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International Cycling History Conference 2013
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May 15-17 2013
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Subsidy to my travel costs about Euro 950; printed material for Newbies (in English) and small gifts (pencils etc.)

Budget breakdown edit

  • Travel: appr. Euro 300
  • Accommodation: appr. Euro 80 per night x 5 nights = Euro 400
  • Registration fee for the conference: Euro 150 [1]

Proposed Participation edit

I am an active Wikipedian since 8 years and wrote around 2500 articles, most of them about the history of cycling. I will attend the International Cycling History Conference in Lisbon with around 80 to 100 attendants from all over the world, most of them from English speaking countries. I found out that the majority of my articles, even about historical English and US-american topics, do not exist in English and more over not in other languages.

Goal and Expected Impact edit

I will give a speech on Wikipedia and how to contribute. I want to activate the attendants of the conference to work for Wikipedia and share their very special knowledge about the history of the bicycle and about cycling. Some of them are well known authors of books on the topic. My experience from the past is that they complain about "mistakes" in Wikipedia, but do not know how it works and that they are able to correct them and even write new articles. --NicolaCologne (talk) 18:37, 18 December 2012 (UTC)