing WMIL's education materials (in English, Hebrew and Arabic) to other interested communities. Some of them have already begun translating them into their local languages.

There are many more small things, it's really hard to summarize all the tidbits, but every little talk with the 100+ people I've talked to contributed in some way to advancing some Wiki-related goal. Indeed, personal meetings are what Wikimania is all about.

Anything elseEdit