Grants:TPS/Scanno/CC Global Summit 2015/Report

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Creative Commons Global Summit 2015

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We had a meeting of the Latin American group of Creative Commons held at the roof of the hotel to discuss the next steps we should follow in our strategies for doing advocacy around copyright reform & open licenses. I met with a guy from Wikimedia India (Sanket Oswal) and showed him some videos of the DIY Book Scanner that a guy in India is doing: (I'm part of the Wikimedia Digitization User Group), to see if he can contact him and use the technology. For more information about the DIY Book Scanner:

Outcome edit

I mostly attended to GLAM talks, which is what interests me the most, but it's still unclear for me if I learned something I hadn't previously knew. I shared the experience of the DIY Book Scanner Projects & Wikimedia Argentina, but there are such big differences between our Latin American context and the European context that the discussion wasn't really going anywhere, although we agreed with some of the speakers that it might be interesting to get more participation of CC in providing actual infrastructure and resources for GLAM -and not only advocating for open policies. The most interesting talk I attend was one given by Diane Peters & Paul Keller about interoperability of licenses & public domain marks, where Keller presented this paper about rights statements. Finally, while I was there I thought about giving a digitalization seminar next year, so I used my free time in South Korea to write the proposal, where I'll include some Wikimedia experiences (I used some of my free time to read this paper and translate some of those articles to Spanish). The draft of the seminar is here (Spanish only), and most likely it's going to take place on the second semester of 2016.

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Flight tickets: 18,903.10 $ (argentinean pesos).

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I think not.

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Photos of the event can be found here:

I don't like taking pictures of myself so I might not appear on any of the photos. Sorry for that!