Welcome back from Wikimania 2015!


Pgallert, English Wikipedia


Option 3: New Creation: I wasn't sure if my w:Wikipedia:Oral citations experiment would still be seen as relevant, particularly because my presentations on its development were turned down in 2014 and in 2015. I was, however, positively surprised about the feedback in Mexico City, and even more about people, from the Foundation and the editor community, approaching me out of the blue about it. So while not created exactly at the conference, Grants:PEG/Pgallert/Indigenous knowledge for Wikipedia village week [still very drafty] was conceived in Mexico City.


I tried to convince the Esino Lario organisers to arrange for the double blind peer review of the submissions, an issue that was hotly debated at the refreshment tables between sessions. They asked me in return to join their programme committee. Both is probably going to happen.

On top of that, I met a lot of people that had voted for me in the Board elections, and I thus had the opportunity to personally thank them for their trust.

Anything elseEdit

At the danger of repeating myself, for future Wikimanias I would like to see ['offered' = you don't have to apply]:

  • The top ten talk submissions offered a scholarship
  • Some top community members (maybe the ones running for Wikimedian of the year) offered a scholarship
  • All scholarship receivers offered a talk slot
  • All talks double-blind peer reviewed