Grants:TPS/Pigsonthewing/PIDapalooza 2018/Report

Event name edit

Most of the attendees, outside Girona Cathedral

PIDapalooza 2018

Participant connections edit

  • Approx. 30 people attended my presentation on PIDs in Wikidata. Several took up the invitation to discuss the subject with me during the remainder of the event
  • Discussion with Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority delegate about supporting development of Wikimedia content and movement in that country and in its Kinyarwanda language; subsequently introduced by email to Senior Program Officer, Emerging Wikimedia Communities, WMF with a view to pursing that end [discussion ongoing].
  • Discussion with a publisher about a potential Wikipedia Library donation~
  • Discussions with two organisations about possible Wikimedian in Residence placements~
  • Met Sarala Wimalaratne of European Bioinformatics Institute' project, and had long follow-up discussion about Wikidata's use of their IDs; possible cross-project collaboration; offer assistance in editing Wikidata. Also resulted in data donation in Mix'n'Match catalogue 1035
  • Met Laura Cox of Ringgold to offer assistance in editing Wikidata and solicit possible data donation [ongoing]
  • Met Joachim Neubert of ZBW Labs in Hamburg and discussed a possible data donation and donation of media to Commons; identified potential new Wikidata PID property [ongoing]
  • Met Hideaki Takeda from CiNii in Japan; offered assistance in editing Wikidata and explained Wikidata's use of their various types of identifiers; provided details subsequently by email
  • Met two colleagues from the Australian Access Federation, resulting an in invitation to speak about Wikidata at a science conference~ in Australia when I visit later this year.
  • Worked with a number of attendees on documentation of PIDs in Wikidata; subsequently started discussions on Wikidata and its mailing list [ongoing]
  • Worked with another delegate to rekindle ' prefix' (P4793) PID property on Wikidata

~ Details withheld for obvious reasons of confidentiality

Outcome edit

As above, plus:

Finances edit

Figures in GBP.

  • Ground travel, UK: 26.90
  • Ground travel, Spain: 37.01
  • Accommodation: 252.23
  • Subsistence: 92
    • Two days standard rate less 50% as breakfast/lunch provided = USD 71.25
    • One day standard rate less 20% as breakfast provided = USD 57

(air travel was covered by the event hosts)

Total: 408.14

Amount left over edit


Anything else edit

This was my first Travel and Participation Support grant. I am grateful to my endorsers for their kind words, and to the WMF grants team for their support, but very sad to see the scheme ending, which I believe is to the detriment of the movement.