Wikimania, 2019, Stockholm, Sweden-Learning days

Welcome back from Wikimania 2019!

Wikimania, 2019, Stockholm, Sweden-Education
CEE Meetup at Wikimania 2019. Juandev, CC-BY-SA-4.0.




Option 1: Shared Experience

I learned a lot during the conference and pre-conference days. One of the better things was the division of participants into three groups of pre-conference days. For these two days it became clear to me why I love Wikipedia, why I edit it, what my goals are and how to reach them step by step. What I remembered was: empathy, motivation, collaboration and support. During the conference, attending education lectures, I acknowledged the importance of what I do on Wikipedia and got ideas, through the examples of lecturers, on how to be more creative in it.


During lunch and coffee breaks at the conference, I met many people from different countries around the world: Albania, India, Ghana, Spain, France, Estonia, Israel and others, but also met people I had met at other Wikimedia events before. We shared experiences with them, made plans for our future collaborations. But even after the end of the program, in the evenings, I attended a thematic meeting and a meeting of participants from Central and Eastern Europe in the hotel lobby. These meetings had their purpose, discussions developed and conclusions were reached.

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Wikimania 2019 Stockholm, Sweden- Learning days with Ingrid Thomson
Wikimania 2019 Stockholm, Sweden- Learning days with Melissa Guadalupe