Welcome back from Wikimania 2015!




New Creation: What was one useful outcome that was created at the event for the Wikimedia movement?
  • I've successfully implemented a working prototype of the often requested download manager for the Kiwix Android app. It still needs some bug fixes and needs to be improved, but it is working reliably as it is. I will try to push it into production in the upcoming weeks.
  • I've helped Ladsgroup with classifying a german dictionary of bad words for a machine learning revision scoring system for MediaWiki.
  • I've fixed two critical bugs in the Kiwix for Android app. We released version 1.94 of the app on the last day of he hackathon.
  • I've assisted Manojk with getting started with Kiwix and creating an offline CD of the Malayalam wikisource.
  • I've discussed future plans of releasing a Kiwix zim of over 2.000 tamil books, that can be released for free to the public, but haven't been yet. (I'm very excited for what will come off this.)


From the indic Wiki community:

From the medical Wiki community:

  • CFCF, a medical student from Sweden
  • Doc James Board member at the WMF and ER doctor

I've discussed with them the state of the recently released WikiMed Kiwix app. It was very useful to get feedback from those people who play an important role in advancing the medical Wikipedia.

Various people from the german Wikimedia community: Although I'm based in germany, I am more or less solely involved with the Wikimedia CH project Kiwix, and therefore haven't met most of the german wiki community before. It was great to meet people from the german community.

Developers from the mobile development team at the WMF: I've met Michael Holloway and Monte Hurd from the mobile apps team. I've discussed the state of the Wikipedia for Android app with Michael, and we've talked about android development in general. I'm really motivated to start contributing to the Wikipedia for Android app.

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