Welcome back from Wikimania 2018!



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  • Wikimedians of Colombia
  • Esperanto and Free Knowledge


Option 1: Shared Experience: I shared my experience in the official twitter account of my user groups "Wikimedistas de Colombia" (, also, the other member of WMCO and I, created a blog entry about what we did and what we learned from Wikimania 2018 (You can see it here)


This was a good chance to make stronger relationships with some people that I met in other wikiconferences, for example:

  • User:Oscar .: We talk about encourage people from the Wayuu community to create a Wikiproject, and we are planning right now how to do it.
  • User:Theklan: From the Basque Wikipedians, he shared his experience in education and glam projects. They are experts in this field and I took the opportunity to learn what I could of his experience. Also we talked about a project that we want to do with the Nasa Yuwe people.
  • User:JVargas (WMF): He is a great help for us in Colombia. He is colombian and he understand the difficulties that we have in our country. Also he invited us (us, WMCO) to work in some projects.
  • African Hope: I met him in the last Wikimania, and he was an important participant in several talks of this Wikimania. I had the chance to talk again with him and explore how to collaborate in Africa-Latin America projects.

Iberocoop: I attended the Iberocoop meeting. We talked about the Iberoconf, and about some internal problems (Met in person in the easiest way to solve them). We discuss about a way to have a more fluent and fast communication between all the chapters and groups in Iberocoop.

  • Finally, It was good to met all the good people from de Wiki Pokémon group and trade some pokémon with them :).

Anything elseEdit

Attending Wikimania is an experience that you can not describe only with words. I learned a lot from the talks, but I think I learned even more talking with people from all around the globe. I want to thank the WF and volunteers for its incredible good job in this Wikimania. Now that I'm at home, I can not wait to start working!