Welcome back from Wikimania 2014!



French Wikipedia


I took part as a co-speaker in two talks. These presentation can be found on Commons:

Preceding the first one, we have been interviewed by Gareth Mitchell and Bill Thompson for Click on BBC radio. This interview can be found here.


Following my first talk, I took part in a meet-up on Wikimedia projects in Celtic languages with Welsh and Scottish contributors. Due to the connection between these languages and Breton, we have plan to work on common projects that could be beneficial to the different projects existing in these languages: Wikipedias, of course, and Wikisources or Wiktionaries.

I also created connections with contributors during Smaller Languages Meetup, taking place on the afternoon after the Celtic languages meet-up.

During the French speaker meetup, we made connections between contributors from different countries in order to organize le Mois de la contribution and other actions on French-speaking projects.

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