Welcome back from Wikimania 2017!



Ukrainian Wikipedia


Option 1: Shared Experience: What is one way you shared something from your experience with your community (either locally or globally), after the event?
Add a link here to a blog post or newsletter you wrote about your participation afterwards, or to a meet-up you organized to share your experience with your local community.
Me sharing ideas on how to teach newcomers to write articles without scarying them with WikiMarkup.

I shared my experience with my local community during our local Wikiconference in Kherson. As we had three speakers that were talking about Wikimania, I made an accent on the concept of easy write articles start for newcomers without scarying them with wiki markup that I learned from Taiwan wikipedians during the Wikimania. I tried to make a sketch of such article template and adapt it for our community projects and make and example of how it could be used. I'm going to prepare a bunch of template for the "Lady in Red" week that we're going to make in Ukrainian Wikipedia and make them more convenient and helpful for newcomers. After these templates could be used for other events such as Workshops etc.


CEE Meetup at Wikimania

Definitely I've met a lot of people, and I was pleased to meet some of them in offline. It was nice to meet people from CEE region. But the most useful I'd call was to encounter users from Taiwan with their approaches to gender gap resolution and to teaching newcomers to write articles.

Also it was nice to meet the people who work on implementing the script-switching tool for Crimean-Tatar Wikipedia as it is quite important and long-waiting tool (this doesn't concern my home Ukrainian Wiki but does the Wikipedian community in Ukraine generally).

Anything elseEdit

It was nice work of Travel team as all the needed information was provided and, especially, travellers were met in the airport so we could get support immediatly after arriving.

I paid attention that most of sessions were concerned to metapedian work, such as organization of events, attracting more users, managing branches and usergroups. These things ARE important but I'd like more attention to be paid to the editors and their online communities themselves. Probably some recommendations or examples of resolving issues with rules and users behavior. In my opinion, discussions on such topics could help with resolving some issues that online communitites could face and strunggle to resolve.