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Welcome back from Wikimania 2018!



Photographic record of the informal meeting of August 2, 2018 in Caracas, Venezuela
Option 1: Shared Experience: What is one way you shared something from your experience with your community (either locally or globally), after the event?
During Wikimania, I daily shared my occurrences live through the public Telegram channel of Wikimedia Venezuela, which was used to communicate and share my experiences with other members of my community (Public log is available here). After the conference, I arranged a informal meeting to discuss the outcomes of the conference in terms of new projects and future partnerships with volunteers of the chapters, this meeting took place on August 2th in Caracas (notes of the meeting).


Since there is nothing so well worth having as friends, never lose a chance to make them.

  • Abbad Diraneyya
  • Alaa Al Najar
  • Andrea Patricia Kleiman
  • Anirudh S. Bhati
  • Arminé Aghayan
  • Carlos Figueroa
  • Daria Cybulska
  • Elena Sanz
  • Feroz Ahmad
  • Greta Doçi
  • Habib M'Heni
  • Irina Safaryan
  • Iván Santacruz
  • Jona Rizvanolli
  • Jorge Vargas
  • Juan Sebastian Santacruz
  • Julia Kamin, CivilServant
  • Kalliope T
  • Mahmoud Al Rawi
  • Maor Malul
  • Mariana Fossatti
  • May Hachem
  • Mickey Mistique
  • Mompati Dikunwane
  • Nirmal Dulal
  • Olga Viota
  • Rupika S
  • Sailesh Patnaik
  • Samuel Guebo
  • Subhashish Panigrahi
  • Venus Lui
  • Virginia Diez
  • Walaa Abdel Manaem


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