Grants:TPS/Racso/CIINATIC 2015/Report

Event name edit


Participant connections edit

I gave a 1-hour talk and a small workshop.

About 150 people attended the talk. Most of the participants were students and professors from several universities in Colombia, mainly from Unisangil (the event organizer). Some invited speakers from Colombia and Mexico attended the talk, too. There were also several faculty directors and deans from different universities present at the talk; I think they are specially valuable since I may be able to coordinate future Wikimedia-related academic activities with their help (in fact, I was already invited to give a future talk [physically or via Internet) in Yopal, Casanare, and to return to San Gil).

The workshop was attended by about 10 people. While this looks like few people (well, it is few people), it was planned that way since I wanted to handle a small group and the laboratory was small (in fact, it was almost full with that amount of participants).

Outcome edit

Shared Experience: The experience was shared with the Wikimedistas de Colombia user group via Facebook. Also, I created a public blog post in our blog [1].

While not an immediate result, I'd like to mention that [after the talk] another professor in my university showed a lot of interest in creating a wikibot-related class project for next year courses. It's highly possible this will be done.

Finances edit

Note: after speaking with the organizers, I didn't have to pay the conference fee in order to attend the rest of the event.

  • Transportation (fuel): $91012 (29.2 USD)
  • Transportation (tolls): $27200 (8.73 USD)
  • Hotel & food: $166500 (53.44 USD)
  • Total: $284712 (91.37 USD)

Amount left over edit

I haven't received any money yet as I didn't ask for advance disbursement.

Anything else edit

Thanks for the support. As a personal note, this experience revived my own interest in developing bots for Wikipedia. I've just begun making efforts to start in my university a research project related to this topic in the near future.