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w:en:User: Netha Hussain

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Ada Camp and Open Source Bridge 2014

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June 21-22, June 24-27

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Portland, USA

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USD 2394 US$2694 US$3,328 (request for advance disbursement) (WMF direct booking + reimbursement)

The Ada Initiative has invited Netha Hussain to participate in AdaCamp Portland on June 21-22, 2014. AdaCamp is an invitation only event and participants are selected for their participation in open technology and culture, their ability to share information about women’s experiences in that field, and their willingness to work with and share their strategies to support and promote women in the field. Participants must also share the Ada Initiative’s feminist approach to supporting and promoting women in open technology and culture. We feel that Netha's contributions to and expertise in the Wikimedia movement will be unique and add value to the conversations at AdaCamp. Signed: Suki McCoy, Director of Operations, Ada Initiative, suki(at)
I'm one of the co-chairs of this year's Open Source Bridge conference. Netha's talk proposal was well-received by our selection committee and we would very much like to see her be able to attend and speak. We've seen talks around outreach, mentorship, and working with new contributors go over well in the past and we think this talk will continue that tradition. --Reidab (talk) 02:02, 7 May 2014 (UTC)

Budget breakdown edit

Item Expense Remarks
Round trip economy class airfare (CCJ - PDX) USD 1744 2044 2707 On Etihad Airways. Fare as of 03 May 2014 9 May 2014. Direct booking by WMF, 19 May 2014
Accommodation (USD 70 per night x 7) USD 490 461 The room will be booked at a discounted rate and shared with a fellow attendee. Direct booking by WMF.
Visa fee (B1 visa) USD 160 The nearest US consulate is in Chennai. Travel expenses to the Consulate and back will be borne by me.
Food, registration, health insurance, local travel and incidentals USD 0 Both OSB and Ada Camp have waived my registration fees. Food and local travel costs will be borne by me.
Grand total USD 2394 2694 3328

The air tickets and accommodation may be booked by the Wikimedia Foundation directly instead of transferring the grant to my account.

Proposed Participation edit

About me edit

I am an active Wikimedian since 2010. My interest is in increasing the diversity of participation in Wikimedia and in implementing zero cost outreach strategies. I have presented at Wikimania 2013, Diversity Conference, Berlin and co-facilitated a session at Mozilla Summit 2013 in Brussels. I was a pilot volunteer for WikiWomen's Collaborative, the volunteer-run global initiative to engage and support women involved in the Wikimedia movement. I have coordinated Women's History Month events in India in 2012, 2013 and 2014 which brought several articles related to women to Wikipedia in English and several Indian languages. The list documented outreach programs participated by me can be viewed here. A list of my blog posts regarding the Wikimedia movement can be seen here.

Ada Camp, Portland edit

Ada Camp is a conference dedicated to increasing women’s participation in open technology and culture. AdaCamp brings women together to build community, share skills, discuss problems with open tech/culture communities that affect women, and find ways to address them.

I have participated in Ada Camp D.C in 2012, which was held as a pre-conference event of Wikimania 2012 with a full scholarship via the Ada Initiative. My attendance was featured on the Ada Initiative website. I have blogged about my participation and the outcomes from the camp. I have featured a Wikimedian as an Ada Lovelace heroine on the Ada Initiative's website. Ada Camp 2012 helped me to collaborate with the right contacts and build lasting partnerships that eventually led to projects that involved increasing the participation of women in wikimedia projects. Since I was granted a full scholarship once, I cannot avail a scholarship again from the Ada Initiative.

Open Source Bridge, Portland edit

Open Source Bridge is a 100% volunteer-run conference focused on building open source community and citizenship.

My accepted talk, 'The joy of volunteering with open technology and culture' deals with my experiences in volunteering for open knowledge projects, primarily Wikimedia. In my talk, I will advocate why it is profitable to volunteer for open projects. I will also discuss the community building strategies based on recognizing the contribution of volunteers and making them "stick" for a long time. I will also touch upon the zero-cost outreach strategies driven by me that brought several volunteers to participate in Wikimedia movement. My talk will also deal with the challenges faced in bringing in diverse contributors to the Wikimedia movement and experiments done in solving the same. I will briefly talk about cross-platform volunteering, in which participants of one open project are introduced to another open project, resulting in building cross-community projects and initiating synergistic actions.

Goal and Expected Impact edit

Ada Camp, Portland edit

At Ada Camp, Portland, I plan to propose sessions and engage in discussions about the problems identified by me in increasing the participation of women in Wikimedia. I will also talk about the measures undertaken by Wikimedia in increasing diversity of participation, and the best practices derived from them. I also plan to gather ideas for the diversity workshop to be held during Wikimania 2014. I will also spread the word among the participants about different ways by which women can get involved in Wikimedia movement. The lessons learned from the brainstorming sessions at Ada Camp will help me to organize wikimedia outreach session for women more productively. I will blog about my learning from Ada Camp on Huffington Post U.K.

Open Source Bridge, Portland edit

At OSB, I will be around to engage in discussions about mentoring volunteers for Wikimedia. I am looking forward to listen to talks related to chemistry and culture, which deals with community building strategies from which I can pick up best practices to apply on the Wikimedia projects I am working on. After my talk, people will hopefully understand why it is beneficial to volunteer for Wikimedia. I will also be able to attract volunteers from other open projects to collaborate with Wikimedia in building cross-community outreach projects.