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Event name Edit

Encuentro de Activistas Digitales en Lenguas Indígenas Cauca 2017

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I strength the connections I made before in the 2015 gathering and gave a talk about Wikipedia in Indigenous Languages to 10-13 persons. As result of that 5 said that their are interested in the proyect. I even find a student indigenous student of modern languages who live in my country. The connections I made in this gathering are very positive.

Outcome Edit

Option 1: Shared Experience: I created a blog post in Wikimedians of Colombia's blog and share it across our social media and in the FB groups of indigenous activists.

Finances Edit

Amount received: 44800 COP
Amount spent Day Reason
27000 January 25 Moving to Cali's Transport Terminal (8600), then to Piendamó (15000), then to El Cairo (1400), then to Cajibío (2000)
3000 January 25 Breakfast in Cajibío (3000)
19400 January 25 From Cajibio to El Cairo (2500), then to Cali (14000), then to home (1900).
Total spent 48400 COP

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