Welcome back from Wikimania 2018!



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During the conference, I was able to catch up with the people I already know and made new connection as well. We shared my experience about how we manage Wikimedia events specially offline event in Bangladesh and what difficulties we normally face organizing those events. Since we organize local outreach events a lot, my main focus was to catch up with those who are also organize similar events in their country. During the discussion I learnt a few things and we are experimenting those ideas locally.

I attended the Affiliate Chairpersons meeting during the conference. We discussed how affiliates around the globe are working and what should be done to overcome certain difficulties. I bring back those lessons and shared with our board members.

During the Asia meetup we also discussed about the possibility of organizing Asian Wiki conference in Bangladesh and currently we are exploring our options to make that happen. Bengali Wikipedians from Bangladesh and West Bengal also had a meetup where among other things we discussed the possibility of organizing online meetings. West Bengal community is doing the meeting regularly and Bangladeshi community also organizing online meetings once or twice a month specially for new users. Normally, I share my experience as during the Wikimedia meetups. I writes regularly in our blog and magazine. I was active on social media during the conference and shared a few posts from the accounts of @Wikicommons as well.

Oh, I almost forgot, The most amazing moment during the conference was when Jimmy announced my name as one of the "Honorable mentions" of Wikimedian of the year. I was paused for a minute when I heard my name.


Apart from the friends I already know, I've made a number of new friends during the conference.

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