Grants:TPS/Thelmadatter/New Mexico Association of Museums annual conference

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New Mexico Association of Museums annual conference
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Event date(s)
7-10 November 2012
Event location (city)
Albuquerque New Mexico
Amount requested ($1,200 USD)

- Lori Phillips

Budget breakdownEdit

  • Travel: USD 800 Round trip Mexico City to Albuquerque
  • Accommodation: USD 60 per night x 5 nights = USD 300 Red Roof Inn
  • Incidentals (taxis) = USD 100

Proposed ParticipationEdit

I am an active Wikipedian and Wikimedian involved in both Education and GLAM projects in Mexico. I have been invited to co present with Mimi Roberts, Director for Media Projects at State of New Mexico, Department of Cultural Affairs, to the annual conference of museums for the state about working with Wikipedia. They invited me specifically to talk about the GLAM work we are doing in Mexico and because I am in education as well, representatives from New Mexico State will also be invited. It will further the Mission by promoting participation with Wikimedia by New Mexico cultural institutions and even at university.

Goal and Expected ImpactEdit

Lori Phillips and I have started a "cross border" project, aimed at getting institutions in both Mexico and the United States working on common topics of Mexican culture as it is found in both countries. My goal is to recruit new institutions to GLAM in general and to partner with our institutions in Mexico in particular, coming away with contacts to pursue for GLAM (and for the Education Program).