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Editor Retention Program, the useful outcome of Wikimania 2014

At Wikimania London 2014, I discovered the WikiProject Editor Retention through their flyers at the Community Village.

Coincidentally editor retention has been the biggest challenge for my community Wikimedia Ghana User Group (WMGH UG) so I have decided to start a Wikipedia Editor Retention Programme in Ghana (WERP Ghana).

Program detailsEdit

Program summary Wikimedia Ghana UG recruits Wikipedia editors. This retention program is to make sure we keep the good ones active. Active here means encouraging participants to give 5 edits a month to articles of the English Wikipedia.
Structure The program will open applications as a means to attract only self motivated new editors. It will then engage them in a range of trainings and community-based activities over 6-8 weeks with incentives. After that period, participants will be maintained permanently on a mailing list which will help project organisers keep in touch with participants and measure progress of editing and success of the program.
Project homepage and contacts
Social Twitter: @WikipediaERP Blog: Email:
Project lead Sandister Tei (User: Sandiooses)
Potential assisting editors Enock S. Nyamador (User:Enock4seth) & Abdulai, Mohammed Sadat (User:Masssly)
Additional details See program website


I met Fabian Tompsett at Wikimedia UK and Wikimania. I have been discussing this idea with him to help structure the program properly based on our collective experiences as wikipedians.

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