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Welcome back from Wikimania 2017!




I participated in Wikimania as individual but also as AffCom member. Actually I was more active as AffCom representative that in my personal or WMMX capacity. My main results are known by AffCom Members and I can't share publicly since our committee has a confidentiality clause. I am ashamed I can't share with you the main outcomes from my meetings in Wikimania.

On the other hand I started some interesting projects inspired in the talks about "Constitutional Court meet Wikimedia" and "WikiLesa". I created a new license template in Wikimedia Commons [1] that explains that mexican courts resolutions are in Public Domain, this starts a personal project that attempts to upload to Commons every resolution about human rights in Mexico, so far I have uploaded three, quite relevant in modern Mexico history. My idea is to involve law students in uploading and trancription of texts and relate resolutions with the relationed articles in Wikipedia and items in Wikidata. In a more ambitious broad I pretend to relate this project with other in similar terms, specially in Latin America through Iberocoop initiative. We have already started talks on this and Wikimedia Argentina annual planning already includes this efforts.


I meet with a lot of people I couldn't say a number but maybe 50 or 70 old and new people. Maybe the most interesting connections where with people related with digital rights and policy. Claudio Ruiz from Creative Commons and Jean Gerlach from WMF were maybe the most relevant to my background in Mexico. I had a talk with the first about Creative Commons in Mexico and the second one show me the interest in Latin American iniatives about public policy related to public domain and digital rights. Argentina, Chile and Mexico have already created a group to discuss the future of this topics in our region.

Anything elseEdit

Ivan Martínez and me presented in WikiConferenceNA this video about Wikimedia Mexico. Enjoy!

Somos Wikimedia México.webm