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Rohini Lakshané

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Shared Experience: Apart from attending talks, workshops and meetups at Wikimania 2015, I spoke on a panel on "Edit-a-thons for bridging the gender gap in Wikimedia". It was both heartening and enlightening to hear the views of other panelists and the strategies they employ in their professional and volunteer work towards using edit-a-thons as a means of bridging the gender gap. A video of this talk is soon going to be published, and I hope that other Wikimedians, even those who were not present at Wikimania 2015, will benefit from our experiences and insights.


Around 30 participants attended the panel on Edit-a-thons for bridging the gender gap in Wikimedia.

Through several informal meetings and discussions with Wikimedians, including those at the WikiWomen's Lunch, I was able to start conversations about future activities for the Gender gap project in India, as well as a general roadmap. The takeaways from these conversations will be ploughed back into my outreach and advocacy work in India. One of the most important outcomes of these meetings, according to me, is the planned Wikimedia Ally Skills Workshop [placeholder name] in India, an activity on the lines of the workshop held at Wikimania.

I also interacted with several Wikimedians from all over the world and with WMF staff.

Anything elseEdit

Video [to be published]