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  Print Wikipedia: from Aachen to Zylinderdruckpresse 

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I created the German version o Print Wikipedia at Import Projects in Berlin. We held three public events, including one specific event for WMDE. About 200 people came to the events; while there are many stories I could tell, I will point out two attendees: Christoph Kepper the CTO of (as well as both the CEO, and founder) and de:Benutzer:Conny. Both Christoph and Conny have been involved in efforts to assess the size of and/or print Wikipedia: Christoph was heavily involved in PediaPress's effort, and Conny has maintained a estimation and production effort for DE wiki. Both were very happy to see it realized for real.


Option 3: New Creation: What was one useful outcome of the event for the Wikimedia movement? created the DE version of Print Wikipedia!)


  • Ticket 1 (NYC-TXL): $994.76
  • Ticket 2 (NYC-TXL): $962.0 (inc. 1 extra checked bag of supplies)

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